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Has anyone got experiences (good or bad) of the speed/distance watches, Nike or Timex ?



  • timex is great speed/distance, very accurate and keeps you motivated.
  • Hi Ralph,

    I've got the Nike SDM - been using it for getting on for a year now. I've found it very accurate and a terrific training tool. I've posted stuff about positive experiences with it on another thread:


    That said, I had some teething troubles with it when I first got it and I've also posted about those:


    Looking through these forums and also takling to runners who've used both, there seems to be a pretty even mix of positive/negative experiences with both the Nike SDM and the Timex.

    My *personal* preference would be for the SDM, though, as reasonably accurate pace measurement's important to me - more so than distance - and the Timex has been reported on at least one thread as sometimes giving variable results on the pace. Can't comment on that as I've not used one.

  • And that should be "talking" not "takling" .. it's late! ;-)

  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭
    I have had both, and recommend that Timex as more reliable. Added to which, if you are injured or cross-training, you can use the Timex when you are cycling, whereas the Nike can only be used for running.
  • I've got the Timex, and would heartily recommend it to anyone. The accuracy seems very good indeed (measured 6.27 miles for a recent 10k race, and 13.25 miles for todays half marathon) It's great for pacing in a race, as it's more accurate than posted mile markers (such as at Windsor today, where they were all over the place), and is brilliant for training runs as it frees you from the constraints of running measured courses. I've run with a friend who has the Nike SDM, and the Timex has been more accurate on every occasion (she gets different readings from her Nike according to what pace she runs at...)

    In short, I'm a fan. The worst thing I can say about it is that I've got a white, untanned patch on my left upper arm where it sits!

  • I have both, but have given up on the Nike SDM because it keeps breaking (see previous posts). Having said that, I would prefer the Nike if it worked because of its automatic lap timing (brilliant feature) and the fact that I still get very odd pace data from my Timex.
  • I presume you are talking about the Timex Garmin GPS watch. I am a relative beginner (aiming for 10k as my next goal). Is it worth me treating myself to it?
  • Helen - I do think it's worth treating yourself. Once you've got it you'll find all sorts of uses for it. Apart from just measuring your routes (my original reason for getting one) you can use it to ensure that you are maintaining the correct pace for whichever session you are doing. Another wonderful benefit is doing interval training on a random, unmeasured course.
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