Nasty, nasty Nike

I know I'll need some new shoes before the GNR, so this afternoon I toddled along to Sutton Runner. "Pair of Air Altheas, size 5," I said, with the attitude of a gal who knows what she's about. After all, I've had two pairs before and a recent review described them as "the best Althea so far".

Well, I'm glad I hadn't ordered them off the Internet or sent my husband to get them, because they are AWFUL! I haven't tried on anything as soggy since my mother tried to make me wear my cousin's hand-me-down plimsolls. No support, no cushioning, toe-box so narrow that I'd have to cut my little toe off to fit it comfortably.

After my authoritative entrance, I spent the next half hour trying on everything in the shop before emerging with a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders, which feel OK but not as good as my old Altheas. I shall give them a whirl on the treadmill at the gym tonight.

Next time I fall in love with a running shoe, I shall buy several pairs before the manufacturers tinker with the design.

Grrr, V-rap.


  • Bad luck V rap - but thanks for the posting I've been thinking of buying a new pair of Nikes Air Pegasus - but will rush out now and get the old 2000 model whilst it's still available. Thanks (and why do they change a successful shoe so much - why not introduce a new line if they want to be diferent?)
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    SS, I prefer the new Air Pegasus - I'm onto my second pair now! They also look much better than the 2000 model, but that's a personal opinion. There's not much difference between the two models though.
  • Thanks Drew - the trouble with living out in the middle of nowhere is that the only way to buy these things is via mail order - so maybe I'll go for the new version - cos if anything works for you maybe some of it'll rub off on me.....!

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday, BTW.

  • V-Rap. Have you tried the Mizuno Wave Maverick? They're light, slightly supportive (to about the same degree as the althea/span I think) and they fit beautifully!

    Might be worth a try!
  • I did try on the Mizuno Wave Maverick, Jon. They were fine apart from being so loose around the heel that they slipped when I tried to jog around the shop.

    The Wave Riders were a bit loose too, but after a bit of experimentation with the laces I think they and I will be able to live together harmoniously.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Ahhhh!!! So good to hear! so long as you feed them the right thing and take them to the vet every now and again, I'm sure they'll be ok! How's the support?
  • Drew, new Pegs supposed to be wider around the midfoot - is that true? Tried on previous models but they cut in quite close around the arch so thought they'd chafe when your foot swells...
  • The support seems about right, Jon. I'm a very mild overpronator, and some of the shoes I tried on made me supinate, which felt most unpleasant. The cushioning feels more than adequate too. The toebox is very generous, which I need because I have broad forefeet and would prefer to avoid blisters in the short term and bunion surgery 20 years hence.

    I shall give them another few outings on the treadmill before deciding finally whether to take them back or take them for their vaccinations.

    Cheers, V-rap.
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