Shock Absorbing Insoles

I need some insoles to improve shock absorbancy when running. Any views on the rrelative benefits of the different sorts available, please?


  • Hi David,
    My wife uses Sorbothane (?) insoles (the heel pad only) with her Asics trainers. This is to stop her knees hurting. She was really impressed and they have certainly enabled her to carry on running for longer distances. I tried the full strike version but they made my trainers smaller inside (quite obvious when you think about it!) and they were then uncomfortable. So my advice is to ensure that any insoles you buy don't make the your trainers too small for your feet.

  • Hi David

    My partner and I both use Neone full length insoles, these are very thin but also very effective. At about £15 a pair they are not cheep, but will outlive your trainers, my partner has now transfered them to her 3rd pair.


  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi David,
    I use sorbothane double strike insoles in all my trainers. I started using them after a period of severe lower back trouble. I obviously have to remove the original insole but that's not a problem as the sorbothane certainly provide me with better shock absorbancy.
  • I use Sorbothane Heel Pads in my trainers. I suffer from shin splints and find the heel pads do help with the shock absorbency. I find full insoles adjust the fit of the shoe too much.
  • I also use sorbothane "shock stoppers" double strike in my trainers - but they do make your trainers smaller by about a size, they improved things for me when I'd been running about a month
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