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i am a 50 yr old male 13st9lbs and i am training for the gnr,after being idle for the past 17yrs.i have apair of wave riders,are these suitable for this distance given my age and weight.i have been suffering some pain on the insideof my knee joints whenever i increase my mileage


  • My advice would be to go to a serious running shop (not your typical high street one) and get your running style assessed. Without any info on your running style it's not possible to make any sensible suggestions.

    It's possible the knee problem might be caused by over pronation, the wave rider is not particularly a stability show (see elsewhere on this web site), it's more for cushioning. There are so many possibilities, I wouldn't like to say anything more - get someone who knows what they're doing to take a look. If you have a Sweatshop in your area (running shop kind that is!) or somewhere like Run and Become, Runner's Need, etc, they're all very good.

    Where are you based? Someone is bound to know of a good running shop nearby.

  • i am based in bedale north yorks,as i mentioned i have not been running for some years,but in the past i have run half marathons and a full marathon in neutral shoes with no problems,however i am somewhat older and a couple of stone overweight now which is no doubt not helping the situation
  • Kevin, I would second what Iain said. I had really bad shin splints when I started and this has lessened dramatically since I bought the correct shoes to run in... although having said that, I'm on the heavy side too and I tend to be a little heavy in my stride towards the end of my runs and that's when my shin pain restarts so I imagine that once my weight reduces somewhat - it will be less strain for my legs to carry. If you can eat healthily and use a gym/other cardio exercise on the days you aren't running you should lose the excess weight in no time at all.

    Having said that 13st 9 may be an okay weight but it depends upon what your height is. For example the BMI for a man of 5ft 10 (average height) at that weight is 27.4 - which is deemed that you're 20% overweight and it does mean you should try to lose that excess (always assuming you are the average height). You can work out your BMI here http://www.caloriecontrol.org/bmi.html
  • thank you both for your help,i should be able to find a dedicated running shop in my area,and its goodbye to choccy biscuits
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