Asics Cumulus IV

I have been a fan of the Cumulus through all its changes until now. The Cumulus I, II and III all had pretty much the same feel. The Cumulus IV seems like a different shoe all together. What have Asics done and why did they need to change what was already an excellent shoe?


  • Shoe Companies have an habit of doing this. I think they must take the view that they have a certain captive audience which will buy anyway.

    It just makes the choice of shoe even more of a lottery. I actually know someone who once he had found a shoe he liked he bought 7 pairs of it. I thought he was absolutely mad at the time, not so sure now though.
  • i have a pair of cumulus III and am a bit dissaponted , the right shoe allways causes a blister on the arch of my foot on any run over an hour?
    just thought i'd mention it!!!
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