Runner's toys

Over the weekend i decided to myself some new toys.
1. Polar S610
2. Nike SDM 100.

The S610 was to replace my Accurex Plus which had died on me. Battery out of juice, hack.... Replacing battery, service on the Accurex - not worth the hassle. So i bought it S610 instead (Lillywhites sale got there's for £144). I used it at the SAM 7 on Sunday. Why can't it be simple like the Accurex, Skip to measure, hit start and of you go. Nothing got recorded on the S610, not even my mile splits.
Later on Sunday afternoon, i decided to hit the track at Tooting Bec to calibrate my other new toy, the SDM 100. Follow the setup, ready to calib. Ran 4 laps (1600m). Hit the stop button. Nothing. WHAT !!!!. Recover a bit and try again. This only ran 400m in lane 1. OK, it worked this time. Hey..what's this - although i ran 1 lap, it shows up as 385m.
What's wrong with good old fashioned running. None of these gadgets and things. Oh well, back to the damn manual and see where i went wrong.


  • Nothing spoils a good run like technology!
    I am sure that after reading the manuals and another calibration session all will be well and you will reap the rewards!
  • Recently bought the Polar S410, similar situation but very proud that I have managed to set the correct date and time on it after having it for over a week!!! Decided to get it all set up whilst sunning myself in the Canaries next week, the manual is my holiday read!
  • Chaps, Please let me know if any of you got your 'watches' sorted out. I am very interrested in buying one, but will leave you to do the beat testing!! Want to know if it's worth the £££'s!
  • Speaking of HRMs that do not seem to work: Can anybody advise on an HRM that fits properly on female ribs (without losing contact and sliding down)? The new chest transmitter of my basic Polar HRM is so wide that the sensors bend and lose contact when I put it on, and an older version of the belt (with much bigger sensors) has got such a long elastic band that even making it tighter will not keep the belt from occasionally sliding down. Help!
  • I agree with the last message: I got myself a Polar S610 and I am very happy with it except, that the belt is too big and so slides down occasionally... (annoys me when I use it for cycling - no problems with running so far though).
    However, it is a great gadget especially because of the computer interphase, it really keeps me motivated :-)
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