New running shoes

I'm in the process of replacing my shoes and need some advice about new pairs. One of the books I've read indicates that I'm a supinator but all the description for footwear talks about neutral runners or pronators. Can anyone recommend a good pair of shoes for a supinator such as myself.
Many thanks


  • There is such a lot of shoes on the market these days and the choice can be intimidating. The best advice which I can give is to go to a specialist shop catering for runners; I like "Run and Become" but "Sweatshop" is very good too. At those shops you will receive advice from experts, (and usually runners), and you will be able to try on a variety of shoes and probably job in them too. Take the advice of the experts.

    I like New Balance. I do not pronate, but I have a wide foot and this is the only which gives several options in widths.

    Good luck. If you want lots of attention, it is often better to avoid Saturdays and busy lunchtimes!

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