RW: 5 rejections

The book/form says you can have a place if you've been rejected 5 times in the last 5 years. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you won't have run. Lots of people get rejected but then secure a golden bond place.
So, depending on how FLM do their checking, you could meet their stated criterion but not get a place. (I read small print for a living).
Does anyone know what the answer is?


  • I still think the answer is that its one great big lottery !!
    But then, some people have got in every year, and others have never got in. Surely the law of averages must come into play if it is a fair system.....ho hum.
    I been rejected thro the ballot five times, and ran this year on a local charity bond place. What are my chances of getting a place ??
  • We've checked this out with the FLM team and they've told us that if you've been rejected five times on the trot you're in - regardless of whether you've run on a golden bond place in that time.

  • Does that work for the international ballot too?
  • Anyone know HOW the humble runner can double check they've been rejected the last 5 times, without having to wait until December ?

    Because...I've only found 4 rejection items, so am unsure about 1998 -
    did I bequeath my money but can't find the shirt ? -
    did I not bequeath my money that time ? -
    or did I just not enter at all and so have only been rejected 4 times ????? -
  • Interesting question Karl. One of my club mates is in the same position - he can find every rejection except 1998. Perhaps that year they didn't send them out?
    My mate is going to send a letter anyway, claiming a place - they can only reject him again.
  • What happens if I don't want to run it in 2003 , but might want to run in 2004?.I've been rejected 5 times in the last 5 years, but don't think I will be up to it this time.Will this 5 year rule apply next year? Any-one know?
  • Gobby,

    Probably best apply for 2003 hoping that you will get rejected. If you do get in, hold your place over until 2004.
  • Gobby

    The other alternative is to apply as a "rejected 5 times" person. If you get in you can defer to next year (that's 2004.)
    OK the downside is that it will cost you £46.00 rather than £23.00, i bet you most people would pay that for a gauranteed entry.
  • Yes, but surely everyone is going to go to be a little economical with the truth? Will every entry be thoroughly checked?
  • Not sure they can check - after all the last 5 years' entries must be close to a half-million.

    Just as an aside - I've often wondered just how many places there actually are in the ballot anyway. Start with 35,000 as an estimate. If you take out the invited elite runners, all the celebrity runners, the places given to running clubs, charities, and foreign tour companies - what's left?
  • Don't know what the odds are but I'll have £5 on 10,000 !!!
  • Definitely not holding many hopes of being accepted. Having run for charities twice already; and believe me the collecting of the money can be harder than actually running it! Will see what happens then if I don't get accepted might aim for a 'low key' event later on in the year. With fewer runners at least I'll have more of a chance of a PB!
  • Hello,
    well they do check....I just got an official letter confirming that I did not qualify for the automatic entry on rejection basis.
    I am now officially in the ballot again...
    hurrah !!


  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    I've also just had the same letter but with an incorrect name (aBdrew) so based on the fact that aBdrew Higgins hasn't been rejected 5 times I've also gone into the ballot - I rang them up so now they're checking with my real name.
  • Agreed Pumpkin - it's a known fact that a lot of people find collecting the money for charities harder than doing the marathon itself.

    It is easier with our fundraising webpages as your charity gets the money upfront - our system allows for donations which come out of people's credit cards straight away and pledges to come out of account after the race, but cos we ask for credit card details upfront in the registration procedure 90% of people make a donation straight away which the charities love - see paul walters' page as an example - over £650 already in the charity coffers and it's only October.
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