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  • Sam - get yourself to a good running shop where they look at your gait (way you stand and way you run) and recommend some shoes.

    A *good* shop will either have a treadmill or let you try out the shoes by a short run on the pavement outside.

    Different brands and models suit different people, so you need a recommendation for a good SHOP not a good shoe :-)

    Try starting a new thread asking for "Running shop recommendation near yourtown"
  • good idea... i think i need more of a cushioned shoe as i have a prefect arch in my foot. im not hi arched or flat footed. so i dont think ill need stability or support shoes. i like the look of the new Rebooks.
  • Don't go for look you need to go for feel.. And what you think your arches may look like doesn't mean that you dont overpronate in a mild way or not which will dictate which type of shoe you need. Its not a fashion statement its for your health!
  • i konw, i just playing... if you knew me you would know that im not a label guy or a fashion twerp. i found a shop in bristol and im going to go down this weekend. i been to on e befor and i know i need a cushioned shoe.
  • I had trouble from some shoes I bought from a 'normal' sports shop and when I took them to a running shop they told me I was wearing 'special needs' shoes that they didn't even carry! The running shop had me run over a pad on the floor, then gave me two pairs of trainers to try outside and I bought one of them. Much better.

    Is there a http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/ near you? They were good to me.

    Well worth visiting a pucker running shop, in my opinion.
  • Sweatshop and EasyRunner are both in Bristol and both are good places.
  • Bloody hell me again.....

    As part of my training plan, to try and make sure I get out there and put the miles in, I have entered a 10 mile cross-country in Weston-Super-Mare in Feb:
    and a hilly half marathon in March:

    Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone was looking for a race in this area, seeing as Bath Half Marathon is full.
  • Rich, maybe I have the wrong idea about this marathon training....I chose my March half marathon for how flat it was - the flatter the better! Say no more....
  • i know, its a bugger that the bath half is full thats only 20 miles away from me in ikle old trowbridge. ill have to have a look at those runs rich.. thanks for that! i know i need to compete in either a 10k or a 10 mile and a half marathon before i run.
  • I've just entered for the love run on the 11th Feb in Battersea Park - that's a 10k.
  • OMG, rich i just entered into the weston 10 mile run. lol. see you there mate!! what you put down as your time?
  • I can't remember now but I think I put 1:50.

    I'd like to do the marathon @ 10:30 miles, well, its a target but I won't be beating myself up if I miss it.

    How about you for the tough ten?
  • Jenny - which half are you doing?

    I only picked a hilly one because its local!
  • im hoping for about 1:30 - 1:45 finish. lol. what you go for affiliated or un-affiliated?? im confused. im very new to this competition entry stuff. also you thinking of taking your camelpack?
  • Well I thought my training was going well but have had to stop now as having pains in my calves. Getting very frustrated - dont want to lose all the fitness that I had gained but know that it would be silly to run and make it worse....
    How long before I lose my fitness??????
  • dont worry about it,. the pains in your calfs are your bodys own way of telling you to slow down a bit. Rest completly until your calfs are better and maybe 1 or 2 days over just to make sure and then build up slowly to where you sould be. don t go for it on your first run back. otherwise you will injure yourself again. im sure you will be fine!
  • I am doing Stafford on 19 March, It is only about 20 miles from me, the others around this date were all at least 70 miles away. 4 weeks ago a half in itself would be a major deal, but it pales in comparison to how I scared I feel about London a month later! I didn't have to put an expected time on my entry, best to keep my options open. I suppose I will have a better idea of what time I will do when I have done a few longer runs. At the moment it feels like it would take me 6 hours to get round 13 miles!
  • lol, tell me about it jenny. at the moment even thinking about the 10 mile race is daunting. plus im not a person for cold weather... but still im going to do this be hook or by crook. I can just picture it now.. my dragging myself over the finish line at 11:45PM. lol
  • Does anyone have any suggestions for a bottle pack? I want one the goes round my waist but not too bulky??? HELPPPP!!!!
  • Fiona, I use a Nathan bottle holder, that goes round my waist like a bum-bag! The people at my local running shop recommended it (maybe they just see me as an easy target as I believe anything they say!) for my longer runs....when I do them, as I always seem to need to drink loads, even on a short run. As I have'nt done any really long runs yet I can't comment on how comfy it is after a longer time, but it seems really comfy now, and the bottle is quite big. Mine just has one bottle, but there were ones that held more.
  • There are tones of different types of bottle packs so best get down the shop to see what suits.
    However, one idea is to get something like a SIS http://www.scienceinsport.com/ specific pack. These bottles have all the appropriate markings for energy drinks which is pretty helpful when the miles get long.
  • I have a waist bottle holder like the one that Jenny is describing but it had a pouch to carry gels and stuff and 2 holsters for drinks bottles. I also have a Cammelback for my long runs where i will need lots of fluid as the waist pouch gets too uncomfortable on long runs. The cammelback is just like a rucksack.
  • Lazer, will you be waring that for the marathon - will it not be too heavy?
  • no i will not be wearing it for the marathon, because there will be water stations on rute their. on my long runs its just little old me...
  • Lazer - I don't have any drink carrying stuff. When training for the half marathon last year I just carried a 750ml bottle in my hands. Not ideal. I don't know about a pack as I am the worlds sweatiest man and the thought of something attached to me doesn't appeal. I think I'll either stash bottles or do loops on my long training runs.

    As to the affiliated thing, I think thats if you are a member of a running club, which I am not. I do think about joining but haven't got around to it yet. Maybe tomorrow, there is a 5 mile race around Weston seafront and if I run a personal best I'll come in about 3rd from last, based on the last run they did.

    Jenny - I know what you mean. A month ago I was really worrying about the tough ten, now I'm just seeing it as a training run. Bizarre.
  • I'm thinking of wearing my water pack on the day - it will be packed with gel and bars to keep me going...
  • Thanks Jenny - think I will pop to the FLM shop at lunch and check out their stock.
  • each to their own i guess in regards to how you train.

    there isnt a club near me so i do it alone.

    Rich - you loko as a half marathon as a training run too ?? Bizzare....
  • I bet they will have loads for you to choose from, but if you are at all like me, the problem is when I go into those places, I always end up coming out with 'important equipment' that I never intended to buy (most of it I have never even heard of before!). The blokes would say it is the typical female shopping 'instinct'!
  • Yeah - that's very true. Well it's a Xmas present from my boyfriends Aunt, so I have to come out with that - and hopefully nothing else.
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