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  • should be on soonish....not lookin forward to tomorrows 5, legs feel a bit stiff and i have kung fu tonight.

  • lol I got Ak-Ie-Do tomorrow night, so ill be in the same boat as you tomorrow. lol
  • george, do you know your running numba? thats how you work out where you start from. did you say youre doing the hal higdon novice as well? i can't run tonite - so its going to be extra hard with the 5 tomorrow!!
  • whats the photo you are on about? lazer, thats not a photo on your profile!
  • Well i have entered the Brighton half...any of you others coming along? looked at times of last year and i think i will be in the last 10...aaaah!!! oh well, will be good practice for FLM and the point is i raise loads for Stroke association:-)
  • 6747 is my number. Sent my form off to get details changed and havent heard anything back....that does worry me a tad. I am indeed doing higdons, but have come in at week 5 so not used to the distance needless to say the tiger balm will probably run out at the weekend!

    the photo malarky is about my avatar which it seems has still not been approved or whatever...when it is youll all get to see my confused and beardy face!!
  • lol
    @ greorge. well i flunked it last night, Couldent complete my raining as i got terriable cramp all over and evded up doubling up in the gym. i was really embarrassed. the instructor put it down to the fact that i just steped up my speed training. lol. I think im going to take it back down as obviously im not as ready as i thought i was.
  • George, your number is really low and so won't be in the red start - you can check up on the internet where it will be on FLM site. lazer, do take it easy - you don't want to seriously injure yourself and have too much of a set back - better to undertrain than overtrain!
  • thanks for the concern Sara, so where on FLM do you check your number??
  • think found on www.london-marathon.info somewhere or put london marathon 2006 red start in google. 1001-28000 are blue start at balckheath, 28001-33250 green start nearest st is maze hill and 33251-59000 (where i will be) is red start greenwich park. then at each start you are in a pen according to your predicted finish time...so i will be at the back!lol!!
  • lol, well ill be with you sara, ill drag you around with me! just to make sure we all finish! lol.
  • i'm at the back in the red then!

    bring a couple of bottles and some dips and we can have a party!!!
  • lol, illl brink the Vodka. i seem to have that im surplus atm. lol.
  • The backis where the party is anyway. you will all finish and have the day of your lives!! There is nothing else like it. Enjoy it
  • you gonna come join us then linda??? come on it will be a blast, we cound have a carnival! lol have tje baloons, floats EVERYTHING! :)
  • Well I am hoping to get round in 4.30 this time having done it in 5:52 and 5:25 in the last 2 years. As long as I can sit on the float I am there!!
  • i'm 50890 - would be so good to meet on day!! Party!!!!!!!!!! i'll be in black stroke association vest. rio have you done it before?
  • Yes I have done it twice. Cant keep me away now I am hooked!
  • ill be in a bright Red SHELTER vest. suppose we cound meet up before the race and go down as a group. then you will all be together, keep each other going.
  • If you want to meet up with people then the best place is by the bandstand in the centre of the Park. But this will only work if you are all on the same start. Otherwise you might be able to catch up where the roads all join but as Green and Blue are quicker starts to cross it might mean someone waiting which will ultimately slow them down
  • possiable idea sara. we could all support each other then?
  • meeting sounds good...will have lots of people on the way round to cheer me on at specified points - wife, family, work etc, but will need some spurring on in between

    am running for Hope and Homes for Children...not sure what colour vest (or if we even get a vest! - its only a small charity raising funds for children in war-torn countries...my project is in Sierra Leone)
  • I'm in!!! but as i'm slowest we won't stay together for long. rio, did you run all the way before and what kind of plan did you follow? i just want to finish but would love to get it done in under 5 hrs. longest run to dat 11.2 miles in 2hrs 2mins.
  • Sara I didn't run all the way. I had several walk breaks (it is a very long way and it does hurt a lot!)
    Your time is good. Have you done any races to get an idea of how it feels to run with lots of people?
  • no,never! but i have booked in for the Brighton half on 19 Feb. any tips?
  • i am aiming on having many walk breaks...water station every mile and have been reading that you should walk through them - therefore 25 walk breaks...am thinking 10/11 min miles 1 min walk - feasable?
  • Enjoy it. Use it as a training run so you get used to lots of people around you. Try keeping to the pace you want for the marathon (to be able to give you an idea of how you are doing)
    Start slowly. Take on plenty of energy (work out what you are going to use for London and start training with it now). And mostly dont worry about it
  • Chris that sounds like a good plan and we are roughly about same pace - are you running for charity?
  • low race number.....blue - does this mean im close to the start or further back?

    cant remember what i said my predicted time was.....grumble grumble - looks like im gona have to step the training up a bit....waiting for my socks to dry as we speak!
  • That sounds like a good idea Chris. one thing - the water and lucozade stations get very busy. try to go to the last person handing out the water/whatever. keep your eyes everywhere and prepare to move out of the way of the runners behind you by getting to the centre of the road asap (especially if you intend to walk through)
    The lucozade stops get very sticky too.

    Have you all sorted out hotels?
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