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  • Oh and I know the link is for rowers stretches but they all still apply (except maybe the wrist ones!)
  • No problem. I dont mind any questions.
  • on a serious note, glad to hear others are having funny knees too.
  • erm!!!! lol

    your knees will get stronger Lazer (but do check your shoes are ok)
  • DD but they are hard to get in pretty ones so i end up with D - sorry, shouldn't be revealing such info but haven't had them long so am very proud of them!!! (that was before i took up running though and sometimes they are a pain!!!
  • sorry Lazer...you wouldn't be interested anyway!!! lol

    Rio why check the shoes re knees? i periodically feel my knees are a bit stiff or sore when i start running but usually after about 10 mins they are fine. also sometimes i only feel them when going downstairs although going upstairs is fine...is that normal?
  • ooops! you weren't asking me anyway! never mind!!
  • same here,. she did say though earlier on about going downsatirs
  • Your legs and knees will get tired from running on hard ground - hence one of the reasons for increasing your mileage slowly. And if the feeling goes when you get into your running then it is ok. but if it is persistent or lasts longer than normal (for you) it is always worth getting your shoes checked.

    Keep a tally on how many miles you have run in them. you will need a new pair before London because they will be worn out and if you have had the shoes you are currently running in for a while the cushioning/support will be gone already.
    any pain in the legs starts with the feet is all I am saying
  • i got another pair of shoes (identical to the ones i have been wearing for last 5 months or so) just last week and have been wearing them on just short runs and for eg cross training. it is strange though because they don't feel exactly the same...do you think i just need to wear them in a bit more. funnily enough after i did my 8 miles on saturday my feet ached which has never happened before. how do you know when to chuck them in the bin?
  • What are the ones you are currently running in?
    Cross training in running shoes?? What sort of cross training?
    The average pair of shoes last around 400 miles butit depends on how heavily you run (and I dont mean how heavy you are!) Some people are heavier heel strikers than others and will ear out their shoes quicker. Some people are lucky and their shoes last them 5-600 miles but I know that once my legs (shins particularly) are aching it is time to bin them
  • New Balance 854. cross training - up at gym on bike or rower or rotex machine...should i be wearing something different for that?? oh dear does that mean i am ruining them?!!
  • No Pinks dont worry - but if you had said you were playing netball or something then I would say yes.

    The different feel could just be because they haven't been broken in yet 854's are quite solid I understand?
    the reason I asked is because I am having problems with the Asics GT2110s having had the 2100's without problems and several people have said that they feel different from previously
    Keep a note of your mileage to tell you when you are likely to be needig new ones
  • i got PUMA Jago their Cushioned trainers as thats what i need.
  • Yea that is great go with what you need. But I apparently need Asics GT2110's except I obviously don't?? See its still all trial and error to us all.
    hoping to resolve it tomorrow
  • i think they are a bit solid and when i first had them they felt a bit heavy. got them from sweatshop and the guys in there really seemed to know what they were doing - had me run up and down in bare feet and so on. when i went back a few weeks ago i asked if i should have different shoes and was there something lighter for example but they said that as i had not had any problems, blisters or otherwise with them i should stick to what i've got. they also had them in the sale about £30 off so i ordered two pairs (one still to arrive) but i have heard about people having racing shoes - is that just the elite runners? how many miles do you think it takes to run them in and have them ready for London - don't want to overdo it!
  • ah... get handy andy in and he can make you some out of mdf!! GOOD OLD BRITISH DIY!! There isnt anything you cant make out of MDF!!! lol. you know what my favourite thing is to make out of MDF???/ SAWDUST! lol
  • Pinks you will be fine with what you have. Racing shoes are for those lucky neutral runners (or those that are fat and not likely to out there for 4-5 hours)- not what you are if you have 854's and if you dont have proper support for the marathon you will be sorry!

    I would say that as long as you have around 100+ miles in your shoes you will know they are not going to cause you any problems!

    MDF shoes? blisters or splinters spring to mind along with black toe nails, shin splints etc lol
  • ah but think oh then el-nautrel feeling, back to mother nature. maybe you could do the amsterdam marathon in them as a funky version of wodden clogs. lol
  • wouldn't like to guess my finish time though (if I managed to finish at all!!!) lol
    It's tough enough without that!!!
  • think on week 11 im going to do 18 instead of 16, then 9/10 on week 12 and then 13 for silverstone...seems to work out i think.
  • George what will the jump be from week 10. You might be better sticking at the 16. A 13 raced is like an 18 at slow pace so I wouldn't push too hard too early. You only need to get one 20 miles in and you can do that week 15 before tapering (Is is the 18 week schedule you are doing?)
  • HI Rio, i'm doing that 18 week schedule too although i only started following it from week 3 as i had been muddling along before that. i've got Brighton half end of week 9 and Silverstone half end of week 13. someone else said i should do the Kingston 16 mile breakfast run on 2nd april - end of week 15 - rather than silverstone as i t fits in better and leave the rest of the schedule as it is. what do you think?
  • I would say do which ever you prefer and can afford! I am doing the Longleat 10k this weekend which should be a 14 miler (oh dear I am not going to do it!) and then next week I am away on the trailplus running weekend so although I will be running every day I probably wont do the 15 miles either. will then start where I left off with another 11 miles the following weekend! Oh and I have the Liverpool Half on the weekend of a 20 miler which I will just do the week after.

  • well things seem a bit better today. Ive been doing the RICE thing diligently and also some stretching exercises. Can weight bear and even balance so Im really hopeful that the damage is not so bad. Foot turning purple and obvously still very swollen but I know it could have been a lot worse. Will have to cancel out this week's schedule and try and catch up over next few weeks. Hoping to do Berkamstead half at beginning of March.
    Before that though is this weekend-the mainstay of my fundraising. I will be having a significant birthday next week so have a huge party this Saturday at which I have asked for sponsorship not presents. Its going well so far- have a look at http://www.bhf.org.uk/sponsor/lindamcquaid/ but Im not sure I'll be doing much dancing!!!!

    I also have New Balance 854 and am on my second pair. They are wider than the first pair-I didnt spot that till after I had run in them but as I now have orthotics in them its not a problem. That was following a visit to a physio before my fll because I was getting ankle pain after running. He said I was over pronating a lot and gave me some exercise as well as orthotics. Definitely seems to be doing the trick-ankles much less apinful, although of course the big test was the 12 miles yesterday and I only completed 5.5 before I fell. Tricky isnt it!
  • Wow Linda 854's and orthotics you must be a really serious overpronator!!!! I thought they were one of the toughest on the block!

    Glad you are on the mend though and you wont lose anything by taking a week off running. Can you do anything else though?

    Ok so what is the significant birthday? i am a lady so can ask!!!
  • Fantastic!!
    Be a good year to do the FLM. What a way to celebrate
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