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  • i cant find that link rio to the energy website...the one where there is the gel waistpack for 15 quid...
  • Morning all,

    Cas: With that description dont think i will have any problems spotting you tonight!

    Im having a dilemma regards long weekend run in the next three weeks

    on the training schedule im using the next three weeks of LSR are as follows

    week 1:13mile
    week 2:9mile
    week 3:Half Marathon Race

    However the Brighton HM being in week 2
    should i swope schedule round to do

    week 1:9mile
    week 2:Half Marathon Race
    week 3:13mile

    or should i do

    week 1:13mile (as schedule)
    week 2:Half Marathon Race
    week 3:see how feel

    I know they say for a half and smaller distances you should try and do the full distance in training. Longest run to date was 12 miles. Not really concerned that wont be able to run the half marathon and also not quite up for doing a 13miles this weekend. However will i be tired out for the Half and get a better time with a nine this weekend

    Guess the question im asking is: Is it best to do 9miles this weekend or should i do 13miles. Any thoughts?
  • sorry meant to say that i am quite up for doing a 13 mile this weekend.
  • Cas really glad you are doing Brighton and looks like Fenn is too. Nicky and Gen (jogging bear) are also doing it too!! lets meet up at the start - you will be able to spot us SA runners in black vest with lime green and white writing front and back and our names on! (or see my awful pic on my site

    Fenn, i have a similar quandry..i am supposed to be doing 13 this weekend then 10 week after (Brighton half weekend)followed by 15 and 16 in the next weeks. think i am going to do the 10 this weekend so swapping the next 2 weeks around and see how i fell after that for the following 2 weeks. Cas, you are on the same hh plan - how are you working it?
  • meant to say i had a good (short) run home last night - had one of the enrgy bars before i left and felt nice and speedy so legged it home and for the first time EVER i did 5k in under 30 mins (only just!!).

    interstingly my shoes didn't rub??!! maybe i had fiddled about and poke the inside so much it has righted itself? my only dilemma now is that they won't last the next 11 weeks and race day so will have to end up with another make or model. off to sweatshop at the weekend!
  • My number for Brighton is 1636, apart form confirmation from charity (running for Hospice Care)Have a place have no additional info from FLM re number which is frustating when everyone else is talking about pens and numbers :-( Guess will have to wait till the March magazine to find out.

    10 miles might be a good compromise
  • I have same dilemma about keeping shoes fresh!

    I brought my new trainers 3 weeks ago and they are comfortable, what think will do is next month or so go and get feet cheaked again then if same shoe needed will buy another pair and run and alternate between the two so im used to two pairs and run neither pair out, rather than going through your recent saga too near to the big day.

    Shoe shopping used to be fun, never dreamed it could be this complicated.

    Well done on run last night thats great.

    Rest day last night, went out for dinner with friends last night, had a few drinks (naughty) really trying to cut down on wine intack but finding it very hard.
  • can't remember if i said already but my no is 3344. Cas, what's yours?

    Rio, i have 6 miles on training plan tonight and knee feels loads better (i really did concentrate on the stretching last night and seems to have worked a treat, thanks to you guys for making me look at that!) so if i want to make it more of an interesting session rather than just plodding away what should i do? intention is to run home for 3 miles (or 4 if i take the long route) and then jump on the treadmill when i get in and do the rest.
  • Fenn, why not run the 9 and then run/walk another couple. It all equates to timeon your feet which is important. That way you will feel comfortable about being close to the distance but not too tired!

    Well done Pinks and glad your shoes have sorted themselves. Why do you think you will need another pair? surely you cant have done 400+ miles in them already? I would do as Fenn suggests and just get another pair and then alternate between the two. (This also makes each pair last a bit longer)

    Fenn it is unlikely that your gait will change in a couple of weeks so if you arent having problems with the ones you are in you might find them cheaper on the internet.

    Your running number will be attached to the confirmation form you filled in for the charity (and possibly on a letter from them too). Your pen will depend on what your projected finishing time is and you wont really know until you pick your number up at the expo (little sticker on the bottom of the number) but if you are 5hrs + you are likely to be in pen 8 or 9.
  • Rio, my oldest pair i have had 5/6 months so probably won't last much longer? the new pair i have only done about 30 miles in but i had in mind they wouldn't go for the next 11 weeks and race itself if they are my only pair of shoes. am i wrong?
  • Pinks they should last until the race but if I were you I would get a second pair. That way you can keep your race pair for the day having broken them in and run your other runs in your second pair.

    It is always a good idea to have 2 or more pairs anyway so the first pair have a chance to recover between runs otherwise the support andcushioning can break down quicker than if you had another pair in between
  • Im kinda going with the same logic Pinks. I know its expensive but i just want everything to be right for the big day. All being well both your shoes will still be useable for running with after LFM.

    Rio: is that the yellow slip i had to fill and return back to charity. I never saw number but then again never looked. I over optimistically put sub 3:56 think it will be more like 4:30 woops!!! Time wise will get better idea after halfs not that time is important.. any idea what pen will be in if put sub 4:00 hours anyone?

  • that was my theory too...if i can actually get another pair the same. seatshop are trying to locate a pair for me. if not can i use another make as an alternative or do the two pairs need to be the same?

    Rio, any thoughts on my 6 miler tonight?

    Gosh i'm starving!! can't wait until lunchtime.
  • i have grumbling tummy too!

    Think theory for shoes is good one but im sure no biggy if have two types of shoe...

    As for your 6mile i would just try and keep steady pace i like the idea of you running home and then running on to treadmill its great and will break up the run... only dilemma is what to watch on tv :-)
  • Fenn yes it was on the yellow slip but if you didnt know where to look you probably wouldn't have noticed.

    sub 4 hours would put you in pen 6 I think but you can go back a pen or two. It is more difficult to go up a pen

    Pinks if you want to make 6 miles more interesting then add some quick bursts like PW was doing but with strides maybe ie 10 quick 10 slow and go up to 60 fast 60 slow then repeat going back down. Or you could run lampost reps 1 fast 1 recovery. It will probably take as long but will be more interesting and challenging!!
  • dont know my no for Brighton yet pinks...i only applied online yesterday! for FLM i'm 39xxx so only another 38000 to overtake to win!
    havent really thought about switching it all round...maybe do 13 this week, half next week, and 12 the week after....should be ok
    the brighton half next week should fly by if i've got people to chat to on the way round!
  • aching like a dead weight, def not on for the 6 today, done even know about tomorrow. LSR is most important tho, so just going to have to heal heal heal....

    hot bath, early to bed and pleanty of protein on its way!
  • Yep PW sometimes you just have to rest
    Enjoy - No guilt
  • did my 6 miles on the adirun...dont think that i saw you Fenn...unless you were the one in the green hoody i saw running off into the distance.
    did it in 51 mins which i was happy with as had a little sprint up the hill at the end! v unlike me!
  • Wow 6 miles in 51 mins good going Cas!!
    Well run you

    I had a very easy night tonight 2.5 miles 3min run 1walk with my beginners
    Was very pleased because she had never gone so far. She worked really hard. The rest of the group did around 4.5 and they worked hard!
  • well, all bathed up, but feels like im still seizing up so doubt ill manage anything tomorrow like i said.

    been looking at iron man closer, and man its tempting. get the FLM done first but i really really really want to do it.

    looks like such an achievement.
  • I agree PW. The training takes up so much time though! Alright for you student types but not so easy trying to fit it round a job and family. Still both sons will have left home in a year or so so maybe I will be able to work part time then....
    Not 50 for a few more years!! Will do one by then
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all the advice.

    jjj is fine as my name is long - (I get called all sorts on the other threads)

    I may order the marathon sample pack on the high 5 site to try the gels. Has anyone run with the gel wasitband. is it any good?

    Loved my 2hr run - longest time I'd ever run/walked for and I slowed my pace as I've read it's better to do the time at a crawl than cut it short but run fast. - good advice I think.
  • Got my 6 miles done this afternoon - did it in 1 hour 03 mins - tried the High5 gels as well - yum yum, I swear they made me run faster (or at least it felt like it).

    This coming weekend we're away (to Wigan) and I don't really want to run in an area that I'm not familiar with, so I'll have to do my lsr on Monday afternoon (luckily I work part time). Instead of doing 13 I was going to creep it up to 14, 14.5 or even 15 - what does everyone think about that, or is it a no no and you really should stick to the plan.
  • I run with the gel waistband and it is fine. The gels dont bounce and it doesn't rub you wont even know you have it on.
    And the little bag at the front is useful for loo paper, money, phone and energy bar if you squeeze it all in (and your phone isn't too big)

    LSR should be just that jjj you are doing just fine
  • Chris I was really sceptical when I first used the gels too but they really do give you a boost
    Stick to the plan dont do more than you need to there is loads of time for the longer runs. Do 13 comfortably and you can look forward to the next jump. If you plan to go further and struggle it will knock your confidence (and also you are going to be increasing your mileage by more than 10% so are running the risk of an injury!!!!!!)
  • OK, point taken. I'll stick to the plan. Its just that its only 11 weeks to go and I'm thinking I'm not going to be ready, and I've only done half the distance....getting nervous I suppose
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