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  • well Fenn...i will say hello next week then!
    just went to do the 3 miles today, and knees are aching and a little swollen so gonna take a couple of days off
    pinks...would be good to run with you at brighton next week
  • RICE Cas and yes take some time off. You will soon be back
  • Cas what are you going to run next week the 6 or 8?

    Rio, sweets definately worth a try !! yummy

  • Guys

    i'm gettin so confused with the whole gel and energy drinks thing!!! i've been using the orange lucazade the same as fenn, but from listening to you RF the gels are better oh i'm so confused,

    looking forward to seeing you next week Pinks

  • No nicky go with what you are using already. I have problems with lucozade or I would use it myself. Gels work for me that is all.
    I dont know what the concentration of the lucozade sport is but it is higher than the normal stuff. And if you think about it it cant be that bad or it wouldn't be used by so many on the day!!!!!!!!!

    Gels are not necessarily better just different
  • signed up for the 6, but going to be doing the weekends 13 on monday now!
  • Im currently gearing up for a prymaid speed session tonight at gym! ahhh looking forward to it in a sick kinda way.. speed sessions are painful but rewarding..

    Nicky same goes for me i was confused too untill all was explained. I usually use Lucozade sport drink for long runs but im going to try a gel on long run just to see if notice any difference... These training runs are to try things out see what works for you. If i dont notice any difference will stick with the free stuff they give out on the day so dont have to carry stuff. Sorry not trying to confuse further... but i too was confused and this is what im going to do...

    laters everyone
  • Nicks, do you know if they hand anythin out at Brighton like even water? i have ordered one of those gel belts with the sample pack so i can test it out at Brighton. we are going down on the friday as it is half term (so Josh can see his Grandma)- are you going down on the saturday? Cas, are you going down on the day - you live that way don't you?

    Is Lazer ok does anyone know??
  • Pinks they will have water. They cannot expect you to run all the way without that. It should say on the website whether there will be anything else but there usually is. Just need to check.
    Brighton will be a good test for you with your belt. It wont rub but at least you will know that for sure.

    I am off to the trailplus weekend tomorrow so you wont hear from me until after the weekend now. Will pass on any really useful bits of info I pick up

    Was wondering about Lazer too. He must be ever so poorly
  • Pinks i haven't read anything apart from water at brighton, i'm gonna go down on the saturday as my cousin livs down there, so it'll be good to catch up with her.

    have agood weekend RF
  • am going down on the day...only about 50 min drive, but no idea where to park as its normally a nightmare...might get Mrs Cas to drop me off and then see her later on the course with Master Cas!
  • Think we will do the same - mother in law pinks is in Hove so will have to drive down so will get Mr pinks and master pinks to drop me off near the start and then they can look out for me later. Miss pinks (as she is 17)has decided to stay home and have a load of girlfriends over for roast dinner and stay up all night watching movies!!! hope the house is in one piece when we get back!!

    I didn't run either yesterday as i had the chiropractor and it always leaves me feeling sore and washed out. may go up the gym for a half hour easy at lunchtime and then my plan is to do 10 tomorrow ie swapping this weekend and next weekend. i am also going to have a fairly easy week next week in prep for Brighton...really looking forward to that!
  • Morning all.

    Did that prymaid thing in gym last night which was pretty tough going and got a distance of 3miles doing that so did a 3minute recovery walk and then a mile run.
    Felt like a good work out although the felt a bit like a cheat doing the walking in between.

    Rest day today in prep for long run tommorrow. still no idea what distance im going to do, am planning to have night infront of the Tv with a new dvd! Who needs to go to pub with friends after work (me)

    As for Brighton think im planning to go down on the Sunday, although thats a two hour drive from Windsor so might get me folks to drive us.Im also excited about Brightonthink it will be a great indicator of how im doing training wise.

    Enjoy the weekend Rio
  • Fenn, how did you do a pyramid session - sounds more interesting than a straightforward run!

    who are you running for and will you have a charity vest for Brighton so i can look out for you?

    Cas, how are your knees this morning?

    Lazer, where are you? are you ok??

    Rio, have a fab weekend training - looking forward to hearing all about it!
  • feeling slightly better today, still very sore though. Going to take heed of your advice rio and stop the KF closer to the big day, really dont want a repeat of this again (its already number 2!)

    Off to norwich this weekend to see some mates at uni so going to give this weekends LSR a miss, especially as i want to heal properly before i get back out, ill have a catch up week next week instead....still - it will have been a week when i next get to run :s and that always hurts the plodding speed.

    must not get mentally defeated by it though, missing the endorphins badly must admit, i guess it could be worse!

    good luck with brighton pps, when is it again?
  • Take it easy George, Rio is right and all the mags etc say better to be undertrained than overtrained.

    Have a great weekend with your mates and enjoy yourself!

    Brighton is next weekend - 19th feb
  • Running for Hospice Care have no t-shirt as yet! planning to run with friend who is also running the LFM think he will be wearing a bright green Barnardos T-shirt so if you see a tall mid twenties guy carrying a very tired mid twenties girl around the course that ill be me!:-)

    Is this your first race Pinks? Ive done the Portsmouth GSR 10mile last Oct before but this will be first half...

    Prymaid thing is something PW told me about on this forum
    Last night i did a 5min warm up jog then 1min speed and 1 min recovery jog and it goes on 2/S, 2/R, 3/S, 3/R, 3/S, 3/S, 2/S, 2/R, 1/S, 1/R
    think going to continue you with this each week and try and add to it so next week i include 4mins Speed and 4mins Jog.

    I find it harder than a standard run but if your looking for something to break run up might be worth a bash... if wanted to sure could swope recovery jog with walk. as i said i did a recovery walk after and then did a 1mile run after

    Pinks like photo with Linford... which charity are you running for?

  • knee is really sore...been putting some ibprofen gel on which seems to have elped but not good. this i might do a george and miss out on the lsr this week (was going to do it monday) to rest it - driving to cardiff and back at the weekend so enough stress from that! was really funny, cos opened up Mens Health mag (no i dont subscribe!) and first thing i saw was an article about injured knees!!! (mind you, i have had both rebuilt from injury!)

    so where we meeting then next week...someone going to make a decision?
  • i am running for Stroke Association - black vest with lime green and white writing front and back and my name on in green on front (got my vest - well its really a mock up version - early because of the Linford photo shoot).

    Cas, could your knee be an overuse injury. i have a similar thing which comes and goes - seen doctor, sports massage and chiropractor about it and apparently very common in runners when the mileage starts to increase because the quad muscles haven't strenghtened enough or at same rate to pull patella back as you run and it rubs causing the pain/swelling etc. i now do exercise while watchin tv in bed each night to strengthen up quads more and squats and weights on my sunday cross training day and its really helped.

    ok, so where to meet? suggest we meet at 9.45 am ish as warm up is at 10am. will ask Mr Pinks to suggest (as grew up in Brighton) and where good drop off and parking area would be - possibly foyer of cinema just off east street as it would be out of the wind and there would be toilets!!

    Fenn, yes this is my first race ever!! i'm kind of excited and scared all in one go.
  • Pinks if its anything like my first/last run think you are really going to enjoy and its going to give more motivation to keep going with training.. its going to be furthest distance ive run too

    Have you started raising money yet. Thats my plan this weekend to start with emails and begging letters am going to set up a just giving web site aswell
  • Fenn, made an early start on fundraising but need to get going again on that...


    my web page (sorry i don't know how to make it a link!)
  • very envious of you all racing this weekend,but at least Im on the mend and building up slowly, adding on 5 mins per day. I think you're right, its very easy to overtrain and add on the mileage too quickly. Think I did that before Xmas as I was panicing after the half marathon I did in december. My first thought on crossing the line was- oh my god, how will I ever do another half? Still feel a bit like that but we have to believe we can do it. Ive got my Heartrunners vest, and it will have my name on it when I get round to putting it on. Hoping FLM will be a warm day as I like to run in sleeveless tops so intention is just to wear the vest on its own, (yes, with shorts!) but with no other T shirts underneath.

    Funny story-went to physio carrying my tracksuit bottoms in with me to change into. My knickers fell out of them in the waiting room and were bought in by the next patient. Dear oh dear.

    Good luck all of you doing Brighton- Im assuming its a half-looking forward to hearing how it went. Im booked to do Berkhamstead at beginning of March-anybody else doing it?
  • hey Linda

    Brighton is on the 19th Feb! soo goodness knows what we will be like next week! I love all; the build up i think it adds to the occassion.

    Re:Knickers LOL :-)
    I went to meeting a few weeks back with a new top on not only was it inside out, i still left the price tag on... very embrassing

    Pinks well done already raising soo much money...filling guilty that i have neglected for sooo long especially after they say the sooner you start fundraising the more money you will raise. Good Photo too!
  • Linda, how embarassing!!lol!! don't worry, seems like you were way ahead of most people having done a half in December! your fitness will come back really quickly and there is plenty of time yet. just waitinf for my breakfast to go down before i go out for lsr - its really sunny but icy and v cold out there today!
  • yes its a really lovely day, I like running when its like this, although of course everyone-be VERY careful of the ice-eyes down all the time I think.
    Im up to 25 minutes today so tomorrow-which should be the lsr will be a sort slow run, but getting on with it at least. Fundraising going well-after my birthday party last weekend when I asked for sponsorship instead on presents, the total is approaching £2000-all the more reason to get back on with the running. Dont know about you all, but my house seems to be filling up with running stuff-piles of Runners World, loads of gels, different bottles and clothes. Makes me feel like a real athlete! oh, and of course the great smells of various lotions intended to ease aching muscles. Finally - the obligatory bag of peas in the freezer for post-run icing. Husband bought me a top to toe Champneys voucher for birthday so am planning to use it on 24th April when I think I may need it.
  • Linda that's fantastic on the fundraising and a very happy birthday to you!!!

    i took a wrong turn on my run today and ended up doing 12.3 instead of 10 and i ran out of water which was NOT very clever or nice! i upped the pace a bit today and finished in 2hr 11 but couldn't keep that up for any longer! also tried out two gels which were very nice and seemed to do the trick (+ found a chunk of kendal mint cake in my bum bag when i was hunting for a tissue which was yummy!. for some reason i found it really hard today and that was a bit disheartening (can't spell!)and it made me realise i would much rather do this slowly and enjoy it than push myself and find the whole experience difficult!

    Linda, what lotions do you have - i didn't know you could get such things and they sound great. do they work?

    pinks x

    PS you are doing great with your recovery!
  • Hi guys,

    Well I missed my traing run on friday - grrr I was just so tired. Will be running tomorrow morining after work (10hr night shift :-( ).

    Hope anyone who was racing this weekend did well/had fun. I can't find a single race that I can get to in Febuary. But there are quite a few in March so that whould help.

    Anyone doing the Liverpool Half?
  • lotions- dont get excited- arnica balm for my bruises, iboprofen gel for aches, but also some lovely bath lotions that I was bought for birthday- Crabtree and Evelyn foot cream etc. Tiger Balm is the real deal as well for all sorts of aches.
  • PS- have just been to see Walk the Line-I think the soundtrack would make good running music-have we discussed what's best?
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