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  • girlie gossip can be very therapeutic and therefore a necessary part of life!!! don't feel guilty - you are more active and healthy than most so give yourself a pat on the back instead!
  • he he i think im partial to a bit of girlie gossip too. just been and done my 3 miles. was good.

    my job huntings going well... thinking of setting up my own so im looking into that atm, have to talk laters got an appt with the docs.

    Miss ya too pinks xxx
  • found a weathr forecast for Brighton which i like...cloudy and no rain.
  • thats the attitude Pinks keep searching till we get the anwser you like, thats my approach

    Girlie evenings my favourite, especially as it was me gossip to tell. I had a very succesful date on Saturday night which needed full analysis from the girls.

    Lazer what to do you do for a job and what you type of buisness you thinking of setting up. Sounds very exciting?
  • Hi all
    you sound much more positive today GOOD!

    Pinks you can put dried fruit in it or grapes (or whatever fruit you can eat) a few nuts and/or seeds.

    I am not a girlie girl and have never had a girlie night. Not sure I would enjoy it either! I would rather spend an evening with the lads! lol They are much better company
  • Fenn...need more info on date!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aaaahhh...those were the days!!! now i've been married 10 years (second time!!!) i have to rely on my daughters dates/girlie gossip to keep me going!!!lol!!
  • Met guy at New year and have been in touch ever since, he had pretty hectic schedule work wise so planned to meet three weeks ago. however had to stand him up as accidently left phone in office with his number and details of where to meet on phone, gutted!! (Lesson learnt: Never rely on phone as an address book)
    However despite ruining one of his rare weekends off, all was forgiven and met up with him on saturday night... :-) Am very keen.But he lives two hours away and he has lots of work commitments :-(

    he does run though....;-)
  • Pinks what mid week training did you decide to do this week in prep for Brighton?
  • Fenn, if its meant to be then distance shouldn't stop you. when i first met my husband he was in Brighton and/or San Francisco so very long distance!!

    think i will follow what Rio suggestedf for this week so good pace 3 miles home tonight, fartlek type session tomorrow and then a slow easy thursday and rest fri and 10 mins sat. going down to brighton friday morning so at least will get better idea of what weather going to be like.

    So, remind me...who is doing Brighton and does anyone want to meet before the start?
  • It would be great to meet up but im running with two friends already and have to meet up with them... what with race nerves to contend with as well think it might be unrealistic but will be thinking of you all.

    i too was planning to run Tue/Wed and Thur.. hadnt considered a saturday run as well, whats the thinking behind an easy 10mins on saturday to relax any tension in legs?
  • Rio said to keep legs ticking over so i guess thats the same thing?

    are you running in nurse outfit??!!lol!
    will you have charity vest with name on or anything? mine says 'Sara' on fron although i may get 'Pinks' on back too!! can't remeber your real name!
  • real name Sarah!

    Not wearing fancy dress this time round .. although am tempted for big day! Re photo the only photos have on computer at work are fancy dress and previously when reading forum always nice to see who people are!

    How have you written name on top just with a permentant marker pen?
  • Iron on letters - one of the girls from the stroke association did it.
  • Fenn I have used fabric paints successfully. You can stencil them on to your top. Its easy, quick, permanent and cheap

  • good idea - where do you get those from Rio?
  • hay i got my runners T shirt and Vest today!! yay! i got 2 name spaces do ill put SAM on the front and LAZER on the back. so you can all see me! xx oh cant wait! im doing the Wilts Terminator 10 soon. GAH!! thats XC.
  • what are they like ie colour etc? get a pick of you wearing it up on your profile!!
  • you can get them from craft shops Pinks. Only about £2 for a bottle. I just wrote my name (round stencil shapes) in pen and filled in the middle. Big is good but remember you have to attach your number

  • i'm going to brighton!...not sure on running tho...did 4 miles at lunch round the bridges...felt ok but knee si a bit sore now. just spoke to the charity...they said our vests will be ready in march...better than the "Big Daddy" unitard that they have been promising to buy me at work which would have probably got me arrested!!!
  • lol... then i would be in stitched on the floor during the marathon ( refering back to previous discussion about old naked people running the route) LOL!!!

  • Did my longest run to date sucessful today - 10miles :-D

    Very please, but I'm now so tired and want to eat everything in sight.
  • eat eat eat! dont forget the magic hour!

    back on course now after very student oreintated weekend...in that i dont remember it, yin and yang are all out of balance so off to get some acupuncture soonish...

    3 miles nice and easy, very wet - led me to think, i know we all moan about going out in the rain, but once your our and soaking dont you find it quite liberating, especially running past houses seeing people nice and warm inside....not sure where im going with this lol.

    Rio, about the gells, did you tie the gells up when you split them 3 ways (i.e. open the gell, then use a twisty tie or something until you next need it) good idea about holding gell in mouth, although wont that break down some of the complex carbs into simple ones...amylase.....duno..

    anyway, just saying hi again, it did take until yesterday to stop aching, and i gave it a miss tonight - didnt want a repeat of it lol!
  • PW it was something that was recommended by the two coaches on the weekend (Keith Anderson is a previous commonwealth marathon runner and Nick has also done some 2.15ish marathons)
    I havent tried it yet but think that you could hold the open gel in your hand over a couple of miles fairly easily.
    Apparently the carbs are absorbed into the blood stream quicker through your gums than having to be digested.
    I intend to try it at the weekend to see if I can do it ok.

    Glad you have seen some sense about the martial art stuff. Its only a few weeks off now and you can get back to it again without worrying about injury
  • weather forecast today says sunny for Brighton on Sunday!!! Hurrah!

    Rio, did 30 mins working pace last night which was fine. can't remember what you suggested for tonight..bit of an airhead at the moment with so much at work and kids on half term etc!

    couldn't get to sleep last night thinking about my first race...bit scared really. any hints would be much appreciated!

    pinks x
  • Pinks depends how you feel tonight either rest or do a couple of easy miles.

    The lack of sleep is perfectly normal. Stop worrying about it as that wont be helping. You need to try to do some non-running things ie a good book or film or music before you go to bed. One thing I try when I cant sleep is to count backwards from 400. When your mind wanders or you make a mistake go back to 400 again.

    The running dreams will start soon and you will have some very strange ones.

    The night before the race. Early bed!! You wont sleep much but dont worry about it as the adrenalin on the day will get you through. It is perfectly normal and even the experienced runners get some nerves before a race.

    You are going to be just fine. You have done all the training now you are just putting it into practice!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!
  • Morning all

    managed 4miles last night on treadmill felt great untill stopped and then knee started to hurt :-(
    Did the whole RICE thing and doesnt hurt this morning... so with a bit of luck it was just a bit of rust from not running for two days will take it easy tonight!

    Have found a running partner which is great for a mid week run to get me out of the hot gym yeahhhhh!

    My hint too pinks (not that im that experienced) is to be organised before race and leave time to go to loo before race.

    JJJ well done on furthest run too date its always a great feeling knowing your heading in write directions

    is anyone else writing a running diary? I started mine in Janurary and i write all my runs down. What surface i ran them on. How i felt before and how i felt afterwards( i usually do this with smiley faces) and times distances etc.

  • Just got my gel belt and High5 gels through the post...there are two dangly bits of elastic off it - what are they for?? not sure i can get much in the pouch so may end up using bum bag after all.

    thanks for advice everyone. weather forecast has changed...again! weathermen can't seem to make up their minds!!

    wish i had time to write running diary although i do have achart which just says date, run and time...wellits really some scribbled notes on a notebook by the bed!!!
  • The dangly bits are for attaching your number to I think. Do they have a toggle on them?

    You really wont need any more than you can fit in the pouch
  • Yes there is a kind of toggle but that would mean the number would be so low that it would flap about i think!

    You have no idea how many tisssues i cart around with me! my sinuses play up when i run and i am forever blowing my nose! other than that it would just be phone and maybe a high5 bar if i get hungry (they are so yummy!) have you got the same belt? don't the gels flap about too?

  • Mine is very similar but it doesn't have the toggles. The number doesnt flap about you stick the toggles through just under half way down the number. I have used a similar belt for my duathlon and it was fine. The gels dont move much and as you will find you get used to it.

    Most runners get runny noses. can you tuck tissues inside your shorts? They are going to get wet if it rains regardless. Try it on Sunday
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