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  • I too suffer from runny nose syndrome, its most frustrating.

    I have question what exactly tempo running?
  • sorry meant to say
    What IS tempo running?
  • Tempo running is running at a quicker pace for a set period of time. Also called threshold runs they are run at 75-85% of your MHR.

    ie you can do 4x 5min at threshold pace. with 3 min recovery
    or 2x 10 mins with 5 min recovery
    you can gradually build up the length of session or reduce the recovery until you can do longer periods at threshold pace
  • so i guess there is a lot of sniffing on the day then?!!
  • Yep and blowing of noses on whatever is about!
  • i can see the cleenex brigade about onthe day then..... just got my partnet a gymn membership so taking them down to the gyn tonight. which mean my training run on the treadmill. Thats okay as its POURING it down today. and its FREEZING!
  • i'll be the one shouting to the crowd for tissues then!!lol!!

    just read the route description for Brighton and there is a 'challenging' few miles towards the end so going to be testing!! quite looking forward to it though. also looked on last years results and looks like i will be lucky to be in the last 50 or so but its great because i still get a medal don't i? i've never had a medal before!!
  • Its a bit cold and windy here but dry so far. Keeping everything crossed that it stays that way for my run tonight
    No gym membership for me - out in all weathers
  • lol. im doing the wilts terminator 10 and i get a t-shirt. not too sure about a medal. gerrr im so jelious of you people doing the brighton. i want to do it, but couldent get done there. :(
  • Ah your first medal!! There is nothing like it!! Just go and enjoy the run Pinks start thinking positive things about how you are going to beat the challenges and how good you are going to feel when it is all over. YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

    The Terminator is also tough isn't it Lazer? Good luck
  • I definately prefer running outside i like the cold... im just scared of dark! so restricted to the gym during week.. except tonight which is adidas night yippie... looking forward to it.. just had a bagel in prep for it yummy...

    Rio you must have a big collections of medals now.. whats your favourite one?
    Sorry to be dumb.. whats the difference between Tempo and speed work.. im guessing that Tempo is say alonger amount of time at runnning at fast pace?

    Pinks: After twelve miles or so dont now if i will be too enthusistic for a challenge.. but all good training i suppose

    Lazer at least can stay in bed that bit longer on sunday morning :-)
    Ive just arranged to meet a friend at Brighton Station at 9:00 and i live two hours away,,ill need lunch by time i get there

  • Rio you are a star to run in all conditions and thats much better preparation for real races isn't it? must admit, since it has been light enough to run home i much prefer it and don't even take music now!
  • Hiya Fenn

    I run in the gym as I dont like to run outside in an un-familiar area but I try and get out at lunch times a couple times a week.

    Im doing the Adi-Run tonight so if I spot you I will say hi.

    I did it last week but it didn't feel like I had just run 6 miles but apparantly it was so who am I to argue!
  • Fenn Speedwork is anything that is done at a pace above your normal working heart rate.
    Tempo and intervals are just variations of the same thing but intervals are done on the track and tempo is longer and done out on the road/trail over time rather than distance

    I like all my medals for different reasons. My first one was a RfL in 2001 and then again in 2002- good because it was a pb. Cardiff 10k was the first one at that distance. London marathon - first one Cardiff half same reason. Bath half was a new pb. second london a new pb. London Duathlon - first one. Longleat 10k new pb.

    I love them all because they remind me of where I started and how far I have come in the nearly 6 years of running
  • They all sounds like great achievements

    London marathons been my goal for what seems like ever... I cant wait to get the medal round neck (fingers crossed.. touch wood etc)infact havent really consiered or planned anything after the 23rd April

    What distances is everyone planning on tonight?
  • 4 miles (or around 40 minutes) then a couple of miles run/walk with my beginners

    Do think of something after the marathon or you will get a real low once it is over. Or plan something as soon as you have finished London to give you focus
  • Yeah i think i will have to find a new challenge im enjoying being this active and would it would be a real waste to lose fitness... but ill wait till the 24th April to decide :-)

  • did 7 today, have the sweet/sour benefit of not having a half this weekend....thats a woo hoo! and a GRRR! found it pretty challenging, not too fast either so gona have to get some serious work in.

    think im going to pay for and secure my place in the GNR, as if i dont want to then i havent lost out on much and if i do then im sorted.

    still tryin to think of what to wear as my birthday boy thing, was thinking of a hat or permanent markering my vest...not sure...convinced a big badge would get in th way....any ideas?
  • havent logged in for the whole of today and there's 3 pages of stuff to read! Rio- my training day with British Heart Foundation also had keith Anderson- he's good isnt he? He gave us the bin bag tips as well so no doubt we'll all be sporting them at the start of London.
    As for those of you doing the Brighton Half this weekend- I didnt sleep at all well before my first half and I felt so nervous when I got there, almost as if I was an imposter-everyone else seemed so professional and relaxed. The smell of Deep Heat was everywhere, again the feeling that everybody else knew something I didnt-but I did it, and the feeling when I crossed the line was incredible. My first thought was that I couldnt imagine (still cant!!) doing the same distance all over again, but somehow Im sure we will. To keep me going through my curtailed training, Im reading Paula Radcliffe's autobiography. The stories of her injuries, and the build-up to London certainly ring true. Funny though- she was aiming for a 2.20 marathon-I did a 2.20 half!! Still thats only only half the speed of the world record holder so I guess thats one way of looking at it!
  • linda, i read Paula's book last year, the woman is amazing, but we all knew that any way, have you got to what actually went wrong in Athens yet? just goes to show that we should all listen to or bodies, enjoy the read.
    Pinks spoke to my cousin 2nite, apparently the hill at Brighton isn't too bad, she reckons it's not much of a hill at all, we shall see as she is taking me round the route sat afternoon.
  • deep heat before a run????

    is this advisable?
  • Hey all, did a 7 mile home tonight and found a hill to run up twice...eeek i don't like hills it killed! definitely going to have to visit it at least once a week to strenghten up my legs!

    George i think you should write on the back of your shirt '20 today!' or something like that.

    Nicks i will send you a pm tomorrow with my mobile number so maybe we can meet at the start and Gen too - not sure if Cas on here is running yet but think Fenn and Chris2 are. is anyone else from SA doing it? i'm also going to get Mr Pinks to drive me round the route on saturday - he grew up in Brighton.

    finished reading paulas book few weeks ago and wished there was more.
  • Rio how was your run tonight and are you finding going by time rather than distance better for you?
  • i did 40 minutes tonight, a little slower than i used to be before my injury, but it felt fine so think im well and truly on the mend. Definitely should be on for the Berkamstead half on 5 March. When i fell i was doing the first of a series of marathon warm ups, 12 at end of Jan, 17 at end of Feb and 20 at end of March. Would really like to still attempt the 17 next week, perhaps as a run/walk so I get properly back on my plan. Am worried that my longruns have been less than an hour for what seems like weeks. Impatient I guess-just like Paula!
  • Pinks...i'll be there!!! taking this week easy as knee is playing upa bit, but looking forward to it...pulled out of the adirun last night (too sore!) but will do a 3-4 miler at lunch and tomrorow and fingers crossed it wont swell and hurt like before!!...have got the ibuprofen gel ready, and gonna run in a knee support today.
    Bananas....it is 6 miles, but a mile of which is to and from the shop, so its 5 miles from where you stop for the warm up. am booked in for next week if you fancy a slow jog round with me!
    pinks et al...looking forward to meeting you all on the sea front! fish and chips anyone?!
  • Morning all
    I ended up doing just 32 minutes yesterday then another 50 run/walk.
    It was a very hilly route of almost a mile of hill at 20% and managed to run almost all the way up. Only 3 very short 20sec stops, mainly at road junctions. So was pleased with that.
    To be honest Pinks I am finding that I am running around 10-10.30mm pace so I am not too far off the distance anyway. But psychologically I think it is easier thinking I only have to run for x hours rather than x miles.

    Linda start building up your distance by time rather than distance - for the same benefit. This weekend try 1.30 then next 2hrs and you will be back on target. Even if you walk it is ok. In fact you could do 15 mins brisk walk at the beginning and end of your run.

    PW you will smell deep heat at the start of every race. Not sure of the benefits (probably psychological) but if it works for them then...
  • Cas are you in the first or second wave for brighton? how will we recognise you? i might have the green wig on so you will certainly be able to spot me!! plus will have SA vest on over my long sleeved top that has Sara on the front. don't do too much before Sunday...think i am going to rest now and just maybe do 10 mins on saturday like Rio suggested. did 7 miles last night.

    linda you are doing great with your recovery.
  • Pinks that is plenty. You will come into the race feeling good and positive about your performance.

    Remember hills cannot be run up at the same pace as your normal running. Keep your body leaning forward over the balls of your feet, pump those arms and take small steps and slow your pace. The more tired you get reduce the size of your steps!!! It works
  • Rio thanks for that. I was going to ask you what i was supposed to do because i realised when i got to the hill last night i wasn't sure how to tackle it. where do you focus ie look - up the hill or at your feet/ground. i timed it and the hill took about a minute to go up and then i jogged VERY slowly down. the first 20 seconds was ok and then i thought this is hell! funnily enough though, afterwards i felt really good (mentally rather than physically).

    tried the counting thing last night to focus on keeping my pace really steady and it worked really well and helped my breathing too. i was so busy counting i didn't notice the 7 miles fly by...highly recommend.
  • pinks...5'9, shaved head, big smile! hahaha i think that i am in the second phase...well assuming that as i had a card with a no 2 on it!
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