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  • the 301 learns your HR zones, and adjusts them as your fitness increases / decreases. Never used the HR monitering stuff before really, might look into it. Tried a speed session today but got a splitting headache half a mile in so just took it easy for the last 3.5.....agony though.

    good luck for brighton guys!!
  • Hi PW that was what I thought about the 301. I would rather get a machine to sort all that complicated stuff out.
    Did a speed session too last night 10x 1min with 1min recovery. Was surprised to manage ok and was not at the back of the club. I even managed to run all the way home afterwards which includes some quite hilly bits.

    Last weekend must have done some good!!
    Rest day today yipee!!
  • Morning all

    Good running PW and Rio, i missed my speed session last night as resting knee... boring...i only properly took running up 14 months ago and was soo bored last night not being able to run cant remember what i used to do before i ran.... well i can i did nothing and slouched on the sofa.... im not going back to that.

    Cas i know you too have bad knee what have you done this week running wise?... are you still in pain...
  • managed 5 miles last night and ankle only a tiny bit stiff this morning so all's well. Going away for weekend-was booked ages ago when I thought it wouldnt matter- so no running till Monday. Hopefully by then this injury will be completely behind me and I'll be back on my plan, which is the one that the Bristish Heart Foundation dished out to us. I had always intended to do the second of the marathon warm-ups next weekend (17 miles) and thought that after falling on the first one (12) I wouldnt be able to but I think I'll start at least, and walk/run if necessary, and pull out if I need to. Psychologically I need to do it I think, but willbe at berkhamstead the week after for a Half.

    Good luck to you all, especially those doing their first half. My first, and only! was in December and I was so emotional as I crossed the line, laughing and crying at the same time. I could not believe I had done it-hadnt run a step before March and there I was 9 months later running a half-marathon. Amazing-and you'll feel the same Im sure. Enjoy.
  • Linda what are these marathon warm up? are they organised events or something within your training plan?

    Linda have a well deserved weekend of rest and fun. Im begining to believe if you run too religously i think its easier to lose motivation.. im training at a level where each week I believe that i can do better next week or theres room for improvement in my training. I have a friend who has trained 6 days a week and he is very strict on his trainning.. hes now begining to now show signs of losing enthusiasm... and lets face it running should be enjoyed and we should be left with a sense of achievement..

  • They are organised by the Gade Valley Harriers, really friendly club and lovely relaxing event. (except of course it wasnt for me as I fell-but I think everybody else enjoyed it) As it happens one of my work colleagues runs at that club and she told me about it, but they are also listed in RW magazine. They start at 9.30 ay Boxmoor cricket club, Hemel hempstead. No pre-booking just turnup and pay-its either £5 or £6 I cant remember. Series of 3, on last weeken of Jan, Feb and March- 12, 17 and 20 miles consecutively. They have piles of tea and cakes at the end of the run, and give you jelly babies at one of the water stops. Nice route (the bit I did) with a a long hill, but pretty. Apparently Gordon Ramsey did one of them last year as they are recognised as being good warm-up events. Guess they are- fun but without the edge of competetion so you really can take it at any pace.
  • Fenn...well i have only gone out for a jog round the city for about 4 miles and a 3 miler yesterday lunch for this week...amazing how quickly you loose fitness...just going to take sunday easy I think...make sure i get round
  • 10 miles

    For anyone interested lol, relativly easy run, again with all these long slow runs my left lower calf tightens up quite early on and niggles at me for most of the distance. Gets worse when im running low on juice.

    Did the holding gell in your mouth thing, and despite it being a bit annoying it did seem to make a difference, in that i only used 1 gell the whole distance and didnt need anymore. Didnt get hungry so didnt try the energy bar, will probably get hungry next weeks 15!

    Did a bit of threshold stuff on the back 3, not obvious from the forerunner as didnt keep it up for a whole mile but it felt good....6 minute miles really would be awesome, running at a 6 min/mile pace is quite empowering...right up until you cant maintain it haha! been thinking about times for FLM and i really want sub 4, if poss sub 3.45 so going to step the training up a bit, add some good speed and hill sessions in, and maybe add a small recovery run on sunday instead of 'cross training' (sitting on sofa watching sport channels!) just a few miles to keep limber, not sure yet though. see how i feel tomoz.

    Blisters still creeping in here and there on my feet, despite being lathered with physio sport anti friction barrier prior to going out, going to have to invest in anti blister plasters, as my blister resistant socks arent so good on long distance, guy at running shop suggested a more padded sock to take strain off knees etc. and so on LSR i dont have the protection of a double layer sock.

    thats about it, not sure why the blog style post but guess i got into a rambling zone.

    hows everyone feeling about brighton? or should i not mention it for the nerves!!
  • Good luck for tomorrow everyone.

    Go and enjoy the run and learn from it. You will have a great day, just knowing you can really cope with the day and the conditions will give you confidence.

    PW recovery runs should be no longer than half an hour and done very easy - say pre-breakfast amble.
    I hate the double layer socks and ended up with more blisters when i wore them. Just run in ordinary ones for now though have invested in some of the padded ones for London.

    It is better to do a few minutes of threshold running rather than just one all out effort as I understand it so 5-10 mins of threshold pace with 3-7 mins recovery!!

    Glad the gel thing works will try that tomorrow (didn't get the chance to do my long run today so will be out early tomorrow.

    Have a good one
  • see you all tomorrow at the start...pinks i'll look out for you as you are my pace...will be wearing some rather fetching blue triathlon tights with red flashes!!!
  • Fenn good to see you today...jeez i totally ran out of steam going up that hill to the turn...wasnt impressed with the organisation...didnt even get a goody bag when i finished...they had run out and there had to be a good few hundred behind me!
  • wow, i expected to see the forum awash with 1/2 marathon stories and yet it all seems strangely quiet.....**edges out of the room**
  • I was thinking that too PW. How did it go then guys? Doesn't sound like the best race in the world but you survived it ok so let us all know you are well!!

    it was cold wet and windy :-( It was a really tough hard run, after the first turn there was a head wind that nearly blew me straight back to the beginging!! and then towards the end a massive ill that really did go on for miles and was quite dangerous coming back down as the route was supposed to take you off road,the mud was so wet and torn up people were falling all over the place, i've heard that a bloke had fallen and broke his arm apart from all the sprains etc, was playing it safe at this stage of FLM and came back down on the pavement.
    Was a good test of charecter and had to really pull out the army mentallity guts and deternination to get round, but i did it and got 2.26 which i'm well chuffed about, in perfect conditions would be able to knock some time off that.

    How you feelin today Pinks, and everyone else that ran. my quads are in agony
  • was horrible wasnt it...i thought it was badly organised as well...they had run out of goody bags by the time i got through and that was at 2.11!!! very sore knees this morning and totally knackered as spent 5 hours in A&E with my little boy last night as well! That muddy track was so dangerous wasnt it!? Had no problems til we went through that tunnel and then just totally ran out of eneregy - gonna have to try those energy bars i think!
  • Well done Nicky. That was a good time in those conditions. You will do well in London. If you can get round in those conditions you are well prepared for anything London can throw at you

    I admire you all for taking part in those conditions
  • I've read they had goodie bags on the sussex beacon forum, (there's enuff people moaning on there too!!) all i got was a bottle of water and an alpen bar!! Cas did you have a botle of that fizzy stuff i didn't even bother weird!!

    Hope ya little boy is ok
  • Morning all,

    I was throughly depressed by yesturdays run. I went off at 9min miles as planned but felt so uncomfortable everything hurt (lack of warm up me thinks) and after one mile has completely soaked feet. It was very cold, very wet, very windy and very muddy.

    met Cas about the 8mile mark, and you must of brought me some good luck, thanks, as i then began to settle in too a comfortable pace and felt much more relaxed. Dont worry about not getting a goody bag, Cas they werent very good only useful thing in them other than a foil blanket.
    Also they didnt have bottles of water they only had cups, which i really struggled to drink from, was reminded of the cup a soup advert where runners collect soup and get it everywhere other than there mouth.
    managed a time of 2:06:47 (was hoping for sub two!!)
    I started my long runs at about a pace of 10min miles slower than intended race pace of 9 min miles. But it seems i dont have a race pace and im only comfortable at running at 10min miles. Im frustrated as delibrately slowed pace down for long runs as training plan says

    Feeling very down about running today as the thought of doing double that distance in 9 weeks scares the hell out of me.

    Hope everyone else had better long runs this weekend.
  • Fenn,
    well done at the end of the day you got round it mate, and in good conditions you'll easily knock off time and prob get under you 2hrs.

    Keep ya chin up mate.
  • Cas, nicky well done on times.
    Cas hope son is ok, seems like i had the opposite affect on you, Sorry!! If any consulation i really appreciated seeing you, you spured me on.

    When i was running up that big arse hill at the end my friend was coming down back through the mud and shouted to me, helpfully saying 'It gets worse' Not what you want to hear

    Nicky really good to see you so positive about it.. its bringing me up form my negative... Its the first run race or in training that i have felt worse after finishing that before i started race.

    yeah i took the giner beer thing and then looked at it and thought no not for me and handed it back.
  • most difficult thing i have done and so hard that it really sapped my confidence - did it in 2.29 which was initially a bit disappointing but that hill from miles 9-11 really killed me - actually it was the wind up there on the clifftop that did me in. my eyes are still bloodshot from the salt spray off the sea. by the time i finished there were no goody bags and no space blankets and i was cold and shivering and wet. and what was that disgusting fizzy 'health' drink they were handing out at the top of the hill at mile 11??? i took one swig and nearlly threw up!!! when i turned at the top to come back i took a detour back to the drink station to ask for water and they had run out!!!!! feeling quite down today although not too sore or anything. not sure where i go from here really!
  • Pinks well done on completeling your first Half marathon and i think i can safely say if you can do that you can do anything.

    Dont be put off, i went with three friends and all of us said it was the worse horrible thing we have ever done.

    If you can do that you can do anything.

    I think Nickys having a positive attitude is rubbing off on me!
  • Pinks if you can survive that you really can survive anything. You didn't give up and finished even though you could have easily given up with conditions being so tough. Mentally you are well prepared for London. And 2.29 is a very good time. My son and I ran Cardiff Half (he had done no training) and it is very flat and he took 2.41!!!!!!
    So you know you can do it. Ok so it wasn't a good day but you learnt sooooo much. Running with lots of others round you.

    Be assured London doesn't have hills or mud !! Unless they change the course to running in the Thames
  • You go Fenn. Pinks you did really well to bloody get round the thing, as from where do you go now, we look forward to doin it all again next month at silverstone lol! lol!

    i agree with Fenn if you can do that you can run any thing
    Great to see you yesterday
  • yeah....lets face it...it was a bloody hard course (have to ask why they didnt run it the other way with teh hill near the start! cups of water...think i managed about 2 mouthfuls the whole race! that fizzy stuff...reminded me of england winning the ashes...spray went everywhere!

    legs are fine but knees are sore from slipping and sliding down the hill. feel ok tho and even though i was listening to the phones, appreciated the people who turned out in the awful weather to cheer on.

    FLM...i hope its not as windy on the 23rd!!! (although experienced in it now and would just run behind a fat bloke i think!!!)
  • LOL Re: wind and fat blokes

    Im also doing Silverstone which will be a doddle!! Lets face it it cant get much worse!!
  • you could prob run it backwards on 1 leg and it would be easier!!! was disappointed you werent in your nurses outfit tho!
  • does silverstone have hills or wind......???

    Nicks have no idea where you passed me, i don't remember seeing you again after our last minute loo stop (glad we went!!)- i was following Gen for the first couple of miles and then it was all just a blurr after that! Gen did it in 2.21 - awesome considering she was running 4mins and walking 1 min the whole way!!! wondering now if thats the way to go...is it too late to change - sorry if i'm being the one on a downer today!!!

    who else is doing silverstone and is anyone doing Milton Keynes on 12th?? may swap from silverstone to that one but is 3 weeks away too soon?

    Nicks, Cas , Fenn - what are you all doing training wise this week - i have rest today but do i just go straight back to my programme for tuesday with the 15 miler (ouch!!) at the weekend??
  • im going for a very relaxed swim, jacuzzi and sauna tonight cant wait.

    Cant run until trainers dry out! Whats the best to do this by the way?

    probably do very easy treadmil session on tuesday and judge how i feel no pressure General plan is to keep training, taking it easy but definately aim for a 15miler this weekend, hopefully in nice cool sunny conditions although someone was talking about snow coming at the end of week.
  • Pinks take it easy this week or you risk injury. Do a couple of really slow and short runs and see how you feel. I wouldnt be doing 15 after that feat. Maybe a very slow 10-12 if you feel like it but rest is needed now!
    It isn't too late to try the run/walk but I would say that Brighton was not a fair test of your ability so wait until Silverstone and make a decision then.
    There will be a run/walk pacer group at the marathon. They run 5 walk 1 and get round in just over the 5hrs. So see how you go.

    dont be down you have done remarkably well. And it is only one race. You still have a really good focus and foundation to improve on what I wouldnt even be registering as anything more than a compelte nightmare.
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