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  • Best way to dry trainers is to fill them with newspaper and leave them at room temperature!! Sorry Fenn. It is another reason why you really need more than one pair of runners!!

    I would only do the 15 if you are feeling really strong or intend to do it really slowly.
  • taking it easy...juccuzzi at lunch i think and prob playing cricket on weds so that will be a bit of cross training. will do 12ish on sat i think...will see how legs/knees have recovered. was looing out for you pinks but didnt see you
  • my trainers were still soaking wet this morning too!! did you all come back down the hill on the mud side?? i saw so many people slip that i climbed back up the bank and ran back down the path - it was just too scarry seeing all the st john ambulance people on their bikes going after injured people!!
  • I should of done what you did. I took it very easy as was thinking that this wasnt the main event and would be even more up set if got injured.

    Ive done a 12 and two/13 mile runs in previous weeks and want to go to next level will definately listen to body though....

    thanks for trainer tip...what did you do for long run did you try new gel tip and doing minutes rather than miles.

    Pinks are you going to enter Silverstone then?

  • Fenn you sound as if you are sorted and have a really good attitude to all this build up.

    My long run was a nightmare. Supposed to be 2.15 but breakfast didn't agree with me and ended up having to be collected as there was nowhere for me to "do a Paula"after 1.40. Only just got picked up in time. Still did 9.5 miles, the middle 4.5 of which were pretty much uphill into a very strong headwind. So was initially not happy but then realised that I had done it in my correct HR zone despite the hills and had averaged 11min miles which was ok for a LSR.

    Tried the gel thing but the High5 ones wouldn't stay in my cheek as too runny. So just took little sips from it from about 5 miles. Actually did help as the "hit" is spread over a longer time. So I will be doing that one again
  • i'm gonna chill out today,abit of self massage. i've got a 16 miler planned for tuesday but i'm gonna swap it round with my speed sesh, so i'm gonna do a nice tredmill sesh on tues insted and the 16 later in the week.
  • Brilliant race, well organised. However, it does sound like they didn't allow enough goodie bags for those coming in over two hours. Naughty.

    Managed to beat my PB my four minutes - 1hr45.38. If it wasn't for the mud, I reckon I could have hit sub 1.45.

    As for the 'hills' - Guildford has much worse! Glad I live in a hilly area, putting big hills into my LSRs really has helped with my stamina.
  • If there weren't enough goody bags then it wasn't a well organised race in my book. There is nothing more demoralising than running your guts out for no reward. Absolutely unforgivable. The organisers must have known how many people had pre entered and then they should have made allowances for numbers likely to enter on the day.

    Well done Bowie on your run though. you would have broken 1.45 easily in a better race.
  • Rio there were no entries on the day, so i agree with you badly organised :-(
  • Definitely no excuse then.
    Either that or some greedy people went back for two or more!!!!
    (That does happen too!)
  • Water in cups did not impress me! As for the bottled stuff no comment!

    Agree about goodie bags too!
  • I had a great experience. No complaints. So, in my mind, it was well organised.

    However, after reading some of the comments on here from you guys, it would seem that the organisers have to go back to the drawing board on some aspects. Especially the off-road bit, it spoiled the epic climb up to the top and what should have been a really rewarding downhill sprint to the finish.

    I seemed to miss the fizzy drinks, guess this was because I had my own bottle and ignored the water stops. Seems to be a silly idea though.

    The goodie bags sucked though, so you didn't miss much! (I know, this doesn't help).

  • It just shows how people can have such different experiences within the same race.

    Fenn water is often in cups to try to prevent runnish being spread around the course as people discard their bottles. this is usually in shorter races though as you cant take on enough fluid for a half from a cup.

    Off road is ok but difficult to run in road shoes (which you would have needed if most of it was on the road)
    Sounds like the organisers need to either make it more user friendly or offer more warnings with the entry. I know they cant change the weather but they should prepare for the worst that way anything else is going to be ok
  • Exactly. They needed to close part of the road going up the big hill (difficult, I know) to allow for a road-only downhill. The off-road was a shock to the system, but luckily have a lot of experience running on mud and trails. Others do not and this should be remembered (plus advertised in the entry details).

    Anyway - onward with the training, FLM beckons!
  • Yep you just have to put it down to experience and now look to the next challenge that will be a better indication of your progress
  • sounds like kombucha that fizzy stuff, good for you but not in a race lol!

    sorry to hear bad reports guys, well done for sticking it out though. Ive done sommat to my right leg now, nerve is twinging which is annoying and i didnt even go for it on sat. grr.

    lack of goodybag = poor poor show imo...
  • Hi all

    Wow - sorry to hear the 1/2 mara wasn't great, but as everyone has said the FLM can only be better, at least it is flat and mud free.

    Missed three runs this week due to lack of time so not feeling great but going my LSR tomorrow and then back on schedule so here's hoping it won't affect me too much.

    Got my High 5 sample pack through -I'm a little worried by some of the flavours (lemoncola?) but will be trying them out this week.

    Hope everyone has a good week.
  • lemoncola was yummy and had extra caffeine in - tried it in brighton and it definitely worked - certainly got me throught to the finish!!
  • Hmmm, I'll see PB - I'll still try it afterall you never know :-D

    Not sure I would have finished Brighton, I'm doing the Liverpool 1/2 mara in march and not looking forward to the hill in that at all!
  • Jog jog
    sorry call it curiosity or nosey but how come doing LSR mid week?

    Hills are good traing, when i was going up the hill in Brighton i kept saying to myself dig in, i also kept my head up(advice from Rio and Pinks!)
  • and powered off ahead of me!!!
  • shame i didn't get to meet either of you Cas or Fenn but you must have been way ahead of me!

    been for sports massage aat lunchtime - it hurt but now feels better - everything loose again.

    those who did Brighton, when are you going to run again?
  • I'm getting back into it tomorrow. May do some cross-training this evening though.
  • Fenn - I work friday and Sat nights (10pm - 8am) as I'm a student and that way work doesn't interfere with my course. I couldn't do a LSR after a 10hr shift so I moved my training plan so I could do my runs on a Tuesday as I have that day off. It's the best solution and I can take the weekend off when I have long races :-D
  • Hills are fine as long as you hold the technique together.
    Head up little steps, high knees, arms pumping
    And a massive dose of I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT!!!

    JJJ I am doing Liverpool too. The hill will be fine although it is quite steep so I am reliably informed by my OH who is from there but could be saying it to try to wind me up
  • Tommorrow but only have one pair of trainers so will depend on them drying outnight.

    I did try and keep a look out for you Pinks during run and at the start. At Finish though i jumped in my car as soon as i finished. I was very very cold and wet!! Did No stretching and hence am very stiff this morning and very envious of sports massage

  • RF - Your OH is telling the truth (sadly) It will not be nice. I walk along it at least once a week to get to class and everytime I think - eek I'm going to have to run (crawl) up this :-(
  • JJJ- sounds like a sensible decision to me.

    Im really into the talking to yourself stuff. I think it really helps, i find I talk to myself on my long runs its a great motivater... even if i do sound a bit weird... i did it yesturday and got some strange looks hehe!!!
  • Well I have plenty of hills to practise on. At least you have the advantage of being able to try running up it beforehand.

    Try breaking it into 3 by whatever means you can once you get a 1/3rd way up set your sights on the next bit (or person) and so on until you get to the top and then you have the luxury of a fast downhill.
    The buzz you get from being able to run past people who are walking helps you over the top
  • RF - sorry to burst your bubble but there is no downhill. it goes flat at the top and stays that way, but it is flat.
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