trying to become a runner

Hi Guys
For the longest time I have wanted to be 'a runner' and finally after trying to work up to it over the lkast 3 weeks I feel like I'm getting somewhere...we'll slowly anyway~!
I do all my running on the treadmill and had hoped to venture out on to the roads... well that's the plan!!
I had hoped to find a 5K race in January somewhere need London to try an focus on as it would be a target and my first real attempt at pushing myself to achieve a running goal. THe problem being that there doesn't seem to be any?? I guess the weather in the UK doesn't really encourage races in JAn but does anyone have an ideas??


  • Hi Anna

    I'm just beginning to run too and would also like to do a 5k in Jan in London area. Have been looking out for some but no luck yet. Let me know if you find something, will do the same if I have any news!
  • Your best shot for a 5K is probably the Last Friday of the Month 5K in Hyde Park. Look at for details.

    Good luck

  • Hi Anna

    Well done on starting running!

    I've been running on&off for the past 18 months or so, and as my training is a little erratic, I prefer 5K races to 10K ones (they take more training!). I have noticed that most of the runs in UK seem to be 10K, though. Most 5K ones seem to be in spring / summer and a lot are charity events eg Race for Life or the Flora Light Challenge for Women (Sept). But I keep looking - try the events section here on RW, or in the RW magazine, or try - they have a good race diary and are London-based (as I am).

    Also in winter, races tend to be cross-country (ie muddy!) and are of different lengths (rather than the standard 5K or 10K you get for road races).

    Anyway I will let you know if I find a 5K in January - would be good for me to do one too!
  • Gee I've just started getting into this sight and how helpful is everyone!! THanks for the advice and I'll keep looking and plodding along!
    Your all stars
  • Anna,

    Don't worry; you ARE a runner. :)
  • I agree
    it doesnt matter how far, or how fast
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