Awesome run

Hey there everyone,

Just a quick note as someone was asking if I was a runner in another thread (I'm one of the development team behind the site). The answer was a sort of yes/no. I'm more of a cyclist really, though over the last six months working on the site I developed a bit of a running bug.

Anyhow, the point of the story...

I got married on Saturday morning. But before the service in the morning I slipped out for an ultra early morning run. I live in Brixham, Devon, at home and hence did my favourite route. Up South Down Hill and over to Man Sands beach at the other side. It's an awesome trail run maybe a couple of kms down the other side to a beach you can only access by foot. There was nobody about at that time of day and the whole event reminded me of the Rave Run photos from the mag. If only there had been a photographer.

Does anyone on this forum know that route?

Anyway - awesome experience all told. Just added to a fantastic day by making me feel all the more alive for the wedding.



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