Can anyone give me some general advice about avoiding dehydration? I try to drink about 4-5 pints of water throughout the day at my desk and take on more during training but I still wake up every morning really thirsty (and also desperate for the loo - why?!)! I find it hard to motivate myself to go running when i feel dehydrated because i'm then tired). I've found that diluting lucozade sport into the water helps. Any ideas?


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Personally I think you're drinking more than enough already.
    Everyone wakes up needing the toilet (I wake up 1-2 times a night and go as well).
    Are you sure your lethargy and tiredness are caused by dehydration ?
  • Stumpy

    I have the same problem of waking up with severe de-hydration, the doc even gave me tests for diabetes, I have not found a way to prevent the de-hydration but found starting the morning with a isotonic drink (500ml) seems to sort me out.

  • I think so just because i notice that i'm more tired when i don't drink as much and I sit all day in an air conditioned office which probably isn't helping! I'm struggling to run for more than 20-25 minutes on bad days and as i'm training for Bristol 1/2 this isn't good if i want a nice big PB!!
  • Thanks Will! I'll try the early morning drink.

  • Fiona MFiona M ✭✭✭
    Hi there

    Not a medical expert at all, but just to follow on from Will, do think about asking your GP to test you for diabetes, as being really thirsty and peeing a lot, plus feeling generally yuk can all be symptoms of diabetes.

  • well i had a test of diabetes and it was fine so at least that possibility can be ruled out. I'm still very thirsty though. Maybe its just the weather.
    Have a great weekend all.
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