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  • Pussy.
    I agree with you regarding Heart Monitors. You can listen to your own body as you train and I know I just have to slow down at the appropriate times. Can't see that HMs can replace ones own commonsense and besides are they THAT reliable?
    Later on will start a new thread concerning pacing and a different way of judging mile markers.
    Yes, its nice having a younger partner maybe,but then as you say you have to wait for them to "mature" for their pension!
    Can't remember but are you away. Daft question!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    JJ goes away tomorrow, however, expect he is busy doing last minute watering of all his plants.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Anna back to you, has your achilles tendon healed now?
  • Ceal/LI
    You got it in one. Planting and watering nearly all day - except for the inevitable 5 miles this morning. Got to pack now as we are leaving very early tomorrow.

    I shall be running while in Cornwall. It's your turn to accost me!

    Back on Thursday folks. Look forward to talking to you .
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Hi L Imp Pussy and whoever, and Johnny when he returns.

    At last I was able to do my long run, the first for over 2 weeks. I ran 13 plus miles fairly fast and will probably regret it tomorrow. but I needed it for my confidence! The insects were out in force early today. They were not as large as regular flies but much much larger than midges or mosquitos. They got everywhere, and tried to treat me to another course of breakfast and flew into every orifice, eyes, nose etc. Beastly they were.

    I had a bit of an experience on my way round the reservoir, there were a few other runners and some walkers and the odd bike riding round. I came across a young guy running the opposite way round to myself. He looked like one's sons best friend, About the same height as Johnny, but fairly broad shoulders. I am not sure why I noticed all those details because he had his JT hanging down the side of his shorts!! I did not know who to say good morning to! I am not sure if he was having problems with his shorts or if he likes to hang free and easy or if he was wishing to make some sort of impact. He smiled with his G Morning and seemed totally oblivious. As I ran round twice I saw him yet again , only more so this time, again totally unembarrased and friendly. I couldn't take my eyes off the parts I was not meant to look at!! I am sure you would have been the same Pussy!! Not sure how he coped with all the flies!

  • Was it real or one of those youknowwhats?
    Great on your long run,Ceal,and it seems like you had plenty of foreign bodies what with things bigger than mozzies!
    Had a restful w/end, hoping to get on with more practice tomorrow.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Impey, it was real alright!

    Glad you had a rest this w/e. I have lots of gardening to catch up with today. I feel fairly fine after long run, resting pulse the lowest it has been for a couple of weeks. that is a good sign that my health is returning to normal again.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    You certainly have a tight schedule for the summer with all that racing in boats. Although I guess you will just replace a long training run with a sailing race. I do hope that you will stay in touch during the sumer and not go off on an extended walkabout! What are you racing? Will you be sailing solo, helming or crewing. Or do you sail a different class each evening? Big boats or little boats? All these questions!
  • Hey Ceal,
    I like the sound (look?) of your running companion. The most embarassing would be if he had a hat pulled down to cover his face and you recognised him. Think there is a golfing joke in there somewhere. Anyone help out? A 13 miler sounds great. Keep it up and DO THAT MARATHON Ceal.
    Have just come back from trying to give blood. For the past 18 months my iron levels have (for the first time in my life) been low enough for them to take a sample and double check. In every case the second test was good enough (over 120, whatever that means) for them to take an armful. But today I was 119 and they sent me away. I think I can relate the low iron to increased running and therefore perhaps the marathon and all the training was just a bit too much for my red cells. I have read that runners are prone to low iron because a) we mash up the red blood corpusles as our feet pound the road (bizarre!) and b) we lose iron via sweat. Not pretty, I know, but I could sweat for England. Anyone else have these problems? Also I have an irregular heartbeat and during the summer when I run less it is horrible to me. In the winter I give it a hard time and it never bothers me. So I don't know whether to keep running to preserve my heart or stop running to preserve my blood. Decisions, decisions. Us Mad Old Bats should not have to make such decisions at our age.

    Sailing, Ceal. I race a singlehanded dinghy called a Laser on evenings when the tide does not allow us to get the bigger boats off their moorings. I also race a 25 footer called a Hunter Delta which I skipper with an all `girl' crew. We mostly race off the coast of Cornwall and the Scilly Islands but occasionally to France. This year we are planning a girls weekend in Morlaix. We run a fairly relaxed ship but we are a tad competitive! We are the only all-female crew so have a reputation to maintain! So my running is really to keep fit for sailing because it is rarely aerobic. I will keep in touch just to see what you lot are doing. If you are planning a marathon I must say that the RW Sub 4 schedule was good. It was a four day a week programme and therefore each day was slightly harder then the previous 5-day schedule but I think that was an asset because it made me work harder during some of the tougher schedules. And I think that having to push yourself in training stands in good stead during racing. The only modification I made was to the rather complicated speed sessions where you have to run and then jog various combinations of distances. Howmany of us have access to such measurable flat stretches. So I substituted with hill reps every week and interval runs where appropriate. As long as we do the distance and really work hard I don't see that it matters. At any rate, by the time I have worked out what I am supposed to do I have lost the will to live, let alone run! It is back to the notion that vested interests make running a bit complicated. Maybe RW is a bit to blame.

    See ya
  • Hi Ceal,

    I was using another computer. Spud is my lovely canary so I use his name on the forum. The tendon is OK but I have problems with my hip. ( according to the physio, everything is related). I did a 10M race on Friday and the injuries behaved well. How is the training going? Are you going to do Sandringham?
    keep in touch!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    That was a long one. Thanks it was all very interesting. You are very committed to your sailing I can see, and living in Cornwall that is good. Yes I know all about Laser's.

    I am glad you will be dipping in from time to time. Thanks for the advice on the marathon training. I still have the appropiate magasine. So I will keep it safe.

    You must know that it takes the body some 26 days to recover from a marathon, so it is hardly surprising that your iron count is low, especially when you are a bit that way anyway. Re your irregular heart beat. Have you had it checked out? I have one also from time to time. I noticed it some 12 years ago or so. It has an odd beat out every now and again. I always think that it is to do with my full stomach pressing against my heart muscle. I was staying with a friend, the same age as my daughter, in Minorca, a few years ago. she was very fit and when she lived in States, did events like the Iron Man. She also had noticed an irregular heart beat and went to a sports doctor on the Island to get it checked, whilst I was there. He had her doing fitness tests etc and said she was fine and that it is very common for atheletes to have this syndrome. I therefore, have not worried about mine. I do not go to Doctors very easily and I am unprepared to take drugs very easily. for eg I do not take HRT, do you?

  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Were you happy with your 10k time, considering your injuries. How long have you been running?

    My training, hopefully is back on track now, having had 3 weeks messed up for various reasons, being unwell being the most damaging factor. I shall be doing the Sandringham run, but I think it will be unrealistic to hope that I will do a PB, I hope that I will not be too disappointed afterwards!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    I hope that you had an excellent time in Cornwall. I think that you have had good weather.

    Welcome back, you have been missed.
  • Hi Ceal,
    I did a 10M in 1h 25 min. It is my second one and a PB. I have been running on and off now for about two years.
    I injured myself during my first 10Mrace in January and the hip is still very painful. i take painkillers every night to be able to run in the morning. I had about 10 physion sessions but they did not help a lot. Have you done any 1/2 Marathons? Good luck with your training!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Hi Anna alias Spud

    1:25 is brilliant for a 10m.

    I am sorry to hear that you have to take pain killers in order to run each day. But you must enjoy the running or you wouldn't do it.

    Do you have any Pilates Classes near where you live. I can thoroughly recommend Pilates for sorting out all sorts of physical problems. The classes have to be taught by bone fide instructors, either Body Control trained or Stott trained. My Pilates class which I go to, is a special one and we use machines called Reformers which make the body work the way it should do. You cannot cheat. It can provide exercises which isolate each muslce and make them work on their own. Pat Cash (tennis player) did all his rehabilitation work on a Pilates reformer some years back when he had a bad injury which prevented him from playing tennis.

    Yes I have run 2 half marathons, the last was in March, where I ran it in 1:53, which is a slightly slower pace than your 10 miler. The race I shall run at Sandringham will be a half marathon. I have never run a 10 mile race.
  • Ceal, Thank you . I will look for Pilates classes around here.

    10M is a brilliant race to run. It is not as fast and tiring as a 10k and not as exhausting as a 1/2M. You have time to think about life and appreciate the landscape. I wish I could run a 1/2M in 1:53 though.
    All the best!
  • Evening all. Back earlier this evening. Sounds like things are going passably well for everyone.

    Ceal. Good to know you're back in the old routine.

    Spud. I've run 10 miles in 1hr 21 and a 1/2m in 1hr 47. You should be on course for a 1hr 53.

    Going to bed now. Will talk about holiday running tomorrow. Goodnight each.
  • Welcome back JJ,our doyen,trust you had a nice break.

    After a restful w/e did a 7miler yesterday including marking out half mile markers around the 3 mile lake loop. This was done by pacing at 6 miles an hour,noting half mile landmarks as I went round. The 3mile was completed almost exactly in 30mins so should be okay. Idea is to use markers in speedworking.
    Today had a 3mile fast run (fastest so far) before driving on to Lincoln to take mum for her shopping.
    Tomorrow Marg and I going down to G.Yarmouth for x number of days.
    I'll be glad to see how you did on hol.runs.
  • 'morning LI.
    Good idea marking out your training course like that. It doesn't matter if the distances are marginally wrong, you will have consistent markers to measure progress against. Don't keep on doing the same thing though. You need variety.

    I ran on 3 of the four days in Cornwall. All early a.m. and each one along different sections the South Coast Way which hugs the coastline. Ran for an hour each time. Also did about 6 x 200m on the beach mid-run. Totally deserted, seagulls crying, waves crashing on the rocks. Very inspiring and I left FLM way behind, physically and mentally.
    Reality intrudes and I must leave for work.
    Enjoy Yarmouth.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Now our mentor is back, I can ask the following question to all of you. I fear I will have missed Impy. for his advice.

    The East Midlands Grand Prix running series starts in May and finishes early July. Over this tme there are 8 races of which the fastest 5 count towards a grand total result in most age groups at the end. Firstly there is a lady in the 60 plus group,in this area, who runs faster than me. I looked up last years results, and notice that for a 5 mile race she runs 40 mins, whereas last August I ran a 5 in 44 mins. Well I could be faster now, but I doubt by 4 minutes. So I am unlikely to win my age group. ( I know it is not all about winning, but I am just pointing out the facts). I will try to get to my point! The races are either 10k, 6 miles or 5 miles. For one reason or another I cannot do the first 3 races which means to compete in 5 races I have to run a race every Tuesday evening for 5 weeks. At last my relevant question, Do you lot out there think that that is madness, too much for the older body, forget it, find another challenge etc etc etc. I would appreciate you thoughts on this.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    I endorse Johnnys thoughts, You would have no probem in acheiving 1:53 for a half. Give it a go.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Hope this catches you before you leave.

    Have a good x days in caravan. Good training and hopefuly dry weather. Your training sounds to be going well. I must admit I do most of my sprint training in the gym, so that I can measure the distances. But in the summer that does seem a waste of fresh air, unless it is raining hard of course! However, you sound as if you have arranged a good sprint training plan around your lake.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the advice, it is inspirational as usual. I think it has given me the confidence to go and enter the races right now!

    On a non running note, I wonder if you can help me with my present problem. As you may remember we have recently got broadband. I love it, having acess whenever I want without feeling guilty. BUT the line keeps dropping constantly and broadband say it is not their problem because the link light does not go out when the line drops. Therefore it is our equipment that is at fault. Any ideas what could be causing this to happen?

    I have just had an e-mail from someone saying that they are no longer going to receive e-mails from yahoo or hotline as they are full of scam etc and cause problems for them. So they are in fact blocking these two servers. I receive some mail from both of these servers from time to time. Could they be causing the trouble, I wonder?
  • Ceal, I completely agree with JJ. Go for it! And his advice is very good as well.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Thanks for thinking even if you do not know the answer!

    When the line drops out, when for example I am looking on the internet that is the end. I have to reconnect again before I can proceed. today and yesterday have nearly driven me mad! Not that is a difficult exercise! We have just taken out "firewall", but as yet have not activated it. We need to sit down and study the text. I have recently re-booted the computer and everything seems much better, at present, touch wood.

    Back on the running score,I hav entered the five races. The action of doing so, took me nearly as long as running a 5 mile race. 5 entry forms, 5 cheques, 10 envelopes including the sae with own address. However, it is done now---------help.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    The last race is 10k.

    At the moment I have to focus on my half on 11th May. Then we have a week like you in
    Cornwall, then starts the 5 week series. Next I have to focus on Sept 14th a half in Wales, we did this race last year. I have already received my number and it is one number off last years number!

    Are you definately not racing again until the Autumn?
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Thankyou for your encouragement.
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