Chicago Marathon 2006



  • Get some ofthose Paula Radcliffe/varicose vein knee-length socks!
  • 3.16 Champagne. Slightly disappointed. Wasnt a great event - crowds were ordinary and lots of congestion for the most part (much worsde than last year).

    Off to Shanghai now and a week without running and doing it large on the beer.

    Good to catch up Coops.

  • Thanks for posting that. 3.16 is still pretty good!
    Chicago will be something else!
  • Indeed it was Carpet.

    Right, time for me to get my mind on this now. Will need plenty of encouragement over the months ahead as I can be a bit lazy!
  • This thread is way too quiet - is the race too far away to get the interest going?

    When are people going to start training proper for this?

    I've done nothing for 3 weeks since paris (apart from drink shed loads)and have confirmed that i have plantar fasciitis (sp?) - had this for about 2-3 months now but it is not severe so need a little bit more rest and plenty of monitoring.
  • Hi there folks. Mind if I join you? Looking for something around 3:45 or better at Chicago (preferred start II). Had a rubbish day at London on 23rd ... did something horrible to my calf at mile 14 and ended up walking the last 12 to come in at a v v disappointing 4:38. Tried to run yesterday but only managed 300m before having to stop with calf pain. Looks like I am on a bike/in the pool for the next month at least, and then beginning the build up for Chicago.
  • Hey BlueWombat - sorry to hear about FLM. Plenty of time to put it right in Chicago.
  • Just thought I'd check in and see how everyone's training is going. I had a good race in London and p.b.'d by nearly 6 mins. I've no idea how I can get any quicker in chicago so I may make into a jolly - we'll see how training goes.

    There's plenty of time yet to get over those injuries... I reckon an 18-week schedule should start on June 19th. Although I'm going to go off a 12-week schedule due to other races.
  • Yep, agree this thread is far too quiet - is the race cancelled?!

    I've just really started running this week after a good few months out. Gentle 12 week half mara schedule followed by a grueling 12 week add on over summer.
  • Good work Coops. About time you started doing some running.
  • Agree mate. Ran about 25 miles last week so will gradually increase that until I get back into the habit. Feels like such a chore at the mo.
  • have been looking at accommodation. Seems that most of the central hotels are (a) very expensive (b) full :-(
  • Did a 24 mile 4500 feet ascent fell race on Sunday. It went well.
    Next objective - Chicago!
    Base training will start in a month's time.
    Peak training - late August.
    I'm going to have a bash at sub 3.30.
  • That's a taxing race, Champagne! I have entered the Mount Fuji half marathon .... 21km horizontally and 3km straight up. Don't know if my fenland training is really up to it 'though. More used to Chicago-like gradients.
  • Invest in one of those stepper machines. Go on it for half an hour when you come back from a long run.
  • Champagne - was that the yorkshire 3 peaks race?

    Wombat - what sort of prices have you been quoted?

    I've not sorted flights or accom out yet so may have to get my A in G sharpish. I'm thinking of doing the Inca trail straight afterwards as a 'recovery' week so it could all get a bit complicated/pricey.
  • Hi All
    Another one Chicago bound having taking a few weeks off to recover from the Hills of Boston now looking forward to the flats of Chicago. Carpet think we met in Berlin last year.
  • Hi all. We did indeed Darren - if memory serves me correct that was your first one and you blitzed it. Good to hear from you.

    Still no running fo rme but hopefully I can start again next week - dont wont to get in to bad a shape and spoil the good work of Paris.
  • Hi Carpet, Yep Berlin was my first and managed a time of 3:08 did Boston a few weeks ago and got my time down to 2:51 so all the training seems to have paid off. Having a few easy weeks now and then will get back into it for Chicago.
  • Top work Darren - impressive stuff.
  • Hi all

    This looks like the most active Chicago thread, so I'm going to jump on the bandwagon.

    Started running last year, did NY last November (3:34) and FLM the other week (3:18), and have decided that I may as well have a go at running the five WMMs consecutively, so that means Chicago in October is next. I have to run 3:10 to get into Boston 07 though. Not sure I'm capable, but what the heck.

    I'm on my own for Chicago right now - I may end up convincing a mate to sign up with me, but can't rely on him. Is there going to be a bit of a RW Forum gathering in Chicago so that sad lonely runners like myself can share the nerves beforehand, and a few dozen beers after?

  • I sincerely hope that would be the plan Paul. I only do these marathon thingies for the beer sessions afterwards!
  • Me too. Scary that this is the most active of the threads!

    Paul - I did 3.16 in Paris 2 weeks before FLM. Looking for improvement also.
  • Having just sorted out my 3 and a half week jaunt in Germany for the World Cup, and I'm off to St. Lucia next week for a get fat all inclusive hol, I reckon my training might take "a bit" of a set back.

    Therefore, somewhere around 3.30 I'd be happy with, depending on how things go.
  • It sounds like the course is pretty friendly, so probably the one to go for if you've not been able to train like a trojan.

    New York, on the other hand, is a b*stard. You can probably still see the marks from where I was crawling along Queensboro Bridge!

    Just off to sign up on the Chicago site now. Looks like I qualify for a competitive start position - that helps matters!
  • go for the competitive start. WIth you on NY - i did it in 04. Great atmosphere and place to party - tough place to run.

    Don't worry Coops - i've done nothing since Paris except load the weight on and also got some hols coming up soon so i am def heading in a backwards direction at the mo.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    I'm signed up for this - also did Boston in 2:51 (7 min PB) a few weeks ago, beaten by a few seconds by Darren M!

    I did Chicago last year (my previous PB) - great race and looking forward to it already, really should get a PB given the course compared to Boston. Training's going well, just trying to build up the mileage now and then doing P&D 18 week schedule.

    The Chicago post-race party's meant to be really good, but unfortunately didn't make it last year so definitely want to go this time round.

    Time to book a hotel before they fill up!
  • Woo hoo, I'm in!!

    Great times from Padams and DarrenM - especially at Boston. You guys are running times I think I might one day be capable of.

    Ever since crossing the line at FLM I've been itching to sign up for this. I've actually been really down since FLM - maybe as no goals to aim for. That feeling has suddenly gone away. Feels great

    I'm going to have another three or four weeks of very little running (c.10-15mpw) before cranking it up again. If I want to do a sub-3 or even a BQ it looks like it's going to have to be 50mpw+ this summer. Can't say the prospect fills me with joy...

    What's everyone doing about flights? I took a look on a couple of websites, and it looks like transferring at Detoit or Minneapolis is the only way of keeping it near £400
  • If anyone is stuck for flights, then I'll see what my bird (sorry, lovely girlfriend) can do as she is a travel agent. Might be able to get mates rates....?

    Carpet, reckon I'll have 16 weeks to train hard, should be enough bearing in mind my usual 3 week schedules!
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