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  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    Cardiff comes a week too late to apply for a GFA, so will just enter the ballot. Not bothered if I don't get in, as I have finally decided that I hate the FLM (probably coz I always run so poorly). Will do Paris or Rotterdam as the main spring marathon.

    PS. the guy in the union jack clobber on the front cover is the man who organises the marathon of britain events. Has run about 550 marathons and, yes, is a bit of a fruitcake.
    1) Odds will be about the same. Your previous 2 rejections are muterally exclusive to this years ballot. If you tossed a coin twice and got 2 heads when you wanted tails, you're no more likely to get a tail on the third toss.

    2) Being in a club does not give you a better chance in the ballot, but your club will probably be allocated a couple of places, which would be issued to members on whatever criteria your club managers choose.

    3) Stating sub 3 won't influence chances of winning a ballot place, but will give you a pen 1 start.

    4) 13 minutes, 14 seconds

    E) They hold a separate extra ballot for those who elect to bequeath their entry fee. I know of somebody who unexpectantly got in this way - and managed a sub 3 which was a bonus.

    CM - Wait until you see my London Tri swim time before asking me for advice!
  • GFA for me is 3:15. But I'm an old git.

    Joining a club will indeed give you an extra chance, but most have set rules i.e. you need to be a member for at least twelve months, you have to have run in at least six club races etc etc etc.

    I don't think predicting sub 3 or your 3.04 at Halstead will help you in the slightest but I could be wrong on this.

    As I have found out, you will improve with training, but if you turn up and the conditions are hot, or your body decides it wants to cramp up, you will not always get the score you deserve.

    Some think that is unfair, but for me, that's what makes the whole marathon thing so fascinating. You're only as good as your last race.

    Interesting fact I chatted, to an old quality marathon runner, who told me his two best runs were two weeks apart. 2:28 followed by a 2:26. So if you bomb at FLM07 have a punt 5 weeks later at Halstead. You could get lucky.

  • I find FLM disappointing in the respect that the committed club runners can find it so difficult to gain a place. They give a place to numerous celebs (who yes, raise money for charity - and raise their profile into the bargain; Jade Goody springs to mind) and those of us who pound the street week in, week out have to make do with watching it on the box.

    Don't get me wrong FLM gives so much in so many different ways it's just a shame that some of us find it so hard to get in. The GFA gives us something to aim for.


  • At age 39 with a 3:11 PB I also don't get into FLM on a GFA until 08 - so Boston for me next April.

    Dan A - I did Rotterdam last year and can recommend that.
  • PS - can see the top of my head in the photo of the Green start in Marathon News - I'm a couple of places behind Pincent, but believe I beat him in the end.

    Shame they didn't take that 10 seconds later, by which time I'd moved into the leading group!
  • Thanks for that guys? JEJ - You really think I can improve by 13 minutes or is this a joke? Do you have some formula on which to base this prediction? Of course I am maintaining a much greater base, and prior to my next marathon (wherever it is) I intend to average 65 -70 miles over the "18 week training period" instead of the 50-55 I did this year.

    Dull - Not sure I can run a marathon only 5 weeks apart. A guy I ran with at Halstead had run a marathon only 3 weeks before but I just don't think I can do it. He did run well though and finished 2 minutes in front of me. He then ran half a mile back to help one of his club mates get to the finish. What a guy!


    Question: Are intervals (say between 800-1600m) as vital to marathon training as say the tempo run? And is the Yasoo 800 thing total rubbish?
  • JEJ - which part of the photo - I cant even see pincent? Left, right, middle?
  • TBSIARF - prediction was on gut feel. In my 3 marathons, spaced 6 months apart I improved 14 minutes each time. Reckon the next 14 minutes would take me a year though.

    Don't have the photo to hand, but think it's towards the right hand side - took me a while to find it, so wouldn't expect anybody else to spot me!
  • Just to let you I have managed to find Pincent not sure which is your head though mate? However, I did not notice a runner to the right of Pinsent (as we look at the photograph) who has a red number on?

  • JEJ - with regard to the 13 minutes we shall have to wait and see. You give me hope though mate. It's my aim to sub 3 before hitting 40 - fingers crossed!!

  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭

    Target 2:55 not 2:59 for FLM if you get in. 8/9 minute improvement on Halstead should be possible as FLM probably a few minutes easier than Halstead and the rest with better training (run, swim, cycle), greater commitment and motivation. But I am sure 5 minute improvement woiuld do.

  • OuchOuch

    Thanks for the positive thoughts. And you are right Halstead is tough (but great and very friendly).

    Even if it is only the 5 minute improvement I am not ashamed to say that I will blub big time if I go sub 3.

  • We all know Landis tested postive for tetesterone in the Tour de France, but I heard this morning that a Swiss cyclist also tested positive, for toblerone?

    Whatever next? CM tests postive for wetronome in Berlin?

    57 miles completed with 2 days left for my 75 mile week. Nothing has dropped off yet, that I've noticed.


  • DN - that manipulator arm is looking dangerously loose on your dalek.
  • isn't it quiet on here at the moment? where is everyone?
  • Still very quiet.......????

    5k race for me tomorrow morning. Did 19:32 last time so would like to take some time off that if I can. Then hopefully a decent long run on Sunday.

    Hope all are well.
  • Sneaks a look.

    Was going to sneak away again, but that's not the point is it? Got to start knocking out the 20's ready for Abingdon in 12 weeks. ANd the higher mileage weeks.
    My racing form has me down on the position last year,
    +15 seconds at 5k,
    +30 seconds at 10k
    -1:30 pb for HM
    +5:00 for M
    Only one pb this year: not good. I'm not despondent, as it was a good HM followed by a carp FLM. Still, it gave me the GFA time for an oldish soak, soon to be older still.

    Motivation. That's what I want.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    I lower my 5K PB at Bushy Park yesterday
    Now 17:41, short speed is coming :¬)
    No watch, no markers as they had moved the start so ran hard was caught at 4ks by someone and this was a blessing has it made me kick the last K in which I got back past and got the PB.

    Yateley 10K Wednesday, anyone coming ?

    off out for a 20 miler

    Have a great day
  • Destroyed my 5k pb by 3 seconds yesterday. Actually pretty pleased with that as had a shocking nights sleep and was suffering with quite a bit of "inconsistency" in the morning. But I thought CRAB ran a marathon with it so can't be too much of a problem.

    So enough of this racing malarkey, time to put some miles in as Abingdon is 12 weeks away and I am now subjecting myself to the P&D treatment. And thankfully it looks like it is cooling down.

    P.S. No wonder Justin Gatlin hasn't been racing Asafa Powell this season....
  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    Got a race report from the Downland 30 on the South Downs. Was trying to improve on last year's 8th place & 4:15, and finished with 8th place & 4:07. (about 130 entrants).

    Would have taken that at the start, but actually was quite disappointing as I struggled with the later miles. Felt good in first half, getting to half way in 5th place in 1.51 about 4 mins down on the lead; got as high as 3rd place, but ran out of steam in last quarter and was overtaken three times as I started going backwards. Hefty positive split, as opposed to last year when I ran even paced and strong throughout. Still, when you feel good, you've quite simply got to get them out.

    All in all, a decent training run for later adventures, & actually ran 10 metres less than everyone else, due to coming down the steepest hill in mid-air following comedy trip and fall. Fkn painful though - spilt some claret for the cause.

    Nice runs UG & BB. Anyone else?
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    well run DanA

    I had a nice 20+today which went very well
  • CartmanCartman ✭✭✭
    well I've done 12 miles since the IM.. beginning to feel quite refreshed now, so going to have a nice run tomorrow morning into work..

    Have decided to do another IM. Am just not happy with running a 3:51, I vant a 3:30 IM marathon minimum. So I'll be doing IM lanzo in May, which means no FLM for me. Will my Luton (Dec 05) time still allow me to get into FLM 08 ? (fck me that seems like a long way of).

    Gobi, DanA when you are doing ouy ultras how many cals/hour do you try and take in, and in what form, during the first 26 odd miles ? I messed up on the [email protected] IMDE cos I only took in about 300 cals/hour on the bike for the first 5.5 hours, when I was burning about 800 cals (obviously quite a bit of that was fat), it should have been about 500 cals per/hour.

    The thing I struggle with is stopping my tum getting upset with the, what seems like, constant eating of sugary stuff for 8+ hours. What do you guys do ?
  • BB Good work fella - another 37.2k and you'll be a legend. BTW I didn't run it - 3:04 you see ;o)

    Dan A Still, when you feel good, you've quite simply got to get them out. Not over 30miles you haven't - blidy hell you're worse than (the old) me!

    Gonna try and womble 10k tomorrow to see if the curse of the pf has been banished. I think probably not but I can reveal after three weeks of no running it feels better than it would have done if I'd covered 300miles in that time. Surprising eh?

    Bagged a couple of century rides to and from a golf weekend so not exactly got my feet up. Think the guys were slightly miffed when I got straight off the bike Friday and whipped their @rses by some considerable distance and they play every week. Won't surprise you to know I enjoyed that a bit.

    Nutrition/lifestyle advice :-
    Conclusive proof that cider, night clubs, sleep depravation, a mild case of GA, chocolate, all day breakfasts and curry make you faster. I was over half an hour quicker coming home. Mind you I am a man's man so it could have just been my NAD-tastic testorone levels fluctuating ;o)

    Hope we're all well and hoping to be back from the Cycling World Forum after tomorrow's fitness test.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    Gels only(1 every 5 miles or so) up to about 35 miles and a mix of drinks water and SIS.

    At comrades

    Nothing except gels(1 and hour) and fluids until after half way.

    Then salty food if I can potatoes, Sausage, a little cheese for protein but not much and banana.

    I have noticed the more I race the less fluids foods and gels I need the next time I do the distance.
  • Hail Hail

    CNBA trawling back through pages and pages, so any quick rebriefing from the last 4 weeks or so would help. In particular how did CM do in his IM? I see from above mention of a 3.51 mara time, so what was his all-in time? Regardless of time, I assume a finish in one piece occurred, so WELL BL00DY DONE to you Sir!

    Lots of lazing around for moi over the last month or so - fabulous time was had by all in Brittany. Sun every day, temps hitting 41C (although I believe you've had a similar time here too?), loads of good food and drink, with only a modicum or running. A 15k race I entered turned out to be half off-road (thankfully the trails were nice and dry as the yellow shoes would not have coped with x-country type stuff!) and rather hilly. Wasnt really intending to race it as my calf strain has been playing up again, but got caught up in the "whooosh" of the leading group whom I stayed with for about 1.5k. By the time I found my level, I was cruising along at about 3.40s. Then the off-road stuff started!! Managed to come home in 57.38 in 19th place with a mention from the organiser as a member of "Team Scotland"!! In retrospect my pre-race meal the previous night of damn near 3!!! plates of moule frites (kids eyes bigger than their stomachs!) and most of a bottle of rose wine was not the best idea in the world. Although the race itself was incredibly well organised with changing & showers, water stations every 2k, t-shirt and goody bag, refreshments (including cake, fruit, and cider and wine) at the end, a kids race with goody bag and prize for every runner (all 3 of mine entered), and a bar for spectators during and after the race (the wife decided to forego the wine at 10am, and sensibly waited until 10.30!!!). All of this for the princely sum of 6 euro approx £4. Something that some race organisers over here could learn from.

    The holiday diet continued unabated, and I'm scared to step on the scales now! Got a half on Sunday (happy with anything around 1.21) and then the jaunt to Oregon. Then back for GSR half on Sep 3rd. Have thus decided to give an Autumn marathon a bodyswerve.

    CRAB - 3 weeks. No running. Are you all right?
  • Good to see everyone is going well, especially good to see the PB's and CRAB slowly getting back from injury.

    Still nailing the mileage myself. Hit my budget of 75 miles last week, and kicked of this week (target 81 miles) with
    23 miles(3 hour wallbanger) in the morning, followed by a 31 mins 4mile recovery run in the evening. 27 miles for the day.
    Perhaps I should have done the Downlands challenge with Dan{/b]?
    Feeling very very good at the moment. Weight now down to 10st 2lb (just over my Cardiff05 marathon race weight), but almost 5lbs
    heavier than for Vienna06, so still loads of work to be done over the next 12 weeks

    Taking advantage of the fresh weather by upping the mileage today and tomorrow, so I can ease off if it heats up again towards the weekend.

    If the cool snaps does continue into the weekend, then I'll probably take myself out for a test drive on Sunday, and run the Harlow 10 miles.

    Best wishes to all, especially those training for Abingdon.

  • CartmanCartman ✭✭✭
    RB, 10:47.. got a nice report of it if you fancy a read... if you manage a 1:21 after 1 month of lazing around I'll be well jealous.

    I'm planning on getting my milage up to 50mpw and trying to keep it there until May next year.. Am hoping, with cycling, this will put me around 3 hour performance for the marafun..

    Crab, top cycling there!

    anybody ever had any problems with their hips when running ? My mouse seems to have developed another injury :( started about 11 miles into her long run, in the hip, and then gradually moved down her leg. pain was quite sharp. Sounds to me like something it inflamed and pressing on a nerve as opposed to a tendon/muscular problem. Anybody had anything similar ?
  • CM to answer your GFA question, I believe entry for the 2008 event will require a GFA time achieved in 2006/7, so you're out. They may let you in with a sub 3 IM marathon split though?

    Sorry, no advice with hips - hope it clears up soon though.
  • Just say that Abingdon Amblers website says the marathon is now closed having reached the 1,000 limit already. No bad 12 weeks early. Who says running isn't popular?

    I spy JEJ In Green Park at 12:25:45.321pm (ish). Blue running top.
    I wonder if he spotted a dalek with a dodgy manipulator arm lurking in the bushes, spying on him?
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