I started running in july and surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it. Since then I have run three times a week and felt that I have achieved something with each run. Until this week. I've had two gym sessions where I have struggled to run 10 minutes! Now have really lost my motivation. Help!


  • Had you been running outdoors prior to the gym sessions? The gym can be very boring and demotivating in itself - I know because I'm stuck on the treadmill druing the summer (too hot to go outside here in Dubai). Now it's a bit cooler I run outside and I can't bear the thought of ever having to use a treamill again!
    Wear headohones and listen to your fave music to get you going. Don't overdo it. Walk and run, walk and run if you have to or do some cross training for a few days, to work new muscles, and then go back to running.

    If I ever feel like I don't want to go for a run/workout I tell myself how much better I will feel after __ minutes of exercise compared to __ minutes in bed/sitting on my backside/watching the box etc etc. In relative terms this makes me motivated.
    Doing 10 minutes of something is better than doing 10 minutes of nothing.
  • I've found that it's easy to become demotivated and then you blame yourself for missing the session which just compounds the problem. You feel like you've gone backwards and that increases the demotivation feeling. The key I've found is to think small again - commit to doing a short session - DON'T try to make up for the lost sessions. Once you've started again no matter how small the run it becomes easier.

  • Thanks for all your words of wisdom and encouragement. Am slowly getting back on track which is not easy after just starting a new job where I do shift work. Feeling much more motivated now. Thank you!
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