asics v's nike/saucony

I have run for 6 months in asics 2060's for 6 months up to half marathon distance
and decided new shoes were needed.I purchased some saucony omni's mail order as
they are supposed to be good support shoes as per 2060's.I now
find i cannot run in them without getting very weak ankles,sore shins and sore lower back.
On going back to my asics there are no problems.Nike structure triax seem better but
not supportive enough for any speed training which leaves my
legs sore and weak.

Why the difference in 3 support shoes.??


  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    Hi David, your post looks familiar! I replied to your post at the other forum you went on, but I have had another thought - the Saucony Omni seem to be very low profile around the ankle, whereas Asics and Nike come up higher around the ankle and achilles area. Maybe this is a potential reason why you have had problems?

  • The Omni's make me supinate horribly for some weird reason! I thought they were supposed to do the opposite of this!?
  • Jon

    Whatever they do i only managed a mile in them
    before feeling like a cripple.As i said i find both the omni's and triax's a lot
    softer than the asics.I don't know if my lower legs can cope
    with the movement they allow.

  • I loved the Nimbus III's but the gel pack split, they were replaced by Ascics UK and the same thing happened again! I now have a pair of Nimbus IV's and they seem good - any experience with these?
  • Dunno about the Nimbus as I need support. The Triax's are a little soft. I like the Latest incarnation of the Asics Kayano a great shoe. Two pairs for £140 or 1 pair for £79.99 which isn't to be spat at!

    The reason for the difference seems however to be apparent through the tester's notes in RW and RF. They love all of em, but obviously people who require more/ less cushioning will go for different types of support shoe
  • Perhaps you could recommend me a pair of shoes? I have the Nimbus IV's - but the problem is that I over-pronate, strike with my heel and suffer from shin splints - so I need cushioning, stability and a good ride. I train around 35miles/week so need a hard wearing shoe. I had a pair of Gel Zeta but they have literally fallen apart! any suggestions?!
  • I'm no expert, merely someone who is interested! If you like a soft ride, then the Structure Triax is probably a good one. I use the Kayano as it it nicely balanced between cushioning and support. In fact I'm contemplating buying another pair at the moment
  • I'm an overpronator and I was recommended Nike Structure Triax. However they gave me knee and lower back problems. I have since changed to Saucony Grib Web and found them excellent.
  • I used to run in Omni (I'm a mild overpronator), and switched to Asic's 2070's which gave me really bad ankle problems (maybe because its got a deeper heel and its more aggressive in trying to curb/control pronation) and so now I'm switching back to Omni. The backs of the 2070's are also leaning inwards where my old Omni (despite the 1000 miles or so) seemed to have retained their shape.

    Shame as I got a new 10k pb in the 2070's and I've only had them 3 months.
  • I'd be interested in trying the new Omni though.... They don't have that silly lacing for a start!
  • As a fairly inexperienced runner I recently bought a pair of Nike shoes after running comfortably in a pair of Asics for 2 years and I hate them! I get sore legs, pains, pins & needles and just can't get them comfortable. Does anyone know if there is a course of action I can take thru the retailer who 'sold' these particular shoes to me or is it just tough luck? I can't afford another £70 to get bad luck again. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Kathryn

    I hate to admit this but i seem to have found what caused my problem with the Nike's
    and omni's that i originally posted about.

    Wait for it: I was lacing them too tightly,
    probably the same as my asics but this didn't work with them.I now lace the Nike
    triax's loosely with about 1.5 thumbs width
    between edges and they are now terrific.
    I can't believe i had all of the problems
    i had and it was down to this,the more problems i got the tighter i was pulling my laces to "protect" my feet.

    Anyway,maybe worth trying.


  • The thing to remember is that we are all different. I loved the Asics 2060, replaced them with the 2070's and had all sorts of problems. Now running in Saucony Omni's and they are perfect.
  • I agonise over shoes every time I buy a new pair, i've gone from cheap entry level nikes, which i bought for the gym with no thought for running, went to asics 1050, my shins and knees hurt a bit to begin, quite a drastic change of shoe I think, I've gone to 2060 now 2070, and although I've always been tempted to try something softer and springier the asics always seem to fit my foot as if they belong there, so I stick with them. the nike air sructure triax (Ithink) felt softer, but I chickened out and stuck with the asics, judging from some of your comments, glad I did, they always feel a little hard and restrictive when I try them on, but when I'm running I've no awareness of my feet at all, which must be good!

    Laces are definately important, glad to hear your solution was so cheap David! - I spend half my time running fiddling with mine, after 2 years of running I've hit on the idea of marking them when I get them right! - slow learner or what!

    Kathryn, you must be gutted to have bought new shoes and not get on, the slick answer is your legs are more important, but shoes are soooo expensive.. -is there no-one out there with a pair of new asics they hate who could swap?

    perhaps we need a kitswap thread, new condition only of course!
  • David & Happyslug

    David, thanks for your advice! I have tried changing my lacing and it certainly has made a difference. I don't think I have it 100% but I will keep adjusting them and mark them once it's right. Roll on the January sales - there's a pair of Asics out there with my name on them!

    Happyslug - I think your idea of kit swapping is great as I am sure that there's many a runner out there who buys things on a whim at race events only to find the bargain they've brought home isn't altogether suitable!

  • i did see asics 2070 on a website in the current RW for £54.99
  • I've recently moved over to Saucony Grid Trigon from Mizuno shoes, and they're streets ahead. I've got both Responsive and Durable, the latter of which I use for trail running. I guess that as with everything, it's horses for courses, but I for one will certainly not be moving from Saucony. See you all in Tyneside on Sunday!
  • I did wear my new Omni's for the Berlin marathon at the weekend and they were excellent. Really snug fit and no problems at all
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