Running Shoes - HELP

Help! I have been reading all about the type of running shoes I should be wearing but am getting quite confused. I am quite new to this running lark and have been running in a pair of cross trainers. Decided that the time has come to invest in proper running shoes.
I have checked my foot shape and it is normal. But on checking the wear on my other trainers it seems to be mostly on the outside edge of my shoe(think this is called supination)
Am I right in thinking then that I require to get cushioned shoes, or because my foot shape is normal I should try stability shoes? There is some wear in my trainers on the balls of my feet but not as much as the outer edge.
Would the shop think I was nuts if I took my old shoes with me?
Didn't want to feel completely unintelligent when I go into my local running shop or should I just let them advise me?
Any Ideas? Thanks for the help.


  • Take the trainers that you have been running in to your running shop. They should help indicate which type you need. If the staff aren’t interested in the wear of your old trainers, perhaps you should try another shop. Some shops actually get you to run down the street to see how you run.
    Also be willing to try on various different makes, it to me 5 different shoes and 3 different makes until I was totally happy.

  • Thoroughly agree with David: take your trainers with you, if they are not interested then go elsewhere. When I first started running I took along the normal shoes I wore to work! The guy in the shop took one look at them and then recommended several trainers to me. With each pair I tried on he watched me run. Superb service (SportLink in Norwich) and the trainers transformed my running.
  • Thanks for the advice. I will take my shoes with me. Have been into my local running shop before and felt it to be quite intimidating. All the sales staff were young very fit looking young men think they thought I had gone to the wrong shop. Don't look particularly like a runner! Maybe I'll just have to be more clued up this time and try and be more confident. As you say David I can always take my buisness elsewhere.
    Glad to hear the trainers transformed your running Dark Helmet I am hoping a new pair will do the same for me.
    Thanks for the advice. Happy running
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