Camelbaks in the freezer

MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

I invested in a Camelbak Catalyst today. After much scepticism about these things, I thought I'd give it a try for long runs.

I seem to recall, in one of the many bottle belt vs bladder flame wars of yore, someone saying something about keeping the bladder in the freezer for disinfection purposes. Maybe it was Cougie, maybe fb, I forget.

Can anyone refresh my memory?


  • not me Mutts - I use Milton tabs to sterilise then dry it in the airing cupboard....never had a problem with that

    the other issue with the Catalyst (unless they've changed the design) is getting the bladder out of the bag - it's a bloody pain - and it seems the Catalyst is designed to keep the bladder in the bag which then makes it not so freezer friendly

    no issue with the Flashflo as it's designed to come out.
  • Yeah that was me. I tend not to use it in the winter, so I'll thoroughly clean it and keep it in the freezer to stop the bugs growing.

    I do find its easier if you just use water in the bladder anyway and use gels on top. Not familiar with what the catalyst looks like tho ?

  • Ah-hah, there you are chaps!

    On closer inspection it does look like the Catalyst bladder is not intended for removal. Which does raise an issue with hygiene and draining it properly. The plan is to use water either plain or with Nuun added, so next stop is the pharmacy for some Milton.

  • Sounds like a cunning plan !
  • mutts - you can get the catalyst bladder out but as I said it's a pain but after a couple fo tries it gets easier. Petal uses any mix of fuel/water and Nuun and provided you wash it out thoroughly and dry properly in the airing cupboard (for speed more than any other reason and you need something to keep the opening open to let moisture evaporate out) then it's fine with the bladder left in. every 5 uses or so I will take the bladder out and use Milton just to make sure it gets a proper disinfection. and if it's dry then bugs won't grown in there anyway!

    never had a problem so far with that method
  • Will do. Cheers!
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