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  • 27/09/07 5.23m 46.56 c 536 AHR 148 F 27g
    Cor it's getting colder. a bit breezy this morning and the chill with it. However today was a beautiful run. NIce and steady with a feel good no point was I in the least bit pushing myself. Darker still this morning and I did get out about 5.30am, the earliest for a while. A couple of bodies moving down Grovesnor and that was about it until Uxbridge. The run up the Western was fraught free and Park Road was an easy jog. The run up Hill Hill was straightforward and the light blue shroud of light around St John's was lovely sight. The dscent down Long was quite quick too. I managed to shorten my stride and make it faster and this caused less stress on the knee. A great time too!
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  • My last run was on yesterday's night.

    I did a small correction to my running technique against ITBS and was testing it.  Everything went quite well. ITBS didn't bother me and I completed for 1:06:00.

  • BB ✭✭✭

    Good running everyone and welcome Sazzaimage

    Couldn't face the cold and wind again yesterday so went to the gym in the evening and did 4 easy miles on the treadmill - well it all counts doesn't it? Thing is if it is windy on race day I won't be able to do it inside, so am going to have to get out in the autumnal weather soon! Keep it up everyoneimage

  • Morning all!

    Had a good run today 5 miles 40:30, which is a PB (not that impressive since i've done 8m in 62minutes), but i did it without trying, just went out and ran normally, so it was very satisfying.

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    Saw an army helicopter rise from the field beside me (out of no where), and it looked like it went over someones house by about 10'!

  • Well, just completed my first ever speed session (speed not really being the operative word!)

     I normally run at 5mph on the treadmill, so I did one minute intervals of 4.8 and 5.8mph - 10 reps in total.  I did it, and I don't have to do it again for 2 weeks - hurrah! (Hill session next week, boo)

    Great sense of achievement with that, as I've only been plodding up 'til now.  Really enjoying my lunch now, looking forward to a day off tomorrow, and a long run on Saturday.

     Even my hubby's getting into this running thing.  Our trainer has got him doing R1 W1.5 x 8 this week, and he's doing well.  Even the dogs struggled to keep up with him last night!

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    6.5 miles along the seafront - 3.4 miles easy (37 mins) followed by 3.1 miles sustained (27 mins) - didn;t feel like going out as windy and cold but really enjoyed it and did a 5k PB in the process image
  • great effort, "B" - wind isn't really our friend imo

    friday night and out with the red herrings, my wallasey-based club for a canter over bidston hill. 2 groups of 2, with me in the vanguard until a surprise pit stop put paid to a fast time. the woods and trails are changing as leaves fall and water collects in the few earthy patches. but the forest floor is the best surface of all - soft, forgiving and stable.

    51 minutes running

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  • 5 miles 38:39 another PB but i really had to work for it, i'm so unfit, really need to lose 3 stone.

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  • Out at just before 7am this morning. Drizzly and dull! My least favourite surface,. To make matters worse my wife had left my shoes outside all night (de-cheesing). Nonetheless off I went with the want to do another half marathon distance but decided as i am out tonight that was not a good idea. Nothing of real note on my run today. A nice gentle run through Ickenham and to Uxbridge then home. I didn't fancy the green today as it was [probably like a bog.
    Not too many pepole about either to say hello to but that is understandable.
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  • Just done my long run - 30 mins this week.  2.46 miles

    Very pleased, as it was both road and trails, with a couple hills.  Also, I only did 2.18 miles on Tuesday in 30 mins with my trainer.  The first 10 minutes was still quite hard - mentally rather than physically.  I still get the "why the hell am I doing this, I could be sitting on the sofa eating chocolate" thoughts, but they go away after a few minutes.

    Jog watch - 0  Don't tend to see many round here 

    Need to work out a slightly longer route for next week's long run (35 mins), as I had to carry on past my house to complete the 30 mins! 

  • You're building well Sazza.

    Managed to get out for a short easy run with Mrs and the dog. My first run in almost a week, since being laid low by the bug.

    2.7km 15 mins.  A nice flat run along field edges in glorious sunshine. It was really relaxing, and good to be out again. I'm not sure what I'll manage to do tomorrow as I'm marshalling the transition at the South Shropshire Triathlon, which means I will be on my feet for at least 7 hours from 8 am. Its good to do some marshalling from time to time though.

  • Lancaster 5KM race last night.  21:46  Came in the back half.  Most seemed to be really good runners there.  First place guy came in at 14:48.... image

    It was the first time I'd done a 5KM race.  The pace was really fast to what I am used to.   Anyway all in all a good run.

  • 10.7m at 08:30 today. 1hr 45m.

    Sloooow but then again it was meant to be a steady 6.6 which then, out of nowhere, turned into a nice LSR in nice fresh conditions. The run was mainly along the Manchester ship canal and doesn't really stack up against 'B's run along the seafrontimage but i've got the miles in the bag now so that's all that counts.

    The plan: get as many miles under my belt as possible before Xmas, drop a stone and then kick in with a 3 month training plan for the FLM (ballot and charity place dependant of course).

    Loving the motivation i get from this forum. image

  • 20 miles 3hrs 5:19

    Nocked 25minutes off same run last year, so pleased, felt fine after as well, so looking good for my next marathon.

    Jogwatch: 1   at last!

  • image A great run. Nothing special but it is a new record monthly distance for me.image

    30/09/07 8.78m 1.24.39 c 1,071 AHR 158 F 54g
    An extended run tonight to make sure that I beat my record for amount of miles in a calender month. I felt like dropping my miles this month and yet I've a new record amount. A nice gentle evening run to fit in with the family. The last of the days sunshine secured my decision to run although 10 minutes later when I actually got out the door it had disappeared and it never reappeared. A nice cool run with a fair bit of the tail end of Sunday shoppers going home. A nice gentle evening run was ran. To ensure a new record monthly distance I spurred off at the Harlington Road and ran down to Lees road. Ran along that then up to Uxb Rd and Long lane junction then home.. That added the extra required for a month well done and a lovely cold bath. Just what the runner ordered.
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  • BB ✭✭✭

    Fantastic running everyone! 20 miles Lardarse - wow! Abab I think I'd like the canal too - canals and seafronts tend to be flat - which is a good thing in my bookimage Eastbourne seafront is good tho because there are half mile markers all along the 3.5 mile length and you can therefore get 7 flat miles in just on the prom.

    Hey iRun I've recently started totting up my monthly mileage, I was thinking of looking back to see my year total - this month though I have done 102.75 miles which as I had a holiday and therefore lower milage for a couple of weeks I was quite pleased with. Maybe we should add it to our stats at the end of each month??

    Anyway today I was back running down to the seafront at eastbourne, along and then around the harbour and back along the seafront the other way then back home. It was my LSR trying to keep my heart rate low 13.2 miles in 2.31.10 - it felt pretty ok, just the last mile I could have stoped early, but didn't because I wanted to get home to see Paula win the GNR - unfortunately she didn't, but a great run from her after nearly 2 years out. And it felt great to watch for the first time having run the distance - I never thought I would image

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  • Good running here, people.

    This afternoon, 7.5 miles on the tracks and trails of Grizedale Forest - seemed to be more up than down at times but the stunning Lake District scenery made up for that, and then some! The walking paths are waymarked pretty well and the mountain bikers keep to their own courses, so all is well rosy. If you're there, check out the musical instruments made from wood that you are welcome to play and a range of 40+ stone sculptures on the trail sides.

    Jogwatch: 1 (which I find almost unbelieveable)
  • Saturday morning - an hour's easy running around Greenwich Park (looking lovely and autumnal) with plenty of stops for stretching of quads, ITB, hamstrings, calfs and VERY tight hip flexors - followed this with a tough circuit training session - abs, arms and legs overload. Very many runners in the park.

    Sunday - 22 or so hilly miles around the lanes of Cobham, Luddesdown, Harvel and Meopham in Kent quads very sore from previous day (courtesy of too much lunge walking and too many squats) - lovely day for running - other than a few cyclists and motorists, hardly any one else about. 

  • Sunday 30th September - Supposed to be 15 Miles, made a mistake and ended up being 17 Miles.

    Longest run I have ever done by almost 4 miles, previous longest run was the Dartford Half. Although it was slow, lonely and pretty boring, my sense of achievement today is absolutely enormous and I desperately want to tell everyone at work. However they are all totally bored of hearing me talk about how much I've run each week.

    One of my knees are a bit sore and I have a peculiar click in my achilles, but other than that I fell great about having run for almost 3 hours, without getting out of breath or stopping.

     Just hope I get selected for the FLM now.

  • BB ✭✭✭
    well done Kev - we will never bore of hearing about your runningimage
  • Kev  - well done on the a new personel endurance record, great running.

    Roger - 21:46 is a pretty decent time for a 5k, more often than not you have people coming in at well over 30 mins so it must've been a very competitive race for you to come in at the back of the field.  But not as bad as me running 18:33 and coming 46th out of 46 which I did in a race in 2006.

    Good work from everybody, some nice runs completed there.  Keep up the good workimage

    Monday 1 October 2007 – 12:45 pm ––. Trail run – Barnsbridge Gate Delamere.

    1.6 miles –10:53.52 – 6:48 min/mile ave. – 42 ft asc.– Mountain Bear Gladiators (2).

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    After 12 days off resting this niggle in my calf I started running gain today again (I’m not counting that effort last week)

    Aiming to get in shape for a 16.8 mile trail race on Sunday I thought I’d start the week with 1 mile and double the distance each day (missing Thursday and Saturday though).  I did a flat out 10 miles on the bike to get warmed up the starting in the car park I hit the first little climb hard just to get going and tried to keep the pace reasonably fast.   I had planned on turning at the railway bridge but I felt so bad I carried on to the path at Eddisbury Lodge, not a great deal more and I could’ve gone a lot further but as this was more to test the calf than anything so I didn’t want to get carried away.

    Fingers crossed I'll be ok to tackle 2-3 miles tomorrow.image
  • Did the Cancer Research 10k Hampton Court 42:38 PB. Previous 44:16 London 10k. Very hard going different terrain Grass, Road then gravel the grass really took it out of me as well.My mate did a PB 47:26 TOP MAN
  • Did a half marathon in folkestone yesterday..time 2 hours 15 mins (thought i was 2 hours 16 but got official results in today) It was hot, painful and a real mental and physical challenge but I feel happy with how I did, just wish I had run the whole way (walked about 200 yards of it). It is my offical PB for a half marathon.

    Today my legs ache, I am knackered!

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    hey, marshallini, I really hope you get into the right shape to do the "A" race on the Sandstone Trail.  Good luck!

     As you'll know, it's a beautiful but unforgiving course.  I've opted for the "B" race again and I'm really looking forward to it.  Bring on the "Indian Summer" style weather and dry going underfoot!

  • Swittle, the weather reports look favourable right upto and including Sunday.
    I'd prefer it to be nasty, wet and muddy though. image
    I've just got to convince my body and mind that 16 miles is not hard.

    But today it felt like I'd had 4 months off and was starting from scratch, where in reality I've missed 12 days and  ran a marathon pb 4 weeks ago,  I've been cycling when I haven't been running so in theory I should have no problem, I might not be as fast as I had hoped but I should still be faster than last time.

  • Did my first hill sessions today (on the treadmill)  Urgh!

    5% can feel very steep after a couple of reps!

    Really looking foward to my long run this week - it'll seem so easy after today's session!  No running for a couple of days now 'cos of work.  Roll on Thursday.

    Keep it up everyone! 

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    marshallini, from your training and racing schedules posted here, it's hard to see that you'll have lost any significant fitness; in fact, resting up could really work in your favour imho. hope the day goes well for you image
  • image I am impressed with evryones efforts still. Keep running everyone. image

    02/10/07 5.32m 47.43
    Out again early just before 5.30am. The sky a pitch black with the streets of fluorescent lights resembling a Christmas Tree. I wanted to go today, even last night I was preparing my mind. I read the article in the new Runners World mag about training the mind for happy thoughts and I tries that a little. Didn't speed me up at al l but funnily enough I really enjoyed my run. Absolutely no strain today it was all east going. No joggers out there today, too early for them I suppose, a few peds and a few cars. A nice solid run. I couldn't find my heart rate monitor today so I just did my stuff. So glad I did.

  • Keep the running up everyone. Bring on the cold times! It's so nice to get in from a run and not sweat for 30 mins!

    Did my regular 'day off' run of about 7.5 miles last night. Did it in 53 mins which I was happy with as it felt  pretty smooth. Except about 200m from the end I felt a little niggle in the lower part of my achilles. Hopefully with stretching it'll be fine. Will see what it feels like after tonights 1.5hr session.

    Just less than 3 weeks now till the Dartmoor Vale marathon. Quite nervous, as I really want to beat my PB, but training times are giving me confidence.

    I'm starting to feel quite fluid while I run. What a great feeling!

  • So much dedication on this forum!!! Well done everyone and thank you all for letting me bore you with tales of my runs.

    02/10/07 - Intervals (I think that's what they're called)

    1 mile slow (10:22 - 10:42)

    1 mile fast (8:15 - 8:35)

    0.25 mile Recovery 

    1 mile fast (8:15 - 8:35)

    0.25 mile Recovery 1 mile fast (8:15 - 8:35)

    0.25 mile Recovery 

    1 mile slow to finish.

    Have to say didn't feel great, legs were tired and stiff, but I managed to grind it out in Greenwich Park, where there was a Jog count of 4 (including me!).


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