Pain in the neck

I've been doing a fair bit of cycling over the last few weeks, to supplement my marathon running (and it seems to be helping). However, I have a sore bit at the top of my spine, just at the bottom of my neck, where there seems to be a bony lump. I'm pretty sure its coming from holding my head up to watch out for traffic/bad mannered cyclists/dangerous children (see other forum) on my racer.

Any tips on how to adjust my position to minimise the pain, or do I revert to my mountain bike for a couple of weeks?


  • I've been having problems with my neck as well, so much so I thought I might have to cut back on the running. My problem is I have a trapped nerve in my neck that reoccurrs from time to time. I've now got my sport physio sorting out my neck as well as my legs. Well worth the money Nessie, the guys a god. Hope this help's and hope your trainings going well for Loch Ness.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Thanks Ellie. I may give a physio/massage a whirl to see if it helps.

    Marathon training going ok, although I still need to get some longer runs in - and I'm running out of time.....ARGHHH!! It seemed so far away when I entered, now its less than 6 weeks. Do you think my bosses would let me take 3 weeks off noe for training??
  • I doubt the boss will not allow that Nessie. What's your long runs up to now ? You need to be getting the milage up now don't panic just yet.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Planning 14 miles tonight, which, by the way I felt on Sunday after 8 miles, should be ok. I had to stop on Sunday, as my shoes were so wet I was getting blisters, and Mr Nessie had met me on his mountain bike. By the look on his face he would not have spoken to e ever again if I had insisted going any further!

    My main problem will be fitting more long runs in - I have a triathlon this Sunday, a 10k the week after, then Glasgow half the week after that. By then I will be thinking about tapering. Plan is for 16-17 one night next week, and a 20ish the week after (I'm using the tri and the 10k as race practice to settle the nerves, rather than going for a time). I hope that if I do the 20 on the Monday, I should be ok for Glasgow, and beat my 2:29:58 pb.
  • Sound's like you've got it covered. I wouldn't leave your 20ish run to late in the same week as the half, try and do it at the begining of the week if you can. You've also got the week after the half to do a long one before we have to start tappering. Glad to hear your getting support from Mr Nessie.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Nessie, if you want to try out something to help your neck pain you could try raising the handlebars slightly so that your riding position is more upright.
  • Nessie, I am having the same problems, both on the bike and with the miles for this marathon. As I had been injured I was doing mostly cycling, I put the neck pain down to looking down at the road, rather than in front of me, but I was always trying to go as fast as I could, and I suppose wearing a skip hat, didn't help. I have managed 8 miles, longest run, I only started back running, on Wed last week, tomorrow night I was going to try some speed work, then 5 or 6 miles till sunday and go for 13. I have a 10k next week, then the Glasgow half, I am hoping to get a 18 or 20 in at least 2 weeks before Loch Ness.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Drew - thanks, I'll give that a go (I do have my handlebars a bit below the saddle).

    Daisy - I felt that it was the opposite - the stain of holding my head up to look ahead rather than letting it fall forward into a straight line with my back - on a racer that leaves you looking at your knees.

    I managed 15 miles last night, which is my longest training run yet. I have a triathlon this weekend and a 10k next weekend, so I may or may not manage another long, long one before Glasgow. Hoping for an 18-20 between then and Loch Ness too, if I recover quickly enough. (Perhaps the Oasis concert in Aberdeen the night after Glasgow isn't the best recovery session.......?)
  • Nessie, I do triathlons and used to have the same trouble with my neck. You need to see a pro at a bike shop to get your riding position adjusted properly. Drew's absolutely right, your handlebars are probably too low, but you should get your whole set-up checked out. Could also be your seat stem's a fraction too high, or even the top tube is too long for you. Even a minute change can make all the difference. Have you tried riding with aero bars?
  • I gave up in the end with drop handlebars on my racing bike, due to neck problems (yes, it was a pinched nerve with looking forward and having my head up to see where i was going). With the aid of hubby and the nice man in the bike shop, i now have flat bars on my racing bike. Looks a bit funny but it's much more comfortable.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Thanks Sheila Anne and Dangly Spice. More food for thought. I bought the bike second hand, and although I knew what size was right for the down tube, I've never had the top tube checked. Maybe a combination of slightly higher handlebars/lower seat/seat forward might help. I've never tried aero bars, they look a bit scary. I have a mountain bike too, so I'll probably stick to that for a couple of weeks until I can get the racer checked - less drastic than getting new handlebars, in the short term. (I'll still use the racer for the tri this weekend tho).
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