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........or spam?  I run our club's website, just received this. Any clues, anyone?  i'm scenting Monty Python.....

London Marathon - important changes

Major changes are set to be made to the Flora 'public ballot' entry procedure.
For places in the 2009 London Marathon, all interested runners will be required to apply online, www.london-marathon.co.uk/site/
From noon on 13 April 2008 (London Marathon day) would-be entrants will need to be poised at their computer, eager to register interest and complete the application.
This new online ballot procedure will remain open until a maximum of 120,000 applications have been received - experience tells the Association this could mean the 'window of opportunity' is likely to be small (possibly hours or days).
Please note 'online' will be the only method of entry for the public ballot. http://www.mndassociation.org/news_and_events/news_room/press_releases/london_marathon.html


  • Yes, it is genuine. There was an angst-filled thread about this a few months ago.
  • Thanks WA

    <wanders off to find thread to add own angst>

  • Well, I have been on the web site and there is nothing about 2009 yet. I can understand why they want to do it on-line but it is a bit early to be running the ballot when previous years the ballot forms were not sent out until late August and why would they want to do it whilst the 2008 race is taking place as the majority of people who will apply are in the race. You may see a lot of people with Blackberry's stopped at 12:00 getting there entry in! They tested the on-line ballot last year for 10,000 applicants on 1st August.

  • marathon news says that it will be online only, and will stop when 120,000 applications received.

    They say that they will keep it open long enough for the 2008 runners to be able to enter!
  • Apparently they are going to keep the on-line entries open long enough for all the runners in this years FLM to be able to register (but no time was specified)
  • Whilst I can see sense in the new on line method, I think it is unfair  to cap it at the first 120k entries.

    I am running Rotterdam marathon on the same day as the FLM and will not be able to get online until I return home on Monday 14th in the evening. I was hoping to do sub 3.15 at Rotterdam and therfore get a GFA place at FLM for the next two years. Unfotunately injury prevents me from achieving that goal, and once again I will have to go through the balot. With this method I may not even get that far !!

    Hello, Smegol. Remember me ? We used to converse on the ING NY site from last year.... Are you in for NY 2008 ?  I'm not doing it .

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    AUMD - many hotels these days have a pc that guests can use, or find an internet cafe.
  • Wilkie,

    Yes thats the most obvious way of doing it, but that would mean having to input credit or debit card details on a PUBLIC computer, which I am not that keen on doing.

    I know that online transactions are usually pretty safe if it's a secure site, but who knows what software could be installed on a PC in an internet cafe etc...... 

    Call me suspicious if you like !!

  • 120,000 sounds a lot, but if you've got a viewing figure of say 5 million with Brendan Foster & David Coleman plugging the new entry system & how easy it is to enter online it does'nt sound so many.To open entries at midday  before most people have finished sounds crazy.How many are going to be watching & because of the ease of entering will enter? I can remember the time when you had to find a Nationwide bank to get a entry form, now that was an effort! You only have to look at ticket sales for concerts & other major events since they've gone online, was'nt there something like 2 million for Led Zeppelin? I hope i'm wrong, but i think it's a recipe for disaster.
  • I was offered a ticket for Led Zep but turned it down because of the cost and because of the hassle of queing to get it and queuing to get a good place on the night.

     Hi Duck, yes I remember you on the NYM 2007 thread. You could get someone else to enter you in the ballot. I'm not sure what details they want but if you trust them with your credit card details it should be ok.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    Last year, in the trial of the on-line entry for 2008, you didn't have to put any credit card details in when you applied for a place.

    If you were successful, then you provided the payment info at a much later date.
  • It will certainly reduce the number of 5 rejections and your in that currently happens as many will miss the cut off.

    However I have been reliably informed (by the people who are running the online entry) that if you are currently on 5 rejections you will be able to enter no matter what!

  • Can you still enter Good For Age, or is ballet the only way moving forward image
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Smiffie.. this online business specifically refers to the 'public ballot'. If you think about it both GFA and Championship entries are guaranteed and have nothing to do with the ballot. These runners have to supply evidence of their qualifying times so I would guess that that their entry system will broadly stay the same.

    In previous years these forums have been full of messages saying stuff like 'isn't it time FLM got up to date and allowed online entry, the present system isn't fair etc..' Now look at the reaction!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Its still a ballot then?
    Don't they normally get around 120k applicants anyway. I guess this just dispenses with the paperwork.
  • SwerveSwerve ✭✭✭
    But it's a case of logging on to a website and (it seems) not even paying, compared with making a trip to JJB, writing a non-refundable cheque and posting it off. This'll be fully subscribed way, way before the old postal deadline.
  • I agree it was always about a 1 in 7 (?) chance of getting in, at least On-line not getting entry form then worrying about post or paying for recorded.  Sounds easier all in all.  I've got GFA for another year so will stress 2010, unless i can pull my finger out! Getting back to full tilt after back Op, but getting much better than I hoped for...........
  • I can see this being a receipe for disaster.

    I won't have access to a computer till I return to work on 15 April, so bang go my chances for 2009.

    I can also see on-line entry being the way forward for ALL major events soon as well. The quicker I get on-line at home the better.

  • For the organisers it is a better and cheaper way of doing it and it also means that the web site won't get jammed as the majority of people who would apply will be in the 2007 race so there will be staggered applications throughout the rest of the day. Thats assuming you want to apply straight after going through hell and are struggling to walk properly! 
  • I would'nt say the majority will be running , there was  a lot more rejected.
  • Good point, I didn't think of that so about 70,000 rejections will be applying?

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