Technical t-shirt with V neck?

I've been trawling the internet retailers for a technical t-shirt with a V neck, I've got a Nike one I've had for years and I'm trying to source some more for my work colleagues to wear under uniform shirt with open collar as the boss dosen't like the t-shirt visible (picky, picky!), idealy white or pale blue and male / unisex fit, (there seem to be plenty of ladies V neck in pink / pastel etc).


  • V-neck t-shirts on guys are a BIG NO NO! - Makes guys look gay!

  • X-KKDX-KKD ✭✭✭
    If they're 'big' then it slims them down.  IMHO they're fine.
  • I think i have a New Balance one with a v neck ?

    Didnt realise it made me look gay tho !
  • HitchHitch ✭✭✭

    I prefer V necks as I don't like anything around my throat.

    I was never confused !

  • .......... someone uncomfortable with their sexuality?

    Fur gawdsake!!!! Did I ask for it in pink?

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    I think Decathlon may do them.
  • Decathlon have them for the ladies at least. Was there at the weekend and my wife a daughter brought a load of them.
  • Asics do - well at least in women's stuff!
  • have you looked in M&S - i know they have plenty of white v neck tshirt/vests in the mens underwear section- maybe they have something in a technical fabric - but why technical for work?
  • That's great, ta

    Our guys wear uniform pale blue cotton shirts & black tie, but they work quite hard physically, when the weather warms up they are allowed to lose the ties but the boss don't like seeing crew neck shirts showing, which they wear as base layer to prevent sweaty armpits etc.  So I thought if I can source a v-neck shirt in technical fabric that would be perfect.

  • VSA - Visible Sweaty Armpits! image
  • Almost all of adidas' women's ones have V-necks, but I'm not sure about men's.

    I 'm not sure that wearing a technical t-shirt will significantly help VSA - the whole point is that they whisk the sweat to the outside, and therefore onto your shirt which is stopping the heat escaping, meaning it will then absorb all the sweat that the t-shirt is trying to deal with. It would probably be even worse at showing the sweat than a cotton one, which would make you feel comfortable but would absorb it.

  • Last week it was classy caps Peterrrr.  The thread was 9 years old before you revived it.
    I do hope you're not relying on tee shirt sales to pay your mortgage. 
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