Knee Protector or No Knee Protector?

I have just fallen again off road (last serious time was 6 years ago on the same knee) and I have badly damaged my knee - wound was deep and 6cm by 4 cm.  I am presently sitting with my knee up and will be doing so for a few more days and unable to bend my knee till it heals.   I want to get back running but I keep visualising myself falling and looking down on my sore knee so scared to fall again.  Should I wear knee protectors especiallly in off road situations or will my knees lift less with my feet more likely to shuffle next to the ground and trip?  I really am scared of falling again and would be grateful for any recommendations - change of running style or suitable knee protectors?

 Thanks Izz


  • You could try one of these

    Strickly speaking its a knee support, but most knee protectors I see are the skateboarding type, that aren't easy to run with and tend to slip. I use one of these when I have to kneel a lot. Might not be wholly suitable, as it might lead to the muscles and ligaments around your knee not being as strong as they should be.

    The other thing is that when you first use it, it tends to force your leg back down at lighting speed, and needs a bit of wearing in. Just an idea.

  • Falling twice in six years isnt really that bad is it ?

    I'd try to think nothing of it, or you'll end up going out in full body armour eventually.

    Hope you heal quickly.
  • I've got the same problem - just bashed my knees and elbows falling over. Are there any knee and elbow protectors I can use because I have lost was a very hard piece of ground
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