My marathon splits

A bit self indulgent but I thought some of you might be interested. This is copied from excel so I'm not sure how it will come out, but anyway there should be three columns, the first my aggregate time, the second is the 5k split and the third is 1 k (i.e. 5k divided by 5).

My target had been to run flat 5:00 per km, as you can see it was fine to 20k, not too bad between 25-30k, but at 30k the wheels really came off!

Aggregate 5 k Split 1 k split
5 km 00:24:13 0:24:13 00:04:51
10 km 00:49:44 00:25:31 00:05:06
15 km 01:14:27 00:24:43 00:04:57
20 km 01:39:33 00:25:06 00:05:01
25 km 02:05:39 00:26:06 00:05:13
30 km 02:32:06 00:26:27 00:05:17
35 km 03:01:24 00:29:18 00:05:52
40 km 03:32:43 00:31:19 00:06:16


  • so much for negative splits then.....again!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    I've got that T-Shirt Martin! Didn't get it right until my third attempt. The first two tries were painful.

    Keep trying 'cause you will get it right.
  • Martin,

    I've been following your news with interest over the weeks (thanks for sharing) ... I did my first marathon on Sunday and have been running 1/2M's at a similar pace to you (1:29). I was lucky and blessed with cool conditions and no rain, and managed 3 hr 19 min.

    My splits were also very constant to the 20km mark at 4:37 per km, and then slipped progressively to 5min per km for the last 5 km.

    Like you I set a heart rate range of 155 to 160 for the first 25k, and stuck to it, although it rose to over 170 by the end (159 avg). I also fueled in a very similar manner to yourself (ref other post).

    Which leads me to think that in the right conditions, without a marathon 4 weeks before to sap energy in those last 10k, you should certainly be able to meet your goals !!

    Out of interest, how long were your five longest runs ? I did 19, 19, 21, 22, 21 miles over 3 months before the race.
  • Thanks Mr C

    I didn't actually measure any of my longest runs but tended to run for time i.e. I did 5-6 x 2 hours 30 minutes. On reflection because I live in a very hilly area I think a big mistake was that all my runs finished downhill and therefore when it came to running on the flat I wasn't ready for pushing all the time i.e. I'm used to getting into a rhythm running 5-6 km uphill and then relaxing down the other side. Next time I may have to find some flat training to do!
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