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  • Nexus - thanks for the invite, but I don't have use of the car on Saturday, plus I don't know when I would be able to meet you. Maybe another time.
  • Funk - J8 said you are doing Trimpell now.

    Haven't run since Saturday due to illness. I even had to have time off work which hasn't happened for years. Bit hacked off cos I really wanted to get a load of miles in during March but I can't complain too much as it is the first break I've had due to illness since October and it does mean I will be well rested for Trimpell.

    Really looking forward to Trimpell, think its the best indicator of how effective last 3 months of training have been. Weather forecast looks ok as well.

    I'm still trying to encourage the missus to come with me so transport still undecided. I have set a deadline for her to decide by this evening so will let you know then.

  • JMC - no Trimpell is still not happening for me
  • Si Ronic--Thanks for the e-mail! Well done for knowing all the songs of The Alarm and listing them in chronological order. I understand your reasons for not putting the list on the thread! Yes, she is a bit sensitive isn't she? By asking you to name all the songs that you know by The Alarm i have to assume that the poor deluded woman actually believes that most people can recite all the songs by The Smiths and Morrissey just as easily as if they were reeling off the alphabet.

    Eric--Does sarah Lomas know that i am giving her a lift on Sunday?
  • By the way, i now fully expect you all to post a list of songs by The Smiths and Morrissey.
  • Mr S  -  Pick me up at 8 o'clock if that's okay.

    No reaction to the knee after last night's session but won't run until Sunday.

    GBM- Welcome back

  • GBM - yes and she will be viewing the thread.  She doesn't know where you live though.  Sarah - if you're there can you liaise with GBM?
  • Heard there was a great party at JMC's works earlier in the week - no idea what they were celebrating.

    "Liaise" - ES wash your mouth out, you'll be calling us colleagues next.
  • Isaac - who can blame them.

    Trimpell people - missus and kids are coming on Sunday. I am planning on setting off at about 8:45 from my house and will be looking to leave by about 2 at the latest. I have space for another 4 but would like to try and minimise number of pick ups. Not sure how this affects things.  

  • Eric--Sarahs people are getting in touch with my people and hopefully we will touch base some time tomorrow.

  • GBM - shall we have a checkpoint breakfast meeting to discuss options and feedback to the relevant stakeholders in the organisation.
  • Isaac - glad to see you have not lost your ability to speak crap.

    I want to know how the middlewood way reminds anyone of being bitten in the crutch by a horse in the far east? I am even more confused than usual.

  • Yes I'm here.

    GBM - my people finally passed on the messages from your people. A lift on Sunday would be great thanks. What time should I get to yours and what's your address?

    ES - thanks for arranging it all.

    And before anyone asks, it has to be The Smiths. I thinks it's more of a case of, The Alarm....who?

  • Isaac--Looks like we are singing from the same hymn sheet!! Lets run it up the flagpole and see who salutes!

    Jet-setter--Welcome to the thread! Despite prefering The Smiths and also taking the p*** out of The Alarm i am still willing to give you a lift on Sunday! However you, Si Ronic and SARQ will now be subjected to The Alarm all the way to Trimpell and all the way back! Unless, of course, you issue a full apology and slag off The Smiths! image

    Jet-setter/Si Ronic--8 am at my house? My address is 1 Denbury Green, in the beautiful affluent suburb of Hazel Grove. SK7 5QS Here's a map!

    SARQ--As you are on the way i will pick you up at 8.15 ish! Are there still roadworks on your road?
  • GBM-have you got the Alarm's one song on a loop.image

    Jet-setter-welcome to the thread.

    Good luck to those doing Trimpell and any other race this weekend

  • GBM - dont you mean effluent.

  • GBM - play alarm, then they get all pumped up with anger and adrenelin, then PB, excellent plan.
  • GBM - Oh dear, I seem to have hit a raw nerve. I only meant what I put, who are The Alarm? Looks like I'll find out tomorrow though, I''ll be sure to bring a Smiths CD as backup. image 

    Cheers for the map, I'll be at yours for 8.

  • Jet-Setter--YOU HAVEN"T HIT A F***ING RAW NERVE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image
  • TST, I just saw the article when I was looking for the one AM was on about. Have you never had to squeeze past a horse on the Middlewood? I hate horses, highly strung creatures that they are. I always think that it only takes one moment of panic and it's a broken leg or worse.

    Funk , no problem.

    Jet setter, welcome to the thread! I see you got thrown in at the deep end with the Alarm v Smiths thing and you've managed to annoy GBM already!

    Good luck to everyone doing Trimpell tomorrow.

  • Jet-setter, welcome to the thread.

    Good luck to all racers this weekend!!!

    M6 - see you tomorrow at  Disley Station at 9.

  • GBM - Thanks for the directions.  I know where I'm going.  Are you sure 8am is early enough?  Have you allowed sufficent contingency in case of any on-route incidents!!!!!  Got some ear plugs so you play The Alarm as load as you like. 

     My mobile number is 07775 703 614

  • Welcome Jet-setter. Please don't be Alarmed....

    Rare lie-in for me this morning. Was surplus to requirements on the BPTT marshalling roster and not running today ahead of Trimpell tomorrow.

    The bad news is that I have used the time to set this up:

    Probably just a one-off , with it being my first FLM, all donations gratefully recived etc. image

    You've probably given it all to Comic Relief anyway.

    Feeling on good form ahead of tomorrow.Unless it 's coincidental those core strengthening exercises from  RW have really improved my knee image

  • jet -setter the Alarm only made one song that anyone remembers and it goes something like this:

    68 guns our battlecry
    68 guns will never die
    68 guns, oohhh 68 guns
    68 guns etc. etc.

    68 guns
    the 68 guns

    blah blah blah

    you get the gist, just the one number, and the reference to guns, over and over and over

    strange that a band capable of such memorable lyrics failed to make any other records of note, still, guess they set the benchmark pretty high with that one!

    on the plus side, by the end of the drive you may just be able to recite the whole thing verbatim.

  • Si Ronic wrote (see)

    GBM - Thanks for the directions.  I know where I'm going.  Are you sure 8am is early enough?  Have you allowed sufficent contingency in case of any on-route incidents!!!!!  Got some ear plugs so you play The Alarm as load as you like. 

     My mobile number is

    Not a good idea to put your details on an open forum mate I suggest you edit this off.
  • Quest for some marathon shoes is over. Just been to Sweatshop in Hyde and bought a pair of Adizero Tempo for £49 after discounts image.

    Nice light shoe with a very small medial post. Tried a pair of red Zoom Elites (£50) but they felt a bit clumpty. So now I'm in two minds whether to try them out at Trimpell or wait until Wilmslow instead.

    For anyone else shopping for gear today there's loads of racing/training shorts and base layers in the Adidas factory shop.

    Hope it wasn't too windy at Grindleford. Wouldn't fancy going over that last bit on Froggatt Edge in this breeze.

  • Nicko--Thanks for your concern but this is a very close-knit thread, we are all friends and club mates. We've been posting our details and phone numbers on here for years without, as far as i am aware, any problems. If Si Ronic does get some dirty phone calls we will assume that they were from you. image

    PPP--Ignorance is bliss!!! And you've got the first 2 lines the wrong way round! image

  • GBM- come on, its not easy when you are dealing with such lyrical complexity.

    but fair play.

    The rest was pretty accurate though, you have to admit, particularly the blah, blah, blah bit, or should it have been,:

    Blah, blah, blahdy blah?
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