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Hi Guys

I know I'm new and you don't know me very well yet, but I'd like to draw upon your experience of staying healthy.

Over the weekend I found quite a large lump in my right breast. What I want to know is, I'm doing so well with training and actually joined a gym today - is it best to keep on with it or should I slow down until I find out what this thing is..? How do you guys cope with underlying illness..? Do you train at a lower level or do you just carry on as normal or do you just stop..? I'm not sure what to do.

I feel okay, a little tired maybe and I have lost weight - which is what I want because I HAVE been trying to do that. So if I hadn't noticed this lump I suppose I'd just be carrying on as normal. What do you guys think..?



  • UltracatUltracat ✭✭✭
    Well Cath if I were you I would make an appointment with my GP. Don't delay and think it will go away and then worry about it. Many years ago I found a lump on my breast had it checked out and it was only a blocked gland so don't automatically assume the worst. Good luck and let us know when that doctors appointment is.
  • First of all, get it checked. My experience is (I have had potentially sinister breast abnormalities checked) that they treat you pretty decently and get questions answered quick. Accept however, that this simply is one of those scary times in life. You are allowed to be scared. I certainly was.

    Second, don't necessarily give up the training, but listen to what your body is saying. You've made wonderful progress, you are looking forward, winning your way to your new image, you want to run. If, in spite of all this, your legs feel like lead, your breath catches, you feel washed out, find yourself capable of sitting very still in chairs watching the shadows on the wall, believe what your body is telling you.

    Go to bed instead, with a good magazine or book. I do this very often, as the lurgy that robbed me of my legs for five years is not so much gone but merely beaten back a bit. Some days I train, some days I'm flat on my back.

    My favourite books at such times are about running. Thinking positive, that I will get back, is essential. Think running.

    Keep us posted. Thinking of you, Marj
  • JaneM - sorry I should have mentioned that, I'm going tomorrow morning - 10:20.
  • Let us know how you get on tomorrow.

    If you feel well and fit then just carry on doing what you're doing. Listen to what your body tells you. When you first start out and get lots of new aches and pains, it can be difficult to tell what's normal and what's not but after a while of running, you will probably be more in touch with yourself and know what to do.

    For now and in the future a good indicator of whether or not you should take it easy is your resting heart rate. Take it when you first wake up in the morning before you get out of bed and do this every morning for a few weeks - this gives you a baseline to work from. If it's much higher than usual say 5-10 beats a minute more then you should have a rest day that day. This is one that RW is always preaching in its hallowed pages.

    Good luck Cath - hope everything goes okay for you.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Cath, good luck tomorrow. I've been through the scare myself and found my GP and hospital very kind and understanding. Just get through this before you worry about your training.

    Hope all goes well. Please let us know what happens.

  • JaneM, Redhead, Running Muppet & Stickless: Thanks guys I really appreciate your concern. I'll let you know how I fare with the Doc tomorrow.

  • Hi Cath,

    Just saw this thread and wanted to add my support. I'm only 27, but I've been through it too. The most important thing is to insist that your GP give you an immediate referal. You should be able to get one in two weeks. And as for carrying on, definitely. Exercise is the best way to beat stress, so keep it up. Think positively too, that helps so much. Anyway, good luck.

  • Okay - so I went to see the Dr. He explained all the stats about what it could be what it might not be and also he said it felt like a cyst to him but he wants it checked thoroughly. So, he faxed a letter to the local hospital Breast Clinic and I should hear within 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I'm off to the gym today. Thanks guys :)
  • That's the stuff! keep at it, and keep us posted. All the best, Marj
  • UltracatUltracat ✭✭✭
    Hi there Cath, thanks for letting us know how you got on. Good luck at the Clinic. Between now and then look after yourself and try to have a positive approach. May I suggest you write down a list of questions you would like answers to when you go to the Clinic and do you have a friend who can go with you?

    Its okay to be a bit up and down in your moods only you know how you feel and react to this situation. Don't put on a brave face because its expected, be yourself, all the best.
  • Hi Guys...

    Had a really good day - a friend in work has been an absolute star and has made time to talk and ask whether I'm okay etc. I did have a very "close-to-tears" moment today. Mainly because I had to talk to my best friend from school and explain things to her and she was really upset. We're going out to lunch tomorrow though and we'll go out at the weekend as well so I'll have time to reassure her properly. I don't feel half as worried as I was yesterday.

    I also went to the gym and pushed myself a bit ... did 2.6K in 20 mins and I could have kept going but I wanted to finish my gym session before the traffic got too bad to drive home. So I think I'm looking at 40-50 mins for my first 5K. I know that's not the speediest there is but I'm pleased that I can run 20 mins without stopping! Also did 30mins on the stepper, 15 mins bike (5K) and rowed 1000m as well as weights and ab training. I felt very refreshed after all that .... then I came home and took the dog for his 3 mile walk!

    JaneM -- I'll definately write my questions down and both my partner and I are on holidays the next two weeks (we weren't actually going anywhere) so he'll be coming with me.

    Thanks again guys for all the thoughts and best wishes, I really appreciate it
  • Hi again Guys -- just thought I'd give another update. I received my letter from the hospital. The clinic appointment is next Friday. The Mr is taking the day off work to go with me. We're both a little worried and scared which I think is only natural but we're trying to stay within the bounds of reason :)
  • Best of luck Cath, keep your spirits up and your mind positive.
    Keep us informed ...
  • Hope all goes well on Friday, Cath. Statistics are on your side as you're young and a big lump that appears suddenly is likely to be either a cyst or something called fat necrosis which can happen after quite a minor bump to your breast, but most, if not all, GPs now work on the principle that every breast lump needs investigation, and many hospitals operate a 2-week rule for all breast conditions.

    Let us know how you get on. Glad you've got supportive flesh-and-blood friends there - having a shoulder makes all the difference.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Cath

    I've only just seen your thread and wanted to say best of luck and I'm glad you're getting seen promptly. I had a scare myself a few years ago and thankfully it turned out to be nothing. I found the GP and other health professionals very helpful and willing to explain things properly. The worst bit was having a mammography - being flatchested there was practically nothing for them to squeeze between the xray plates! Well, it was something to joke about at the time.
    And you're allowed as much black humour as you want as well as the tears.

    Best wishes to you.
  • Hi Guys

    Took me ages to refind this thread. I've been going through all the messages just to try and bolster my confidence a bit. I'm in that scary-night-before-hospital-tests place. I think I've done pretty well most of the week to remain positive and avoid thinking about the problem but now, I'm worrying "what if this" and "what if that". I know I should know better and I know it's probably a false alarm but it's the not-yet-knowing which is getting to me. I won't need to worry this time tomorrow.

    Laura -- thanks for the late edition to the thread. Reading other people's experiences in various places has really helped. My Gp (although he was a locum) was really really nice and he was sensitive to my worry about what I thought it was and wasn't. I can't speak for the hospital staff as yet (get to meet them tomorrow) but I'm reassured from a colleague who has been treated by the breast clinic at my local hospital that the staff are some of the best there are in her experience.

    How nice is it when your friends and colleagues think about you even when they are away on important trips..! I got an email today from one of the guys who shares my office (he's gone to a conference in America) and he just simply said "Good Luck and I'll be thinking about you tomorrow". That really made me think, how important it is to tell people what you think... this guy was instrumental in helping me get settled in my (newish) job and has been a kind of mentor really. It just goes to show that people are capable of thinking about more than themselves. I told the mr about it and he said he was glad that I could talk about it with people too - it makes it less of an "issue" to deal with, especially at work where there seems to be this environment of "hush hush, don't tell anyone" etc.

    Anyway, I'll update tomorrow I think at some point when I have more news about what is what.
  • Cath, good luck tomorrow, be thinking about you.
  • By the way, where do you work, I know i'ts in Liverpool, I used to work at the Telephone Exchange in Old Hall Street many years ago.
  • WW - I work at John Moores Uni (lecturing) on Tithebarn St.
  • WW - was also meant to say, I walk past Old Hall St every day when I go to the gym. It's at the new Crowne Plaza on the docks (near I.O.M ferry terminal).
  • Coco-CatCoco-Cat ✭✭✭
    Hi Cath, I've only just seen this thread. I've really enjoyed reading a lot of your postings recently because it is so encouraging to see someone starting running and making good progress. You're doing so well at the moment, so just harness those positive thoughts and hang onto them for tomorrow.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  • Coco-CatCoco-Cat ✭✭✭

    a) what do you lecture in?
    b) how are your numbers looking at the moment?

    I'm a lecturer at Staffordshire Uni and our numbers were looking pretty poor up until Clearing started. Not sure how things are going at the moment.

  • The dock area has certainly changed from when I first started working in Liverpool, I used to travel over on the ferry from Birkenhead. Is the Spiral Staircase pub still in Old Hall Street. Are you going to do the 10k in October I think its in Garston.
  • WW - I can barely think about the Corporate Cup let alone the 10K. I think I'd want to give myself a bit more time to get used to the routine and pace of running before then! Not sure about the pub - haven't ventured out and about that far at lunchtime just yet :)

    Road Runner - I'm a lecturer in adult nursing (pre and post reg). Alot different from working in the NHS but just as rewarding I think. I think our numbers are up slightly on last year but nowhere near target - although that was before clearing started and I've been on hols since last Friday :) What do you lecture in..?
  • Cath, let's get you back to the top of the forum list. I hope the staff at the breast clinic are able to give you really good news tomorrow! In my experience, NHS breast clinics are one of the best organised, joined-up parts of the service and you'll probably find that everything that needs to be done will be done tomorrow and if there's any follow-up it will be next week rather than at some indeterminate time in the future.

    But now I know that you're bound to be a lot better informed about the workings of the NHS than I am!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Coco-CatCoco-Cat ✭✭✭
    I lecture in Business and Management Studies. My specialism is Marketing. Have done for six+ years now. Welcome to HE: the termtimes are extremely stressful, the holidays are great, the pay poor, the other staff 'interesting'....I wouldn't swap it for any other job!!! Actually, it is really rewarding at times. I used to be at Luton University before Staffs and I got a real kick out of seeing people from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving their potential.

    Thinking of you tomorrow!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Cath, Just a late night post curry addition to wish you all the best for tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you. Let us know how you get on.

  • And another post fish and chips good luck for tomorrow post. Will be thinking of you too.
  • And one more post, post Bran Flakes, to add my wishes for all the best for tomorrow. Good luck!

  • okay, okay, one last post pre-toast to wish you luck Cath!

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