weird itchy legs from shorts?

Hi all,

This is so strange - I went running yesterday afternoon, and it was still quite warm. I wear split-side running shorts, of a fairly modest length, so they do brush th etops of my legs (but no chaffing). Well, I had to stop my run, because *all* of my legs got incredibly itchy. I think it had something to do with the heat - but it was just so weird. Like the brushing of my shorts against the tops of my legs somehow spread to all of my legs. Has this ever happened to anyone else, and if so, what did you do?

I also just received a pair of mail-order shorts from Sweatshop, which I was about to return as they are *quite* short, and a bit on the small side in general. But perhaps now I should wear them, as there is sure to be less material touching my legs (if any, oh they are so short!!).



  • I experienced the same thing about 14 years ago when I was taking my O levels, my legs started itching early in the morning and continued until I eventually took my jeans off, I had a very "angry" rash on both legs. Turned out my mum had changed the washing powder

    Could it be this is your problem also ??

    I got a nice new pair of ron hill running shorts last week , was rather concerned to find I fit into an XL size, medium was a bit snug!!
  • Could it be that you ran near a field or garden where there were a lot of bugs of some sort? Or a freshly sprayed farmer's field? Have you tried the shorts again to see if it was them?
  • I tried the shorts again and had no problems. Perhaps it was just the extreme heat of the 'itchy' running day. But it was also time to buy some new washing powder, so I'll see if that does anything.

    Oh yes, and I decided that the new shorts are just too immodest. Oh well.

  • Ah, I finally figured it out today - the faster I run, the less my shorts bother me. Perhaps this is because they flap around more? But in any case, it seems that my clothing can tell when I am slacking and duly punishes me for it!
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