Bruce Springsteen at gGastonbury

Did anyone else watch the tv coverage of Bruce Springsteen at Glastonbury tonight?

How good was that? Loved every minute of it!!


  • Had been waiting to see it all night, got distracted at work and managed the last 5 minutes!!

    Hopefully they will repeat it on the red button at some stage

  • Springsteen at Glastonbury

    I used to be a huge Springsteen fan about 20 years ago but not listened to him at all recently. Have just order some of his more  recent CDs from Amazon.

  • I saw it, really enjoyed it! Sorry he did't do "Rosalita", but he did "Dancing in the dark", which is one of my other favouritesimage
  • I liked Neal Young better... but then again I'm an old hippy

    'Keeep ooown rocking in the freeee wooorrrld'

  • Speaking of hippies, I only saw two numbers by Crosby, Stills and Nash on tvimage
  • The full set is on the BBC website Moo...
  • Thanks Corinth!image
  • jeezus is there any new music at glastonbury any more? it should be renamed pick of the pops! terrible.
  • Everytime I've seen Springsteen do 'Born to Run' recently, it seems really slow.

    I know everyone raves about his energy etc., but personally I think he's just trotting out the old catalogue and sounding a bit tired.

    Go on - hate me!

  • They are showing another hour of The Boss at 2100 on one of the BBC channels

    time to do the ironing Moose !
  • i'm with you moose. down with the fogeys.

  • He ain't the Boss for nothing, this Old Timer was a rocking.
  • Bruce was working so hard he was steaming!

    He is too good to act "cool" like all these no-mark bands who'll be nowhere in 3 years, and he works hard for his money.

    "New" is not synonymous with "good". Most new bands are like mayflies - gone in an instant, and their songs speak of nothing and to nobody.Class endures whether its Bruce or erm, some modern band who are erm, jolly good ------> insert name here.

  • hi JB. i actually love The Boss, and my gripe is not really with him.

    it's more the traipsing out of a plethora of old bands who trot out greatest hits to may massive mortgages when that's not really in the spirit of the festival (although I appreciate michael eavis has to make ends meet and such bankable acts are lucrative).

    it's just a bit embarrassing. john peel would not have stood for it image

  • Well I reckon he got his fingers burnt last year when Jay Zed bolloxed it oop.
  • aye can understand why he is going for safe options now.
  • But The Quo?

    That much denim would surely give me an attack of the vapours.

  • I thought Brucie was just playing the same old song for the whole set .....

  • I don't really get Bruce anymore as a stadium rocker... probably would if I was there

    Love his bluesy folksy intimate stuff though....

  • I thought stadium rocker suited him quite well - repetitve sound was the fiddly-jig thing at the end that went on forever and cost Eavis another £3k in fines?
  • Yeah... they'd have pulled the plug on anyone else..

  • Springsteen...rubbish, Jacko would have outshone em all.
  • imageimage

  • For me the best performance of the weekend was by Madness, closely followed by the Prodigy.  Young, Springsteen, Jones, Christie - all crap, IMO.
  • Robborunner wrote (see)
    Springsteen...rubbish, Jacko would have outshone em all.
    Academic now though.....never mind Robbo you still got Madonnaimage
  • prodigy, madness...more old gits.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Have to say I have never ever liked Springsteen, but hats off for a 3hr set.
    Ditto C,S,N & Young , in my opinion , very dull, and th eless said about Tom Jones the better.
    Best acts that I saw were the Specials, Lily Allen, White Lies, Blur and Dizzee. Kasabian played another good set but even though I like the songs , got a bit bored by Franz Ferdinand. Lady gaga was a bit hit and miss, and sadly missed Madness.

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