compression shorts

 hi , i'm thinking of buying some compression shorts to run in, does anyone use them?


  • I've been using a pair recently as I'm getting over a groin injury - mine are made by McDavid and I bought them from  They're fairly good I think - well they certainly feel supportive, but I'm trying not to use them on too regular a basis to allow my injury to heal itself and not rely on the shorts.  I tend to wear them if I'm upping my distance, then go back to normal shorts after I've done one or two of the longer distances.

  • I always wear Nike Pro Compression shorts. They are very comfortable, and also stop the little fella getting bashed about too much. The wick sweat away from the more grotty areas of my body too - adding to comfort when on longer runs.
  • I've been using Skins for a few months now. I love 'em, and I'm proud to show off my willy (even if I need to send for a search and rescue team at the end of a run!)
  • I'm not that brave - always wear normal team shorts on top!
  •  I think you're brave gingerneil....wearing shorts on top of compression shorts looks darn right stupid. Do you war two pairs of undies too? image
  • Cheeky sod!
    They're meant to be base layers, not only-layers!
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    ?Now now children, if you can't play nicely I'll make you put your toys away. image

    Guess it depends on the type of short and it's length. Some compression shorts aren't meant as a base layer and others are. I have some compression shorts. Being a girlie I seem to be able to get away with doing anything. Soon as it comes to men we seem to suddenly have very definite ideas of how what should be worn. Or even what should or should not be worn.

    Maybe it's you guys, you're just not adventerous enough. I've seen a group of women run in stiletto's - no men in the group at all. See you're just far to conservative. image

  • i,m planning on buying the 2xu compression shorts to wear on their own....

    thanks for the advice...

  • skins have come out with the ICE, which is apparently the previous skins+ more cooling function. It's only in white. I was thinking of getting this one but was also reluctant to wear white as the only layer. it may be too revealing when it's wet. does anyone have any experience wearing a white skins or other brands and later find it showing too much than you asked for?? or does it have enough thickness to remain discreet? any tips would be good.
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