Farnie - Get well soon

Hi ya Farnie

Just heard you are not to good

If its what it might be

Then you take care and make sure you get well slowly

Just to let you know the SA's are thinking of you.



  • Me too,  matey - get well soon......image

    You just wanted the virtual fiver really, didn't you? image 


  • Get well from the sprocket house hold too Farnie.  Hope your all doing ok and start to feel better very soon. x x x
  • Hope you're feeling better soon xxx
  • Take very good care of yourself.

    Get better soon Emma.

    Andy x

  • Get well soon
  • Get well soon Farnie - can anyone who has been in contact with her recently please keep well away from me. I have IMUK in three weeks
  • Get well soon (((Farnie )))
  • Hope youare feeling better soon,

    Monique xxx

  • not sure what you've got but hope you're better soon image
  • Ooooh Farnie so this is why I didnt see you today (((((Get well soon)))))
  • Hello all,

    many many thanks for the get well messages.

    After a rough two days I am feeling much better.  Did I win the sweepstake?

    for those not in the know it seems I have swine flu image  but it is not as bad a normal seasonal flu and tamiflu (albeit nearly as bad to take as having flu) seems to have made my symptoms much less and more shortlived.

    I have been watching the IMCH thread via my mobile today, well done everyone.  Just gutted I missed Deva Divas.  

  • Oh poor you ! Hope you get cured soon ?
    Cured - bacon get it ? X
  • You can't be a real Ironman and have the strength to crack jokes Cougie! image

    Well done by the way - chuffed to bits for you.image

    (((Farnie))) how are you feeling this morning and does this mean mini Farnie flapjack and Mr Farnie are incarcerated too?

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    (((Farnie))), get well soon.
  • Get well soon!!! x x x  
  • Get well very soon Farnie!
  • Crikey! You must be pig sick!

    Get well soon Farnjita x

  • Apparently she phoned NHS direct but all she could hear was crackling.
  • Oooh - that's baaad ! Farnie - if you are still amongst the living - aitch is asking who was the swim cap for ?
  • Hope you're soon on the mend and not feeling too poorly Farnie.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Swine flu arrrr! just sent you a e-mail as well. I better hid from everybody till got the all clear. image

    Seriously hope your better soon chuck and Mr Farnie is pampering you on your sick bed. image

  • Does this make Mort or Clairster the little piggy who went to market, because you are the little who stays at home ? image

    Get well soon. Stockport 10 needs every decent marshal they can get. image (mind you, aren't you supposed to be running it this year ? (again image))


    Editing in the kisses.

  • LOL Muzzy, yes I am going to run this year if I get over this and back to it in time

    Otherwise watch out for the high viz gobby cow at the top of the hill

    SRSLY, am I the only person on here to be ill with this?  They are dropping like flies in the NW.....

  • Well you are the first person I have heard of (and I work the Heart/Lung centre of the NW !) -do you know lots of other peeps with piggy snuffles then?

    but hope you (and yours) are well again very soon

    (im just waiting for it to hit us at Wythy ..all hell will let loose! image )

  • We got a colleague who works 10m away from me being tested today for it.... if he's positive we're all grounded at home for the time being....

  • most places aren't bothering testing anymore.  They are just presuming if you have the symptoms and rapid onset you have it and treat you.

    Buney, there are a few schools that have got it, my cousin also has it (poor sod, his mrs has just had a baby and he can't visit)

    I think the prob with Withy is that even if people have got it and know they won't stay in/away from other people

  • You were the first person I knew to get it Farnie, but since then have heard of 3 more.

    You set the trends, others follow!

  • get better Farnie! Mucho healthy thoughts sent your way!!! XXXX
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