Google owned by Mafia

Google are owned by Mafia:


  • Evening Kef image
  • Feck off you spamming [email protected]

    That made me feel better   image
  • *massages Meldy's shoulders* image
  • well its got to be owned by somebody!


  • yes your right it is owned by the MAFIA

    Only last night i logged onto yahoo and  woke up the next morning with a horses head in the bed and Frank Sinatra singing My Way, so out of fear i'm back with google. 

  • I still think Kef is Sree off Big Brother
  • I can see the crosshairs on your forehead Slim! image

  • Quick 4 mile gallop this morning KK, I think more went on with that horse than i realise.image

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Yhwh Kj wrote (see)
    Google are owned by Mafia:

    Can they get me discount?

  • If you look at his link, it's quite an eye opener into how the delusions of paranoid schizophrenics are put together.

    But that said, the mental bastard adds nothing of value to the running discussion, so I hope that his carers just up the tranqs and strap him down more securely in future
  • ShinyShiny ✭✭✭
    Haven't we had this thread about 10 times already?  Who gives a sh*t?
  • 10? He waits till Catherine and Alice have gone home and posts about 10 every weekend! image
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Maybe just maybe...."kef" is really Catherine or Alice........image ..........and it`s their way to keep us lot amused..............

  • Yhwh Kj wrote (see)
    Google are owned by Mafia:

    From that web page you can click on Contact and then Email Author...

    Let's spam him back!

  • Keef - havent you heard ? Google have now bought out the Mafia.

    I bet Mafia HQ will be up for major renovation now, with slides and beanbags and everything - so no more marble villas, or living in sheds in the wilderness.

    Gone are the dark shades and snappy suits, and in come hawaian shirts and shorts. Its the same old mafia, they'll still kill you, but in a seasonal way - like google do when they change their logo for the holidays.
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Is the a counter on the `Google / mafia` website that shows the number of `hits`?
  • Can anyone else imagine Catherine sitting at her desk, reading this thinking "I AM NOT BLOODY KEF JON!"image
  • so what does kef think of Mafia wars on FB?

    Im just off for some pasta and clean my pistol

  • I've just announced that I AM Kef on Facebook TT.....image

    Just waiting for my non RW friends to say "?????"image

  • Plus my "Taffia" name may send him into melt downimage
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