Just received my Garmin...why does it only just fit!!!



  • haha I think you may be right. its actually made out of bamboo and I love it, on the rare occassions I venture out on the town I always take this one with me. 
  • BeansBeans ✭✭✭

    My Garmin Forerunner 205 came with two straps - a big one and a small one?

    That was a number of years ago though.

  • i got my garmin 50 with footpod for £49.99 on amazon a few months ago. i use my 405 on the road and the footpod on the treadmill for speed sessions. i've not had any problems with the distance reported - if i run to the gym it's 0.94miles on both the footpod and gps. i wouldn't pay out another £60 for a footpod though, i'd send it back, get a redund and re-order one with a footpod. it looks like you can get the watch, footpod and hrm for £86.99. hope that helps.

    the manual has the details of what to press for the back light.

  • Where did you get it from.  It shouldn't be possible to buy it without either the heart rate strap or the footpod (or both).  It should also have the ANT stick - the USB device you use to transfer data to your computer.  If it was from a genuine shop (i.e. not eBay) then send it back and tell them that there's a bit missing.
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    Wrist strap - I have the same problem with the 405; the shape of the molding is too large for my wrist. There is no flexibility to turn it in more. A sweat band is an ok solution, however I realise that they are clled swaet bands as the collect sweat and get really wet and yucky.
  • I got a F50 from Amazon WITh a footpod for 37.99 last year when they were on offer ...the F50 with HRM was about £27 then too

    you COULD get just the watch back then too i think

    reckon its big because they are unisex so one size has to fit all

  • Is this thread a wind up?
  • No Rob - it's got batteries !
  • D2D.  It was on amazon for £86.99.  For twice that though, if you wanted to splash out on one, you can get the 405 with HRM. 
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