free Asics, anyone?

Probably should put this in the Gear section but wanted peeps to see it...would anyone like a pair of barely worn size 8 women's Asics 1070s? I'm going back to neutral shoes with added new orthotics, so my new Asics need a home. I'm very happy to post them on to anyone who'd like them...


  • just boinging this up for evening viewing...
  • meerkat - is that UK size 8 or some other variation?
  • That's very generous of you Meerkat. Did you find that they didn't suit you?
  • RB - it's a UK size 8, but I think Asics sizes are a bit small, as I'm normally a 7 and a half.
    Dollie - no, they didn't suit me...I was told, after running in neutral shoes and having problems, that I overpronate. So I bought the 1070s and things got worse! I've now seen a podiatrist who's kitted me out with orthotics, so I'm back in neutrals again.
    Any takers for the poor orphaned Asics??
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    dang, if they were just half a size smaller - I've just ordered some Asics 1070s in 7.5!

    BTW I wear my 1070s with orthotics - have you tried your poor lonely 1070s with your orthotics to see if they get on?
  • Lizzy - if your new shoes are too small when they arrive, let me know! There was no room for my feet in the Asics with the orthotics...and the orthotics are meant to correct the pronation, rather than getting the shoe to do it, hence back to neutrals. The orthotics feel very very weird...just hope I'll get used to them.
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