Bradley Wiggins

Although I'm a non-cyclist,I've really enjoyed following the Tour de France this year and especially,the hugely impressive performances of Bradley Wiggins.

The TdeF must be the hardest sporting event in the world and for a guy who has specialised in winning Olympic Gold over much shorter track distances,to consistently be up there with Lance Armstrong,Contador etc over 3 weeks (including some severe mountain stages) has got to be the most impressive achievement by a UK sportsman for years.

For some reason,he's never received the plaudits of say,Chris Hoy,but what an athlete.



  • It's an unbelievable achievement - I'd say it's comparable to changing sports completely.  I don't think in the past Wiggins has been as media friendly as Hoy, which is perhaps why he hasn't been as high profile.

    Being Manx, I had an irrational dislike of him after the Beijing olympics because I felt he'd let Cavendish down in the madison by refusing to acknowledge that he was too tired to compete properly but my opinion of him has totally changed in these past few weeks and I now have nothing but admiration for him.

    He also looks scarily sexy in his time trial outfit.

  •  Yeah both guys did excellent in different ways and its great to see some Brits competing in the tour now!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Fantastic result by both men, and what an exciting finish yesterday.

    Nice to see BBC news doing their usual bit and claiming Cav as an Englishman.  Don't think Manxmen like that any more than us Scots. image

  • I thought it was interesting that the 4 brits in the Tour Wiggo was born in Belgium, Millar in HongKong Cav in IoM, only Charlie born here !
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    but GC means not a huge lot to many sprinters - Cav especially. Cav just wants to win stages as he intimated yesterday in his post race interview - he's not bothered by GC......

    I'm not sure LA will be stronger next year - but he's smart - that's what got him the podium spot. he did enough without beating himself up.

    If Shrek had really taken on Contador on the Ventoux it might have been a different end result but AndyS realised he wouldn't close enough of the gap that Contador had so tried to help his brother out - which failed. That was a mistake imho as it could have opened up the race behind - as it happens LA was able to hang on as the pace slackened from the front 2. He looked mightily relieved when he came over the top for the finish line....
  • Heard a discussion how things might be different if Cav was on a team with a GC contender and he didn't get an 8 man train
  • Zanzinger...I agree with you regarding the Green jersey...Cavendish's  team was responsible for his success. Hopefully next year we will see more of Tony Martin...I think he, and Andy Shleck,will be challenging for the podium too.

    If LA decides to go again next year it will be his attention to planning and detail that will carry him to Paris...I don't think he will take yellow again though.   

  • Jeez Zanzinger - what do you want from the guy ? 6 stages in a tour is amazing - up with the finest sprinters there has been.

    Riders have to play to their strengths - his strength is speed.

    Sure - he could train and become an all rounder - but its extremely unlikely that he would become a GC contender.

    You dont see anyone saying that 'Yeah that Bolt is all right over 100 meters - but he's [email protected] at marathons' do you ?

    If you can win stages - you win them. The overall isnt important if you can do this. He's paid by his sponsor and 6 wins is a fantastic return. I've not seen the papers bothering with printing photos of anyone finishing say Top 20 in the Tour.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    "If LA decides to go again next year"

    it's not an IF but definite as he wants to lead his new Team RadioShack on it.
  • he looked mighty pissed to be playing second fiddle yesterday......
  • Really not a lot of love going on between LA and AC was there ?

    And they played the Danish National Anthem rather than the Spanish one ? (I reckon Lance slipped them some euros to do that !) image
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    when does LA leave Astana?? now that he's announced his new team or is he contracted longer??? I'm sure Contador would like to push him out now!

    sheesh - Indurain could be a miserable old Spanish git but Contador is showing him some clean heels........
  • I think LA can leave whenever ? He wasnt on salary from them I think ? Just appearance money.

    And he'll be taking Johan with him too and his 'gang'

    "I believe these items belong to me..." Yoink !
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    has Bruyneel come out yet to say where he's going?? as if we need to guess......
  • I liked Contador's comment about the hardst part of the race as "in the hotel !"

    Can't see anyway Lance would race on the same team as Vino... Although Astana will be in Dublin in a couple of weeks

  • I'd be surprised if Astana get to ride the tour next year if druggie Vino is back in it ? It was HIS team that made a mockery of the tour last time.

    With Sky and Radio Shack - theres 2 teams that will get rides - so you have to kick some out ? And they'll always have places for the plucky French teams.
  • I like the way that when Wiggins is asked about riding with Brailsford's Sky team he just says 'I'm contracted to Garmin for another year and a half' which isn't a no.

    I love that there's more than one race within the race so to speak.  Thinking that the TdF is all about the general classification means you miss out on enjoying a hell of a lot of the competition, especially this year when in the middle week there was pretty much no GC movement at all.

    Cav is a sprinter and he's the best in the world at what he specialises in - why should he be bothered about the mountain stages?  He's carrying a hell of a lot more muscle than the KOTM and GC contenders so I'd say he does pretty well when he gets over them with the autobus.  Should all those other riders at the back of the pack just give in because they can't ride with the top men?

    He celebrated so hard and rightly so when he crossed the finish line in Paris because he'd achieved a long standing dream just as much so as Contador had.

  • Dave B hasn't got the budget for Brad or  Cav, Not only do the need paying, Cav wouldn;t go anywhere without a lead out train being part of the deal
  • Yeah I cant see either of those guys moving - at least not just yet. But if Sky have some successes - then maybe....
  • Can see Dave Millar, Steve Cummings and the rest of the Barloworld boys, Charile Wegelius (Beats dragging a whinging Aussie about), Roger Hammond
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
     I thought Sky had a decent budget - not to say they are going to jump straight in and make big name signings but I'm sure they could afford Wiggins.    Put it this way - if they can't afford some riders of that stature then they can forget about getting a pro-tour licence. 
  • Agreed, But does he want to leave aset up that seems to work for him

  • Never mind Zan

    It was a great tour and a stunning spectacle yesterday

  • Zan - the green jersey is the sprinters jersey you muppet.
    I didnt see Thor up there on Ventoux either.

    Even LA, AC & BW are limited in what they can do. They're 2 trick ponies - climbing and tting a bit.

    Cav is the fastest finisher around and just about any Pro team would want him on their set up.

    It may be all about GC for you - but you're missing out on the spectacle of some fantastic sprints and teamwork of the highest order to get the train working perfectly.

  • The rush of wind as the peleton went past yesterday was amazing, like standing on the platform at the station

    Technically he is right, green is points scored for daily finishing position plus on the road sprints

    There used to be a RED jersey that was just the sprints on the road

    Wouoldn;t want to tell S Kelly that the green jersey was't worth having

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