Adidas Kanadia TR

Hi there, tried to get some of these from Sweatshop, but they're out of stock across the country... anyone got any advice on where to acquire some from?


  • This might sound silly SFTL, but have you tried these shoes before? I'm normally a 7.5 shoe, but needed 9.5 when I bought these....

    Sweatshop have the brightly coloured ones exclusively as far as I know, but the other ones I think you can get from other places.  I think the adidas megastore in Bham sells them, so have a look at some of the online stores if you don't want them bright....

  • Sportshoes or Bourne Sports online used to have them
  • Sports Direct have Kanadia TR 2's for £39.99 upto size 12

    Click here

    Or Kanadia 1's size 12 for £25.00

    Click me

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Watch out for the size - they are on the small side.
  • Mr. K. wrote (see)
    Watch out for the size - they are on the small side.
    True, I'm normally an 8 but I got these in a 9, best to try on before you buy.
  • Thanks for the tips folks - I knew about the strange sizing on them, so an 11 is too big for me, got some advice from the guy in sweatshop - really wanted the multicoloured ones that they sold, but I'll check out those other links, seems an 11 is just too hard to find!

     Must keep looking...

     Thanks again for the links, I'll keep an eye on them.

  • My mate wanted an 11 about 2 months ago and he had to wait for them to be ordered in specially for him.

    If you can wait, it might be worth it?

  • If you have a brantano shoe shop near you have a look in there. I've tried 11's on in a store near me.
  • Ah, might have to try that.
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