Eddie Izzard's Challenge



  • he is humiliating us all and making it look easy image
  • Greensleeves on repeat for five or so hours a day would drive me nuts!
  • Its amazing what he's doing - 180 mpw ? He even puts D2D to shame !
  • tired just thinking about this!  I'll think about this as I do my run tonight....that should spur me on to do at least 4 miles! hahahaha
  • Well what a lovely bloke !!

    Ran the last 2 miles of his stretch with him tonight - in the rain. He started off doing 30 miles but found that :
    1. Its a bit too long - and
    2. Nobody really knows how long 30 miles is - but they do know about marathons -so he's 'just' doing 26.2 miles a day now.

    If you are anywhere near his route - do pop along for a little run with him - he's very welcoming and likes a chat.

    And you can donate here :


  • nice one Cougie - I wonder if he's coming down to the South coast?
  • Don't think he is doing the coast - he did london to cardiff then he is running up to stranraer I think ? Ferry to northern ireland - lil jog round there - back to scotland - to edinburgh and then small jog back to london. 1100 miles he reckoned.
  • Top respect to him, I cant believe hes still going he must have tremendous willpower.  Those legs must be aching like youd not believe.
  • Eddie's Twitter Page, though he appears to have lost his connectivity (is that usual around Chester?)

    Cougie, were you wearing your Pirate monaco?

  • so was that you running in to Little Sutton with Eddie  tonight then Cougie ? if it was I saw you on the telly - North West Tonight
  • Thanks for the link ATOM.

    Amazing progress so far!

    Here's Eddie's personal twitter page for anyone not already following....


  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Liverpool tomorrow? Maybe catch Eddie at the Pier Head, or en route to Southport.
  • I didn't see the clip buney - possibly ? we left him to do his camera stuff and carry on running ourselves - I had a white deva tee on tho ?
  • Atom - no pirate monacos for me ! image
    I save those for exotic races abroad - like bala.


  • is that you coming out Blobfish?
  • winks   ;-0

  • The man is a legend.

    Although his tweets are disappointingly devoid of humour.image

    Mind you, I bet he's hurting a bit by now.

  • He was funny as he was running. I always thought his comedy stuff showed him to be a loony. I think this confirms it ! image
  • Ooooh how exciting Cougs! Did you just happen upon him when you were out running or did you go out looking for him? He's been putting pics of people he's met on his travels on his Twitter, did he take a pic of you?
  • LouLou - bit of both really - I was running from work that night anyway - and his route was right past my work - so made sense to at least head off that way. I thought he'd be with loads of people - but it was just him running and two lads that had only come out to wish him luck and somehow got dragged along with it ! They were more relieved than Eddie to see the finish.
    No photos of me - thank god - but they were filming it from a little tuk tuk thing - cant see that I'll make the program though ! He's gonna have a fair few hours of tape ! image
  • I think it is being filmed for BBC Three as there are two video diaries on Youtube and both have the BBC Three logo on them.

    Video Diary 1

    Video Diary 2

  • Actual he is being filmed for BBC Three but you are going to have to wait until 2010 to see it!


  • he's still funny...

    "On the positive side.........................nothing"

  • Certainly an inspiration, just wonder why it's not getting much pulicity...hope he completes it.
  • i quite like this where he is running on his own with just a few people coming out to join him

  • I also think this stripped down, low key thing is testament to the fact he is undoubtedly a modest, but clearly determined, chap and more power to him.

    There should really be a movement to get a mass of runners to accompany him on his last lap.

    But he has to be first over the line, obv. image

  • I'm so going to go running with him when he reaches edinburgh! How awesome would that be...I'll be keeping a close eye on progress and crossed fingers I'm not away when he gets here...

     I had no idea he was doing this until I saw this thread. 

  • He's already passed us by in Wales. Low key maybe, but think it'll have to ramp up to get some more cash. Hope he does well on all fronts
  • I think he's going to be in Kendal tonight. I've warned my chum who lives there - suggested she give him cake, but she's quite shy.
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