Blue and white hooped singlet?

Does anyone know where I can buy a blue and white hooped singlet or T-shirt in coolmax-type material? I'm wondering if any running club has this livery for instance? I'm looking for (ideally) a royal blue, and the hoops not too thin. Perhaps 4 or 5 of each on the shirt.

I did notice a couple of people in the London Marathon wearing blue and white hoops so they must exist.

Thanks in advance


  • Try Kilmarnock Football Club.

    Sorry - my roots seem to be showing.
  • Must be a club with those colours. Try telephoning the ads in the back of RW. Our club buys vests from Fastrax - they supply quite a lot of Clubs. Also Ron HIll (Ridgeway Textiles) do quite a lot of clubs.
  • try QPR footy club....
    if you have any luck, please let me know...
  • Blue and white hoops are the club colours of Victoria Park AAC in Glasgow - or they were when I was a member (some 15 years ago). I think I still have my old club vest somewhere - although I don't think it's Coolmax, I think it will be a specially "breathable" version care of the moths!
  • Football clubs don't have Coolmax-type running vests I'm afraid. As for the suggestion of trying QPR, why do you think I want one in the first place!

    I'll investigate the Glasgow suggestion, thank you.
  • Liverpool AC have blue and white hoops and their kit comes from Ron Hill, as does the much more attractive green and white hoops of Gosforth Harriers, my club (most definately not to be confused with Tipton) !
  • Reading FC also play in blue and white hoops and although I'm not exactly a fan they are slightly less embarrassing than Kilmarnock or QPR or anything to do with Scouse Ville.

    I was born in Paddington and the two nearest clubs were QPR and Chelsea. Luckily I now watch premiership football.

    Joking aside good luck with the top
  • Well done Mister Blue Knees. Your attitude towards the fine city of Liverpool shows that you chose the right football club to support. You will be among your own sort there. Funnily enough I was trying to have a conversation with a Chels*** supporter last night in the Dog And Duck. "How come you took only 350 supporters to Southampton, given that your allocation was 3000?" I asked. It took him a moment to understand the question before he eventually replied, "Uh, because it woz written appli... kay-shuns only."
  • Me thinks you took this very personally. No offence intended to anyone. Good luck with your search
  • Anthony Lynam

    As a form of apology for my drunken, loutish football comments of the other night
    I've pulled off an image of your favourite shirt off your clubs web site and resized it. If you want it then send me an e-mail and I'll send it back. It was supposed to be a bit of fun at the time but in retrospect sounds stupid and worthy of rebuff.
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