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  • Good news MM.  Was that the 12 wk scan?  I've lost track.

    Only 1/2 hr till home time, hoping no dramas before then

  • Good news about the scan MM and great to have someone nice doing it too. 

    Good racing JG - well done!

    And sounds like you had a good run too, Carovet.

    I was aiming for 10 miles earlier on too but had a very bad run! Haven't done more than 5 miles since my half but as I had never had knee pain until over 10 or 11miles previously I thought I would be fine today - so set off on a circular route with no money, phone, or travel card. And then my knee started paining again at around 5 miles. Didn't want to have to walk 5 miles home so I ran another couple but then the river route I was doing got diverted and it ended up being even longer. Then I couldn't run on it anymore and ended up having to walk another 3 miles to my bro-in-laws house where I phoned home and got a lift back. Was very cold and fed up by the time I got there! Now it is very painful to walk on so not looking good. From a brief look on-line it sounds like Iliotibial Band Syndrome - anyone had that before?

    CM - hope you managed to find your cat!  

  • P.S Just read back and my heart goes out to CM. Its so awful losing a cat let along not knowing where they are. Really hope she turns up. (())

  • Yes Caro, 12 week scam. Just spent 2 hours planting perennials and bulbs in the garden, will probably regret it tomorrow, but at least their in before we get hit with bad weather again.
  • I've had ITBS.  Complete mare.  It hurts down the outside of your knee, and the pain comes not when you weight bear, but when you move your leg foreward to take the next step.  I had physio, loads of massaging, and there are stretches you can do but I found them v hard  - they are quite strange ones and when I adopt the position I don't feel a stretch at all so don't feel it's doing any good.  I would certainly rest totally for at least 3 days (with tomorrow being day 1) so no running till thurs, plus ice and massage the band if you can find it - only gently.  I'm sure you can find a diagram with where it is, I'm not sure any description I can give will help much!

    MM you won;t regret it in the spring when the gdn is pretty image  Still no strawberry plants for us, am getting very annoyed!

  • JG - well done on your race!

    MM - great that your scan went well, I saw my friend who is having triplets today and she is getting a scan every 4 weeks - hers are all doing very well which is good.

    Yve - hope your knee is better soon.
  • Triplets?  eeek image

    Good scan news MM and great racing JG - now that you have beaten the hour you will definately be pregnant so you have no chance of improving, hehe image

    Bad luck on the knee Yve - sounds bad if you had to stop.  Hope it gets better quickly.

    Very impressed with your early running Carovet, so great to get it out of the way though isn't it?  

    I managed 4.5 miles this afternoon but I felt like a right slow-coach.  My lungs feel a bit squished so I'm not sure what that's about.  My huge boobs perhaps?  haha.  No, definately not that - I wish I hadn't started the discussion now, I'm feeling inferior image   I was a B cup before I had Z and only went up to a C ever, then down to an A 1/2 (if there is such a thing - or perhaps a Bminus?) and now I am just overfilling my B cups again which is big for me, but not as big as some of you!!  

    Z seems better today - much perkier although still a bit clingy (kept running back to me at soft play this morning leaving daddy hanging) he has eaten 3 home made apple mini-muffins and  a few biscotti, plus 1.5  bananas a bit of toast and a hand full of scrambled egg!  Not exactly a balanced diet, but my thinking was that at least he was eating!    He's hardly had anything in a week.  Don't know how he managed.   Hopefully that is the end of it - whatever it was.

  • MM - that was so funny then, I skim-read Kinsey's and TB's posts above and thought you'd had a big surprise at your scan! ROFL! Glad all is well.

    JG - yay, well done on the race! I remember wanting to get under the hour for 10K for ages, and then once I finally did it, I kept getting faster - so hopefully you will too!

    Yve - hope your knee is better soon, that's a real bummer.

    CM - ((())) about the cat. That makes me very sadimage. Hope you find out what has happened, nothing worse than not knowing.

    TB - so glad that Z is eating again! Guess he's going to make up for the week without eating much now - look out!!image

    Kinsey - I would definitely treat myself to some new things. Nothing quite like some new clothes to make you feel better.image

    Caro - well done on the early run! I was going to go earlier than I did (8.30) but we had a horrid wake-up call at 1am, and he didn't go back to sleep until 2. So I pressed the snooze button several times when my alarm went off at 6.45...But I did run pretty well - did 9.5 miles at just over 10 min pace. Pleased with that as it was one of my hillier routes, and I've not really done anything longer for a while. Think that's the longest run I've done since a HM in July!!image 

    Sorry if I have forgotten anyone - complete brain fog after a very busy weekend. Birthday party, building work and subsequent mess have taken their toll!!

  • Thanks ladies!  TBird - lol at your comment about definitely being pregnant so I can't improve!  I have another race in 3 weeks which I'm stealing someone's number to take part in as I didn't get in, but it's still up in the air as to whether I will do it...

    Speaking of which, (TMI coming up!) I went to the loo earlier and there was a bit of pinky discharge which I had when I was pregnant with Sophie - implantation bleed?  I'm trying not to think anything of it, but I have also been thinking my jeans are tighter because I'm more bloated than usual.  And I reckon I ovulated about 2 weeks ago so would be due on around now (v short cycle though, but I am quite irregular at the moment).  So who knows.  Have freaked hubby out by even suggesting it!  Might buy a test tomorrow just to put my mind at's hard not to get obsessive about TTC isn't it?!

    Plus surely if I was pregnant I wouldn't have been able to run my socks off today!

    MM - great that all is ok - I bet your little bean is having a great time with all that space image.

    Caro - we mummies do get shunned quite a lot don't we?!  Daddy gets an instant demand for a "cuggle" when he gets home, when I get home I just get a smile...

    Right, must do some work...

  • Buy a bunch of preg tests online I would JG - that way you can do some proper obsessing and not spend a fortune image  I had a box of these, infact this time round I got an extra bargain - a box of 5 for £1.99 because they were 'going off' at the end of November.  hehe.

    Thanks for the positive talk CC - you are right - at least I am still doing it, it's just a bit suprising how slow I am.  Can't decide if it is being pregnant that is doing it or being unfit.  Probably a combo of both.  And well done you for getting out - it's easy not to bother when you leave it a bit late.

  • Wow, TB, they're even better than my £1.95 for 2 Wilko specials! image And fingers crossed for you, JG...

    CC - crossed posts before, I was also wondering how Lotte got on!

  • Yve- don't know anything about knees/ injuries but rest sounds like good advice.

    Tatty- Glad you got a long run in, it's hard to fit it all in sometimes isn't it? I've got the Elan Valley 10 mile next weekend & a 17 miler early Dec, then hope to do a long run (at least 10m) every fortnight to build up for VLM. The 17 is called Christmas Cracker & the club run/ walk it together as they would a normal Sunday run which is good as I've never run over 13m before...

    MM- Isn't it funny that even at 12 wks you think of baby as being a boy or girl. I always assumed my boys were boys (purely because of habit) but then I was always proved right too. I found it really upsetting when people thought I'd be disapointed with 'another' boy. 

    JG- pinky discharge could be implanting & you could run better for a while as your blood volume goes up when you're preg....... not suggesting anything but........

    TallB- any running when Preg I think deserves a medal. I stopped as soon as I found out through sickness, tiredness & fear. 

    Mad house here today. I swanned off for a cross country which was muddy, slippy & consisted of long hill sections to completely drain your legs- finished 24th so happy with that. Got home & my Mum had arranged a photographer to come & do some pics before eldest goes on his travels. Archie wouldn't take his thumb out, nor would Tom who also scowled & sulked. Big tidy & then coaxed Tom to bed complaing of tummy ache.... off to bed myself before aches & pains get any worse. Week off though so no work tomorrow-yippppeeeeeeeee image

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Manic week - too busy at work to post and haven't had a chance to get on all weekend until now.  Have read back but can't remember everything, so apologies if I miss anyone.

    MM, excellent news about the scan - glad everything looks good, and also that you seem to be feeling a bit better.  Hope it continues that way.

    I seem to be the opposite of most of you - I HATED having bigger boobs when I was pregnant.  In fact I was so terrified of knowing exactly how much bigger they'd got that I got some crop-top style maternity bras that came in S, M or L and weren't measured by bust size so I never had to find out my actual size.  I'm guessing I went up to about a D-cup though.  I'm very petite but used to have C-cup boobs (which I hated).  All my marathon training took even more weight off me and I went down to a B-cup - fortunately post-pregnancy they returned to a B-cup which is fine.  I don't think I'd want nothing but I'd look ridiculous if they were any bigger - plus they would be uncomfortable to run with.

    MAD weather this weekend - yesterday was completely evil; howling wind and lashing rain.  Today was different again - almost completely still this morning, and sunny.  For once I took the weather forecast seriously and did a short 3-miler on Friday evening in the pouring rain and the start of the strong wind, but it was only 3 miles so I wasn't bothered.  Didn't run yesterday, then did 14 this morning in very pleasant conditions at an average of 8:09.  Really enjoyed my run this morning.

    CC - I think I managed one 50-mile week when I last did a marathon, and that turned my hamstring niggle into a full-blown injury requiring two weeks off training and some aggressive (and painful!) physio.  I was cautious after that and stayed below 45 miles a week for the rest of my schedule.  But I probably only went over 40 a few times - most weeks were high 30s.  I ran 5x a week for my second two marathons; 4x for the first one.  If I did another I would be doing it on 4x a week.  I tend to agree that high mileage produces results, but that has to weighed against injury risk and the amount of time you realistically have to train.  I get quite tired with commuting so try to do my 'harder' runs earlier in the week before I'm too knackered!

    Really enjoyed the Christmas fair with my mum - bought a few presents and some nice decorations for the house, so was definitely worthwhile.  Wasn't as tiring as I'd expected because it wasn't unbearably hot there as these things often are.

    Very proud of Kit today - took him to have his feet measured for new shoes and he was an absolute angel.  He is a very good boy to be honest, but he was brilliant when the lady was measuring his feet, and wanted to choose his new shoes himself.  He walked up and down the shop and looked at himself in the mirror in two pairs before deciding.  Then he thanked the lady very politely (no prompting from us) and she obviously thought he was lovely -it's great when you have days like that!

    STILL haven't decided what to do about Christmas.  I need to be much harder about it I think!  Can see us running ourselves ragged charging all over the country as usual ...

    Hope Lotte's half-marathon went well ...

  • The key to high mileage is recovery. It is possible for anyone I believe to run higher mileage. However there is a need to have things like massage, see an osteopath, but also to have runs which are very easy to recover. My recovery runs were often run at 8:15 -8:30 min miling, sometimes slower, but my speed sessions were run around 6 min miling, so change in pace is the key thing.

    Just my feelings anyway. I've got a couple of chaps in the club to accept some high mileage, and it has paid off. If high mileage wasn't needed to get times, why do the elite runners run 100mpw? I'm sure if they could get results at low mileage they would!

    Yes waiting to hear from Lotte...

    We are being quite hard about xmas. Want to spend it here in new house and new village. Lots of stuff going on, Christingle, carols, drinks in pub on xmas day. I think either my parents or Chris's will come here though, but thats fine.

    Didn't sleep very well last night, and feel a bit icky this morning. Hopefully it will pass...

  • Hi all. Got back this early this morning. Flights were ok - very bumpy going away (was definitely saying my prayers Caro!) but not too bad this morning.Has a 4.30 start though and the kids didn't think much ofbeing dragged out of bed then! They are at school now so going to be shattered tonight.

    Had a nice weekend but didn't quite get the time I was looking for in the race. It was a windy day unfortunately and while I am used to wind its still hard going! The course was a loop and then out and back which meant that the first 8 miles were right into a head wind and the course was more undulating than I had thought.  About 2 miles each way was off road and  part of that was very muddy and a bit slippy. then you went up an embankment and along an old railway track. But it was a nice course. Tried to stick to my target pace and was still on target going through 10k in 43.xx. Went through 10 miles in 1.12 but by then was starting to struggle. Took a gel at mile 9 which helped but ended up running on my own for a couple of miles which didn't. I think the conditions just took a bit too much out of my legs and I finished in 1.37.36. (13.17 miles on the garmin), average pace 7.25 m/m (needed to average 7.15 to do a 1.35). . Yes I do feel disappointed but I think on a good day I would have done at least 1.35 so I do take consolation from that. I was 4th lady over the line and won £20 prize for 3rd senior lady. First lady home was in 1.29 and she was a few minutes slower than last year.My left buttock.ham thing was sore from abou t mile 4. Not pain but a dull ache and stiff. Not sure if it affected my time but think I willbook a visit to the chiro to see if she can at least tell me what it is. Very sore today and my quads are mashed!

     Need to go for just now but will catch up properly later. 

  • Well done Lotte!  I know you are disappointed but it sounds like conditions were tought, esp with off road bits.

    M is busy climbing up and down the stairs, better go and intervene before she kills herself.

  • Good run already this morning Minks & jealous of the positive shoe experience-last time I took Tom he sulked in the buggy while we measured his feet & refused to walk in them.

    Still learning about training schedules but I guess a balance between time available, capabilities, body fitness etc is always hard to achieve.

    Lotte- Well done!! Sounds tough & you did fab to keep up with your injury. Will you get a decent rest / recovery now?

    Rubbish night here-checked Tom at 11pm & he had a temp of 38.6, proceeded to vomit & cry most of the night..... uuurrrrgh 

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭


    What a horrid weekend weather wise!

     MM Glad scan was good.

     CM - hope you found your cat , that is heartbreaking.

    Well done Lotte - I can only dream of that sort of running!

    Camlo - hope Tom feeling better.

    JG - you never know, I ran a pb before I realised I was pregnant!

    Well my little chap is continuing to practice his walking and is getting steadier - he has also gone without his dream feed for the last 3 nights so 7 - 7 sleeps - proud mummy here image

  • Well done Lotte. I think thats a good time really. Don't be disappointed. Aim for another one, a pure road one in Spring before your marathon? If you can.

    Just off for a run, looks very windy outside, but determined to get round 4.5 mile route!

  • no chance to read back but spotted lotte's great effort and that MM is fine - which is fab!

    cat did turn up at 4pm on sat - rushed to vets, and she's had a stroke and is on loads of meds but is improving.  i am heartless callous and cruel and would rather have her put down that have a cat that can't get in / out of the flap, pees all over the place etc.  and she is a fiend to give pills to (she ripped hubby to pieces when he tried to catch her even though she could hardly walk and bit him in about 4 places and his hand has ballooned) and disappears once she realises you need to medicate her regularly, so then you can't even give her the pills she is supposed to have.  so am not looking forward to having her home.  she is not my cat though. image

  • CM - glad puss has turned up, even if she is in a bit of a state! Hopefully she might get used to taking her meds??image

    Well done Lotte, that is an amazing effort esp on such a tough route with what sounds like tricky conditions. And a prize too, can't be bad!

    Chynah - well done Nate on the sleeping and walking! he's probably tiring himself out with all the walking!

    Minks - I can just imagine Kit doing that in the shoe shop! So cute. Can he pass some of his good behaviour vibes this way please?! JP has been a right little bu**er this morning, so much so that I had to leave my meeting early. Doesn't help that he's tired (been up since 5), but still. Very frustrating. Had to have a good cry when I got in the car because I was so annoyed with him! He was doing what he usually does when overtired - running around getting everything he shouldn't, even though there are loads of toys for him. And then he put this bit of play food in his mouth that was a bit too small and frightened the life out of me.  He fell asleep on the way home though, and hopefully will sleep until at least lunchtime.

    Camlo - hope Tom is better. 17 mile club run sounds fun - good to do something like that with people. You'll be fine if you take it steady even if you haven't run that far before.

  • ((tb)) - sounds like a trying morning.

    had missed that nate was walking already. blimey! you are going to have sooo much fun, chynah.  E is nowhere near walking - she has loved standing since she was 11weeks old but she won't move her feet.  J was frogmarching holding our fingers by the time he was 8 months but she just holds on and stands there.  not that i'm desperate for her to walk because i am NOT, and she gets around well enough my crawling!!

  • Think I will give myself another couple of weeks before I buy anything - and then I'm going to get a couple of bras and maybe some jeans if I still can't wedge myself in my old ones, i'm living in hope as I can just about get into them but can't do them up right now - ho hum.

    Osteo again tonight but she did say it might be where my hamstring inserts and not just my pelvis and as I'm still getting pain when I walk I think that I might have to get some further investigation done as its been like this now since week 8 of my pregnancy. Weather was okay here yesterday and I really wanted to run but I'm trying to stop myself making whatever this injury is worse. Grr.
  • quick post to break monotony of a seminar I am preparing to give tomorrow on Scottish Court Systems.  My god I am not sure who will die of boredom first, me or the poor sods in Manchester who are going to have to listen to me drone on!  There's not much you can do to spice it up!

    Period turned up again yesterday so hey ho another month goes by.  Here's a question for you and I'm sorry that it is going to involve TMI but here goes - I never actually had my coil removed as it fell out back last Feb.  I kind of assumed that it all came out and so never went to see the doc, assuming that it's just the same as if the Doc removed it.  Am I right in thinking that?!  to make you laugh, I was actually at work when it fell out, standing behind my desk and thought hmm, something feels a bit wrong so did a john wayne walk to the loo and it just landed so i ditched it in the sanitary bin!  What else to do?!

    Wondering if my body is just relating to my worries about losing out on promotion if I get preg.  But I am certain now that I want to have another baby soon and take the consequences but maybe subconsciously....

    anyway, back to the grind.

  • EF - sorry no coil experience here but lol at your story!  Keep trying...image

    I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant - I just did a test even though I'm not entirely sure when my period is due and it was a firm negative.  I've also got no other symptoms which I did last time.  And last month when I came on it sort of started off really slowly so it could just be that again.  That's what I reckon anyway - wish I wasn't so impatient!

     Cat currently going mental with anything he can get his paws on - it's clearly too windy outside for moggies today!

    CM - I don't think you're heartless at all, in fact if it was my cat I'd probably think the same.  Especially if she's incontinent?  You have to think about their quality of life as well as your own...

    I forgot to mention yesterday that, apart from a slight niggle near the end in my knee, I had my first pain free run for nearly a year!  And today my right hamstring isn't much tighter than the other, which it has been.  I did all the physio exercises to loosen up  my back before I ran and tried to concentrate on my posture at regular intervals, and that seems to have done the trick. 

    Anyway, got to make fish pie for tea, Sophie's favourite...and hubby's!

  • TB - the 17 miler is only a bit South of Newtown if you & Minks fancy it ! Think it's called the christmas cracker & is organised by a distance walking club so you can walk or run it. Food & tea stops on route!!!!!

    CM - I'm with you on the cat, can't be much of a life for her now can it? Also agree with 2nd / last baby there isn't the impatience to get them walking. Nice to have a 'baby' a bit longer! 

    EF- I would have thought the coil would have come out whole as they are pretty robust but it wouldn't hurt to mention it next time you see the GP as they may want to scan you to be sure it's gone? 

    Eyes are drooping & while Tom has fallen asleep, Archie has just woken.... 

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Sounds like TB has had a day of it already!

    CM - glad your cat turned up - shame it's a bit poorly.  It really is difficult when they get incontinent - I had a really old, blind cat that ended up that way and I hate to admit it really swayed the decision to put her to sleep.  You can get feline nappies though although I always doubted they'd stay on (assuming you could get them on in the first place!)

    EF - sorry had to laugh at the coil story.  Might be worth getting the once over from the doc just to be sure though.

  • Nappies for cats ????!!!!!!! Goodness me - although I used to dream of inventing a sanitory pad for dogs when I had a staffy on heat......
  • Feline nappies?? Brilliant idea! What with that and EF's coil story, you guys really have cheered me up!image 
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