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  • Wow JG fab news image  I can't remember how early my symptoms started when I was pregnant, but I think I was about 4 wks before I tested positive.

    Thanks for the running advice CC.  MM if you are about do you think it's a good idea?

    Now I guess I need to stop procrastinating and enter a marathon!  Actually entries for Bungay haven't opened yet so technically I can't.  Hubby was all enthusiastic until I pointed out that for the 1st 4 months of next yr my running might just have to take priority over his trips to the climbing wall, less wk ends away etc - but then I did remind him that if I'm up the duff this time next yr I won't be running 4-5x a wk and racing at wk ends, so he could do more then.  Not sure he was convinced!

  • X posts, thanks MM- not sure I'll be doing 75 mpw though!  16 wks starts pretty much xmas day, and I'll def keep the sunday long runs up.
  • Congrats JG - that's fab news!! image
  • MM - it's not until tonight, at 6.30. Bit of a funny time for a hospital appointment I guess, but it's one of their waiting list initiatives. Such a pain though, as I feel like I've spent most of today waiting to go, and haven't really been able to do much work. Brain won't engage!

    I remember feeling ravenously hungry all the time with JP (I had that instead of sickness!!). I literally could not stuff enough food in. No wonder he was so big!

    Caro - keep working on hubby...

  • soon there will be more pregnant than non pregnant mums on here.  don't you all go defecting to the pregnant runners thread now, will you!

    i have done my run.  7 blustery miles. i decided that it was probably the most productive thing i could do.  i am having a real struggle with the stuff i'm working on at the mo.  it's the D&C police stuff again - i have to go back down to exeter on tuesday and present to them all about service levels and key performance indicators, which i am supposed to have derived from business outcomes mapped to their key business drivers.  but i can't.  i just can't do it.  and everyone else involved in the bid is in all day sessions all day every day (!!) with D&C police so no one ever phones me back or reads my emails.  so i'm doing it in isolation.  therefore i am probably doing it all wrong.  ah well.  i have actually decided for once that enough is enough - since i can't do it, keeping on trying is not going to help, so i am conceding defeat and just issuing the pitiful amount of rubbish that i have concocted.  no one will read it anyway and then i will just go into the presentation on tuesday morning, look like an idiot, and then i can come home and hopefully that will be the end of it. image

  • Exciting JG! I didn't get any symptoms until week 6/7 but then felt rank until week 14 so its early days for you yet. Fingers crossed!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Blimey, JG - that was quick!  Congratulations!  For me, it's Day 14 today so will have to summon up some energy again later ... image

    CC - a few pages ago you posted about the Bramley 20.  I did that in 2006 and it was supposed to be a 'training run' rather than a race.  I started out relatively conservatively but then somehow managed to get the bit between my teeth and ended up pretty much racing it (2:43 in the end).  I did it because a friend was doing it - also pre-London - and I thought it would be a good idea.  In retrospect, I wouldn't do it again.  It didn't really fit properly into the schedule I was following and alsthough I juggled things around as much as I could, it still meant that I was doing too many long runs and on consecutive weekends (I usually do a 20-miler one week then about 15 the next once I get to that stage of training).  I was struggling with a slight niggle in my hamstring and doing this race, followed by a week of heavy training afterwards (a 50-mile week) was what put the nail in the coffin for me and resulted in two weeks completely off running.  If I hadn't raced it I would maybe have been OK, but I should have known that I wouldn't be able to resist!  So I wouldn't do a 20-mile race as part of a marathon build-up again.

    MM - you're probably really hungry all the time because you've spent the last several weeks vomiting constantly.  Your body now craves calories - so tuck in, girl!  My first pregnancy symptoms were sore boobs and rubbish running too - but because my cycles were so long I didn't test until I was 5 weeks because the test kit said if you have irregular cycles, you should wait until the length of your longest cycle before testing - in my case it was about 35 days I think.  Shouldn't have to wait so long this time as my cycles are shorter now - 28-32 days typically.

    TattyB - fingers crossed for your scan.  Hope everything is OK.

    6 miles planned for tonight - VERY windy and blustery out there so am not really looking forward to it.  But if I do get pregnant I'll be really frustrated at not being able to run my current distances, so have to make the most of it while I can!

  • Crikey - I close my eyes for 5 mins and it goes mad on here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done JG- hope it's all ok for you, I agree with the others, may just be too early for symptoms & doesn't mean there is a problem.

    Mara training- don't think I could ever get up to those MM weekly miles either but helpful to know what works! I was going to mash a schedule together & try to slot a few races in but perhaps I'll try & make it more structured.  I know I've got the Elan Valley 20m about a month before.

    Anyway- feeling really sad today, eldest packed his rucksack & through tears I've waved him off for his travels... won't be back until next Summer..

  • Ahhhh ((Camlo)).  That must be a big moment for you - all grown up and that - where's he off too?

    I tell you, I will miss it when Z doesn't nap any more.  He is the nap king - 2.5 hours so far today (he did 3.5 yesterday) and going strong.  I'm managed to do some chores, watch yesterday's Hollyoaks (I know, I know it's sad), do a bit of knitting, do 6 chapters of my Spanish learning book (am doing beginners Spanish with the OU) and now I'm back on here.  image

  • (((Camlo))) Hope you're OK. Bet it doesn't seem like 5 mins ago that he was a little one!

    TB - JP was great at napping too (the record was 3 hrs 45!) but doesn't do much of it anymore. 'Tis a sad day indeed when they stop! Sounds like you're making the most of it though!

    Minks - hope you enjoy your run. I ducked out of one today. Combination of CBA and bad weather (and I am getting into my work a bit now). Club tomorrow though.

  • Wow JG. Great news.

    Its been the most lovely day here. Not a breath of wind and very sunny, although cold. Did 5 miles with the twins in the BJ this morning while Reece was at nursery. It seemed rude not too on such a nice day! Was very slow. They are very heavy to push now and its 6 weeks since I last ran with them. 5.2 miles in 50 mins! Was doing 12 minute miling up some of the hills!

    Been to the chiro. She couldn't find anything too bad just the usual stiffness on the left and pelvis had locked up a little. She did find a tight spot in my buttock and gave that a bit of attention! She did some mean rubbing thing on my ankle. Anyway hopefully that will get things back on track and with a bit of easier running and lots of stretching should be good as new!

    After the chiro we went into town to get Reece new shoes.The twins did along the street, in the shoe shop, a bookshop and Boots all walking with the reins and i didn't take the buggy with us. They were very good - even Cameron!Not a huge fan of reins but a bit of a necessity with twins I think! Maybe Santa will come with some little backpacks with reins attached for them!

    Total chaos now as I have three extra ones after school - nine kids in the house OMG. I started writing this before the bus arrived and then got interrupted! Right better go.

  • Thanks everyone!  Have to say, since about half an hour ago I have started to feel decidedly "nauseous" and pretty sure it's not just in my head!  I have had it on and off since Sunday before I ran but put it down to nerves at the time.  I keep thinking "no I can't be" but a test generally doesn't lie...!  I will do another one at the weekend just to confirm, even though I don't have to.  Last time I felt awful by 7 weeks - sort of hungover every evening but not actually sick - so I'll give it time...

    I know, people often say it happens first time with their second which is why I've been putting hubby off till now, and I guess you're more in tune with your body once you've conceived successfully before.  Even so, I always thought it'd take a couple of months at least...

    Sophie is currently refusing to have a nap - she hasn't had one at all today image.  I really hope she's not going to drop her nap completely already!  I thought I had at least another 6 months before that was likely to happen...

    Poor thing fell off some steps at playgroup just now and has got a right bump on her head!

    Camlo - that must be hard, I can't imagine not seeing Sophie for that long image

    Minks - enjoy image  I do think that when you're "in the mood" is when you're ovulating, our bodies aren't stupid...

    JT - how are you doing now?

     Oh and i have a question for all you knowledgeable ladies (and man!) - I've got a sore area just where my ribs meet, sort of under my bra line in the middle.  It hurts when I press on it and when I move sometimes.  Does anyone know what sort of muscles are in this area?  I thought maybe I'd pulled something in Bodypump doing some abs moves but that was a good week and a half ago.  Do your abs go up that high?

  • i am a cruel mummy and always always limited my LO's naps.  E is lucky if she gets 2 hours.  usually because we need to get out somewhere.  i never used to let J sleep beyond about 2hrs 45 although i think he would have gone on forever.  i just get to the point where i'm bored, and usually have stuff we need to go and do (and with J now you just HAVE to get out of the house or he goes mad).

    a positive test doesn't lie.  a negative one can be wrong, but a positive one can't be - apparently.

    i got pregnant first time both times, but i think we were just incredibly lucky.  can't believe it really - working on the basis that i am obviously pretty fertile, i am sure i should have got pregnant by accident before, but never did. 

  • So guys, here is a little bit about Runalot, aka Tom.

     Im 28 and i have been running for about three years. My story starts way back when i was 16 years old though. At that age, i had a nasty bout of tonsilitis, but unfortunately my immune-sytstem didnt recognise that it had cleared the infection it kept fighting. With no infection to fight, it attacked my peripheral nervous system and literally stripped my nerves down to the core. Over the course of two days, i began with excruciating back-pain and was told by my doctor that i had "a sporting injury". That just didnt seem right, so we went to casualty when my walking became erratic. They too sent me home with the same diagnosis. However, within two hours, my condition deteriorated, and i was paralysed from my neck downwards and the left side of my face.

     I spent a month in hospital, and then a further month living in a young-disabled unit. This involved learning to walk again, using paralel bars, frames, crutches, sticks and then finally my two legs!!! I was always asking "whwn i would get my swagger back"!!! It was a big blow for me at the time, as i had recently signed a schoolboy contract with Barnsley FC, and any aspirations of being a footy star were blown away!!! I am left with slight sensory loss in my feet, and slight muscle weakness in my lips, but thats just normal for me now.

     Anyway, with lots of determination, coupled with the awesome support of my family, i battled through from being totally paralyed with no reflexes in tact, to being able to walk again. Use this link to look at a picture of me at my school mates forced me to attend from the disabled unit, but looking back, im gald they did!

      So, i embraced the "Live for the moment" attitude, and went on a couple of round the world backpacking trips. Had a couple of jobs where i just plodded along and enjoyed myself, and then finally decided that i would do a degree in physio had helped me in my long recovery, i wanted to help people too.

     My first running experience came when i heard an advert on the radio for the Sheffield half marathon. I decided to do a bit of training for it, and also raise money for Guillane Barre Support group, as they had help me so much. I completed the race in 1.41, and i also got the running bug in the process!!!

     I have managed to run some respectable times in both the half-marathon and 10k, but, i have always had a mental block with the marathon. Now, i know my half-marathon translates to a decent marathon time, but the pount is, i have never actually run one...its easy to say you can run a time, but another thing to actually do it!

     I would love the chance to compete in the super-six. If i could run a sub3 marathon, it would make the perfect end to my story. And who knows, maybe the RW team can push me to an even quicker time.

      Thanks for reading. I would apprecaite your vote.


  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Tallbird, Kit is almost 2 years and 9 months and still having a long nap most mornings!  Occasionally he goes a couple of days where he only wants about 40 minutes or doesn't sleep at all, but in general I get 1.5-2 hours most days.  I don't know what I'll do when that goes - it'll be back to getting all the housework done at weekends or in the evenings I suppose!  I am quite happy to potter indoors and I have always been of the opinion that if he wants to sleep, he must need it and he's always much happier when he's been allowed as long as he likes rather than being woken up.

    He fell out of bed for the first time in months last night.  Luckily we still haven't removed the old cot mattress which lives under his bed and gets pulled out at bedtime to cushion any falls.  But he must have either missed the mattress or bounced off it and bashed his head on the chair, because this morning he had a really big bruise on his forehead.  He didn't cry much at the time - seemed to be still half-asleep - but it must have hurt, poor little chap!

    Aw, (((Camlo))) My mum cried buckets when my brother went off travelling.  Hope you're OK.

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Congrats JG!!  Have to say I'm 19 weeks now and no real symptoms apart from jeans a bit tighter round the waist so I wouldn't worry about that.

    Poor Kit falling out of bed bless!

  • Awww, poor kit. I'm with you on the sleep thing minks - I always think if there was one piece of advice that I have definaltely used it is "never wake a sleeping baby"! So far even when z sleeps for 3 hours and doesn't get up till gone 4 it makes no difference to his night sleeps, and like Kit - if I wake z up he is grouchy as hell for the rest of the afternoon, so why would I?

    Plus I have recently used the opportunity for a nap myself as my night sleep (never good at the best of times) is in bits what with getting up every 2hrs for a wee and all! image

    The only thing I would ask for is that z could tell me how long he's going to sleep for - that way I could make full use of the time!
  • Hope you get some nice postcards Camlo!  I now can begin to understand my Dad's worries when I went off galavanting.  When I went to Oz for a few months aged 20 (20 seems so young!) the one thing I was forbidden from doing was bungy jumping.  So I did.....and then was on such a high afterwards I phoned him and told him!  How dumb am I? He was furious!  And still reminds me to this day.......

    Hubby was supposed to be meeting a friend for beer and curry tonight.  Instead he's in A and E complaining of chest pain.  Sounds weird, he said it's been getting worse all afternoon, so he jumped on the bus from work to the hospital and is there now.  Am  waiting for a text to find out what's going on. 

  • Just had a call from hubby, they think it's his gall bladder? He's on his way home. Sounds odd.
  • Caro - hope your hubby is okay... xx
  • Caro- hope hubby is OK-has he had probs before with gall bladder because it is a recurring issue isn't it?

    Thanks for the support ladies- He's gone to Bangkok today & is spending a month there before flying on to Sydney for xmas & new year then doing the backpackers in Oz until June 30th when I hope to have him back.... He is just 19yrs but to be honest he's only a little weed & not very street wise having been raised in sleepy Wales. Just found a letter in my bed & in Toms he'd left a much coveted toy car & a letter which I haven't opened yet. Cried again.... Don't mind what he does but as you say Caro some thiings are best discussed after the event! 

    Naps - Kit must be the same age as Tom (he's March 07) & he only naps about 2 days a week now. I try & make him nap around lunchtime but unless we're in the car he refuses. 

  • Awgh Camlo, so sweet that he'd left you both letters- brought tears to my eyes. Hope you're not too sad. Since Isabelle was born I've realised just how much my parents let us do, and why they were always so pleased to hear from us - before the days of mobiles and email!!

    Caro - hope hubby is ok, sounds a bit of a strange diagnosis to me, but I'm not A&E's biggest fan at the moment, so wouldn't like to comment on their ability to make accurate diagnoses!!
  • (((Camlo))) Aw, that is so sweet of your boy. Would bring a tear to my eye too!

    Caro - crikey, hope hubby is OK x

    Minks - poor Kit! Hope it didn't shock him too much.

    Well, I am back from my scan and I am normal. Haha. No cysts or anything otherwise untoward on the ovaries. Nothing abnormal at all. So obviously I am relieved, but at the same time, it still doesn't answer the question of what is wrong with me!!! Guess I just have to be patient and trust my body. Hmph.

  • Hi there, am new to forum but seems the place for me given having 4 little ones. please forgive me for writing on it before reading all 686 pages!!

  • Hi Julie - four?! Crikey! You're definitely in the right place. How old are they and what are their names?

    Camlo what a thoughtful son leaving you little letters. Oz is so backpacker friendly, he'll be fine and have a whale of a time. Plus of course there's e mail, facebook etc.

    Hubby's home and looks terrible. He's in alot of pain and has gone to bed. The Dr told him to take paracetamol and gaviscon so he's done both. He does get indigestion/hesart burn occasionally, and never having suffered from either I have no idea how painful they are, but no gall bladder probs before. I thought you had to be over weight with a really fatty diet to have gall probs? He's pointing to below his ribs on the right and says it feels like a big lump there, and there's pain radiating all the way up and down the right hand side, including his shoulder. I guess we'll just have to see how he is in the morning.
  • Carovet,

    Hi, please don't fall off your seat but they are 5,4,3 and 1 (almost 2)
    Kenneth my eldest, Jasmine my first little flower, Christian my easy baby and Sophia-ROse the ruler and curve ball!! Most people think I'm mad but I love it!!


    Noticed your hubby not well, hope nothing serious and recovers quickly image
  • Only one for me Julie, Matilda aged 16 months.  A cheeky little monkey who has a smile to melt anyone's heart and has temper tantrums any self respecting 4 yr old would be proud of.

  • Hi all!

    Long time no post again - illness in the house and other stuff keeping me busy. I've tried to lurk when I can so I think I know what's been happening. Very sorry to read about your miscarriage JT. As other have said, bad enough for it to happen at all without the horrible physical side effects that you have had to endure. Chin up....

    Congrats to the newly pregnant. Don't think that will be happening again in the Bear household. LB is lovely but I think he's enough for us and it's hard to imagine being so lucky a second time.

    Good racing Caro (I think) and Lotte. Regardless of the time which I know you found disappointing, did you enjoy it and did it "scratch the racing itch" like you hoped?

    JG The area you mention is one of the insertion points of the rectus abdominis a.k.a. "the six pack". It's the other end (at the pubis symphisis) of this muscle that's been giving me probs. I'm gradually getting back to running after my knee operation but annoyingly the pubis symphisis pain has still been there so it's limiting my running.

    Someone mentioned AGAs a while back. My MIL has one of those. Primitive is what I'd call it. Basically there are no controls. It's on all the time. There's a hot oven and a less hot oven. There's a hot plate and a not so hot plate. The hotplates have lids. Once you start cooking each of the hot plates cools down. So cooking on it is all a matter of guesswork (and eventually, experience). You control the rate at which things cook by moving the pots around so they are more or less in contact with the hot plate. Having said all that, they look cute and are good for drying clothes above.

    Snoozing during the day? I find that at this time of year I have to wake LB up at 3pm even if he's still asleep because otherwise there's no daylight left for playing outside or going places. Also I worry that it will compromise his nighttime sleep if he sleeps later than that.

    I'm sure I've missed lots but I'll try and stay around a bit more.

  • Lovely name, 16 month similar to my latest. Did you run before having her?
  • Caro Sorry about hubby. No you don't have to be fat to get gallbladder probs but it does compromise your ability to digest fat I think. My Mum had it and she's skinny like a rake. I hope he gets proper treatment for it.
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