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  • Camlo: Hi Gosh you did opposite of me and had big gaps, I might yet, think it would be lovely to have a baby around with older kids able to help out.
    I'm not a fan of Microlights for a long and sober reason so wouldn't go near one. image

    Oh your eldest is traveling isn't that right? I traveled round the world and came back safe and sound. I'm sure he has his head screwed on and to be honest unless he goes seriously out of his way to be alone he'll be around lots of others his age in the hostels etc, I didn't make it anywhere without meeting someone. where all is he headed??
  • Just popping my head in to say thank you to those that have voted for me for the Super Six.  I will do my bestest if I get through image
  • Morning all! Well, just about still morning... Back and showered after a nice 6 and a bit miles. Gorgeous weather here - hope it lasts.

    JT - hope you get your results soon and that all goes well at the EPU.

    MM - sorry you're not well (and poor H too). Hope you have a nice weekend away.

    Julie - it was hubby's birthday. Love this time of year now, because he's back to being the same age as me. He's only 5 months younger, but goes on and on about the fact that I am older than him! Great that you got a RAF scholarship to help pay for your flying. My eldest brother is in the RAF, based in Lincs. He manages a team working on Typhoons.

    Camlo - LOL at your microlight experience! Please make my day and tell me that you flew from Welshpool airport - that would just make me howl! Hope you hear from your boy soon x

    Vixo - hmm, a change in career... You could make a fortune, you know!

    Hello Rio and GOOD LUCK!

    Righty ho, better go and do some work. Currently reworking a chapter that is a bit carp. It's better now, but needs to be done by Thursday. So I need to get off here!!!!

  • TB Are you a writer??? cool!
    Have flown into Welshpool but didn't stay long!
    I went out with a guy in RAF for a while but he didn't have any sister so it wasn't your brother! image
    happy birthday to your hubby
    I've just booked flights for my hubby and I to do Edinburgh marathon v v excited will only be 2nd time have left kids ...first being for me to do dublin marathon!

  • Question for you garmin techno whizz kids out there.  If I download a marathon schedule onto it, what happens if you miss a day or don't do EXACTLY what you're supposed to do that day.  eg I will always do the track session at the club on a Tuesday, but it may have me down for a 5 mile tempo run on that particular Tues.  So if I turn it on and am doing intervals instead of a 5 mile tempo run is it going to have a meltdown and beep loads?  and if I switch the days round will it get really confused? 
  • Caro you can rearrange it on the computer by dragging and dropping workouts into different days before you download it or you can just pick which day you want to do.  Or at least that is what I do image
  • Hee hee, wouldn't it be great if you could get your Garmin to shout at you if you didn't do your training? Now there's a thought!

    Julie - yep, I'm doing a PhD! Not as glam as it sounds though, all the writing...Would love to write full-time when I'm done. Anyone got any good ideas for a novel?image

    Only came on to tell you some exciting news! my cousin's partner had a baby boy this morning. he's called Osian (very Welsh!) and he was 9lbs 5. Tiddler, hahaha.image

  • So in other words if I switch it on and it's Tuesday, but I want to do Wednesdays work out that day I can choose to do that?  And it won't be too clever and know that it's Tuesday and not let me do Wed?  I can also see me causing my garmin to explode just by dowloading the stuff in the 1st place!  i guess all I can do is try and see what happens!
  • It won't know you have swapped.image

    Well mine doesn't unless they have changed something.  I can pick and choose the days I do if I don't fancy the one that is planned or it doesn't fit with the time etc

  • TB- Flew in & out of a few tiny airports but the plane was actually at his house in a shed so used to start & finish using the lawn as a runway..... not sure if it would have got to Welshpool image. When you finish your PHD will we have to call you DrTatty?? image

    Garmins- I have a 205 & I have to confess I've never hooked it up to the PC. Think I'll have a go when the boys go to bed as would be great to see a summary of the stuff I've done. 

    STILL no contact from Thailand- beginning to get worried now.

  • Camlo he's in a bar on Koh san rd enjoying his 1st pint of singa lager or some other equivalent.  Well actually, it's about 2am there, so with any luck he's alseep!  But I would be worried too if it was my son.  Now the tables have turned, it's my dad that's the mad traveller, he's off to laos for 2 1/2 wks next wk, and I'll worry until I get the text saying he's back in blighty.
  • (((Camlo))) I am sure he will be in touch soon. He has probably crashed out after the long journey (or, he's enjoying a beer, as Caro says!).

    Think I'd quite like to be Dr. Bogle!image Quite pleased with myself on the work front today, as I have managed to edit 5 whole pages! Will do a bit more tonight once my little friend is in bed. Busy weekend with little bro visiting tomorrow, so won't have much time then.

  • Oh Camlo - hope you hear from him soon. Everybody tells you how wonderful it is to have children and how much you'll love them, but no one tells you how terrifying that love is. I'm not really an anxious type of person, but just beginning to imagine Isabelle out in the big bad world leaves me shaking!
  • YAY -got Garmin hooked up- 655km since March in 72 hrs!!!!!! image

    BOO- still no contact from blimmin Thailand...  imageimageimage

  • TattyB
    Cool, I'd love to write just wish had the time or the dedication, have started plenty but never got past the idea and plan.
    Where are you studying?

    Thailand wasn't quite as well equipped with internet cafes as some other places when I was there so it could just be down to not finding one just yet image
  • I'm based at Keele, in Staffs. Not a lot of nightlife to distract me, and lots of beautiful countryside and hills to run up!

  • I keep my hand in with bits of study here and there I think I'll retrain after little Sophia-ROse (no.4) goes to school, but will see.
    WEll done you for studying and looking after little one!
  • nothing, nada, nowt.... if he doesn't message overnight I'll blimmin fly over there to wring his neck myself!
  • He'll look back years from now and understand the anxiety he's put you through! Hope you hear from him soon!
  • No news is good mother-in-law adopted that phrase long ago when it was clear neither of her sons was ever going to communicate arriving or leaving anywhere image.
  • Am sat with laptop on my knee infront of in the nigh gdn, having survived day 1 of 4 on my own with M.  Met another Mum and her son in the playground this morning, then went for a coffee.  M had a good sleep this afternoon so I harevested the rest of my chillis and did some bits and bobs. 

    Tomorrow a friend and her dog are coming over so hopefully we'll manage a walk in the forest if it isn't too wet, followed by a pub lunch.

    No running till Tues for me.   However I may find time over the wk end to enter that marathon I keep going on about..........

    Oh yes  - anyone ever done Berkhamsted 1/2?  It fits in with a marathon training prg for me and I'm not even working that wk end!  The thing that really horrifies me about the marathon training prg is I work every 5th Sunday, and running 20 miles before work on a Sunday morning doesn't sound particularly appealing....I think the furthest I ever ran before work was 13 miles last time.  Work doesn't start till 10.30, but will I be able to actually do any work after running for 3 hrs 1st.........

  • I'm a single mum for the weekend too caro - hubby off on a boys weekend staying at the hotel du vin and on a wine tasting day!! They're clearly too old to drink properly these days as he called at about 7 sounding remarkably sober given that they'd been wine tasting since 10.30! I cheated today though and went over to my parents in the afternoon and nipped out for a very wet run - was knicker-ringing wet when I got in! Tomorrow we're meeting friends in the morning, hopefully on the common, a birthday party in the afternoon, and then hubby is to be back, or in big trouble!, for me to go to the cinema in the evening. Might head to bed soon and curl up with a hot water bottle and my book - what does it say about me that I find that idea extremely appealing?!!!

    Uugh, both our cats have just come in, soaking wet, and jumped up on my lap!
  • Vixo - sounds like my idea of a good evening when I'm on my own too! Nothing I like better when Ben's away than an early night with a hot chocolate and a good book.image 

    CC - good luck for tomorrow's X-country mudfest! I'm doing a long (ish) one in the morning. Going a bit earlier because Ben wants to get on with painting in the conservatory, so I'm tucking into a nice sandwich now, then I won't have to eat much in the morning.

    Caro - yuck, 20 miles before work. I spend most of the day comatose after a long run, so that would definitely not appeal! Maybe you could swap your schedule round so you don't do the really long ones on your work days?

  • Vixo your cats love you!

    I watched Vera Drake last night which I videoed (yes we still have a video!) yrs ago and never watched.  Fantastic film.  Tonight I have Little Miss Sunshine which I also videoed yonks ago.  Plus I ate lamb chops which hubby doesn't like! 

    About to get M up and make panckaes for brekkie - she's never had pancakes before.

    Hubby is at the Kendal Film Festival (films about climbing and walking etc) and texted me at about 10 to say he was off to the bar.  I texted him back and told him to be sensible with his sore gall bladder! 

  • Caro - love Vera Drake. Great film - very sobering though. I always end up eating loads of mashed potato when Ben's not here, as he hates it!!

    10.5 miles done this morning. Very soggy conditions, so much so that the paperboy was getting a lift from his mum!! Haha. Should just get out there and get on with it, IMHO!

  • How can anyone not like mashed potato?!!! Hubby always chooses lamb if I'm away as I really don't like it. I do miss him when he's away, but it is actually quite nice to have a bit of time to myself - so rarely happens now!
  • imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    Yes - he's alive & well, sent me a message on facebook asking me to check his balance & put money if necessary image. Going on a safari now so prob won't hear anything for another week!

    CC- Love the muddy, sloshy stuff now! Must buy some black undies & socks though as mine are all getting ruined!

    I did the Elan Valley 10 mile yesterday & the river had flooded the road in several places! Seriously wet so wanted to get round as quick as possible & even managed a sprint finish to overtake a lady in the last 10yds but then paid dearly as the diarrhoea & shakes set in after about an hour. Felt dreadful & didn't improve until I had a dioralyte with a pack of salty crisps!!!!

     Birthday today but not really made much difference- just doing a batch of pork stew for Archie dinners. 

    Well done to all those 'single Moms' on here today- don't think I'd survive if my hubby worked away on a regular basis as I seriously am the crappest mummy in the world. 

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