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  • Hi Everyone, Sorry I don’t write more often – it takes me all my time to keep up with reading!  I always like to follow how everyone is doing – and so many new babies on the way – congratulations to you all!  Makes me want to join you image Anyway, I have a question I’d like to put to the group.  My friend has a baby that is 8 ½ months old now and I’m a bit worries about his development.  I know it’s not good to compare and all but he’s not yet able to sit up properly.  He can for maybe 30 seconds – tops – but falls over.  It’s hard trying to think back, but I thought my C was getting on all fours in a crawling position at that age.  Even when he’s been fed he’s half led down unable to support himself.  My friend hasn’t mentioned it directly, I don’t know if she has suspicions and no Dr or midwife has mentioned it.  I don’t know – I’m obviously so hoping that I have got this all wrong – but – well you know.  Has anyone on here had a baby that wasn’t sitting at this age?  It would be very comforting to here if you do. Thx x
  • novice - i know a baby that wasn't sitting at 9 months, wasn't walking by 18 months and is absolutely normal 2.5 yr old now who chats away and legs it off as fast as the others when he wants to.  am sure it's quite normal.

    cc - we have night lights on for J, so that's not the problem now.  i just don't think he is capable of doing it yet.  even when he got up 3 times one night for a wee, his nappy was still sodden in the morning.  i just feel so bad because i thought we were getting there and have now created a big problem.  big note to self - never ever try to incentivise a behaviour you are not sure is achievable!!

  • novice - another thought.  typical boy - they are very lazy you know! i am sure he is just fine.  they like them to be sitting by 9 months and walking by 18 months, but even if they aren't, there's probably nothing wrong.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Novice - I think you're probably right to be a bit concerned.  Does his development seem normal in other respects?  Kit was a late(ish) sitter - finally sat unsupported at 7.5 months but his little back was quite firm and his fine motor skills were very advanced so knew there was no cause for concern.  I think you tend to intuitively know in a lot of cases if there's something wrong.  Has your friend said anything to you about him?

    Lousy night here again - funnily enough, CC, I had the same thought re. echinacea and started taking them this morning.  Hubby got home from work late (after 9pm) so didn't want to go to bed when I did as needed time to unwind.  Apparently he went into Kit a good 4-5 times before going to bed himself - I must have been sparko as I didn't hear him.  Then in the night I went in about 3 times.  Mostly he was OK, just wanting reassurance really and his nose wiped.  I put drops up his nose when he went down last night but I think he snotted them all out!  He came in to our room again at 5:45 - exactly the same time as yesterday morning.  Put him in our bed and he went straight to sleep until the alarm went off.  He hasn't eaten this morning - think he was just too bunged and felt too poorly to even summon up the enthusiasm.  He had about a quarter of a slice of toast and honey so better than nothing I suppose.  He had a little wee-wee accident on the sofa - just think he's so shattered he didn't quite realise he needed to go in time.  Was very upset about it even though I told him it didn't matter.  Gave him Medised this morning for the first time since he was a baby (when it seemed to send him hyper!)  It really seemed to help - he hasn't coughed nearly as much this morning and has now been asleep for over two hours with only two bouts of coughing during that time (settled himself back down). Think it's helped dry up the cold a bit too.

    CM, that's a tough one.  I think in your position I'd have given him a treat (just a small one) as motivation because he'd obviously made the effort to get up and wee in the night, even if his nappy wasn't completely dry in the morning.  I'd have used small treats to encourage him with a bigger treat (maybe a small toy or something he chooses for himself) when he eventually goes all night with a dry nappy.  But then I am a bit of a soft touch!

    Very windy and wet again today - but I told hubby this morning that he had better not be late tonight as I WILL be going out for an easy 5 miles or I will probably be very unpleasant company indeed!

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    Novice - my friends little one didn't sit until 10 months and has only rolled once.  He is just starting to make attempts to get on knees etc at nearly 11 months.  Think they are just all different and develop different things at different paces ie my son can walk already (10 months) but can't wave or clap yet which this other boy can do!
  • Novice Matilda certainly wasn't sitting very well at 8m.  She could but would fall over, and I would never have sat her down without lots of pillows around her.  She's now 16m, and not walking yet.  Certinaly nothing wrong though.

    Tatty I would be very surprised if the tick came from the cat?  Unless you have seen ticks on the cats.  My husband comes home from his climbing/walking wk ends covered in them just from being outside.  No need for matches, just twist them off.

  • Thaks for your comments - they are very reassuring. I forget boys are lazy! He is a happy little boy - he can wave and pick things up. There were a couple of other things I noticed - his muscles are very tense - all the time. My friend says how strong he is - but babies are normally squishy.

    Good for you going out in this awful weather minks!
  • novice - do you have a 9 month check in your area? we get one here so things like that could be picked up then. how's your sister now? and have you all had the tests you were going to be having?

    minks - you are probably right about the treat. i should probably have given him a small one, but then i knew that if i did that, he would want one every morning.  the thing is - he's clearly not ready to go without a nappy, even though he will wake in the night for a wee, he's still weeing in his nappy at some point in the night.  so if i give him a treat effectively for weeing in his nappy, it's got all the messages mixed up.  basically - i screwed up on this one, but not intentionally.  anyway hopefully a few more mornings of wailing about treats and he will forget about it.

    poor kit - sounds like a nasty old cold he's got.

    i have just been out in the wind and foul weather.  like something from macbeth really.  7 miles, garmin free again.  am so tired at the moment that i don't want to know how slowly i'm running.  and at least i enjoyed it.

    i have my boss coming to stay tonight for 2 nights.  how weird is that?! he lives in darlington but is in S Wales visiting probation service areas this week.  today he's in swansea; he then needs to be in hemel tomorrow (so do I) so he's staying tonight, we're driving to hemel together tomorrow in his car, and then he's staying at mine tomorrow night because he needs to be in newport on thursday.  he's a really nice bloke actually - and of course i did offer to put him up (and we have a granny flat so I won't be hearing him get up to wee in the night or anything!).  but i am now beginning to freak a bit about it.  need to clean the kitchen floor before he arrives.

  • Thanks for that, caro, I did think it was a bit unusual. Haven't seen any tics on the cat, but then again, he is long-haired so it's not always easy to tell. We're probably just blaming him unnecessarily... Good to know the match was unnecessary too - Ben does have a habit of being a bit extreme!!! Can't otherwise think where it might've come from though - our garden, maybe?

    Novice - lovely to see you again, hope your LO is doing well. Would echo what the others have said about your friend's little boy - it probably is nothing to worry about if he is doing other things like waving, for example. He sounds a bit like JP was as a baby in terms of his strength - he was (and still is) incredibly strong - definitely not squishy! He was also quite late to sit (8 months), but average on walking (13 months). Perhaps see how he goes on over the next few months?

    Minks - ooh yes, you definitely need to rectify that HM PB! Not in terms of it not being fast though - 1.39 is lightning!! Find a nice fast spring half as build-up training to a marathon!image Hope Kit is better soon x

    CM - oh dear, that is a tough one. Don't have any experience on the toileting front, but I do have hugs ((()))). Hope E is OK - probably was just a one-off if she seemed otherwise OK.

    (((camlo))) Hope things are better today x

    I am poorly sick today. image Woke up at 4.45 with a dreadful headache and sore neck and didn't sleep much after that. Not got a temp so I don't think it's 'flu, but I'm alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen and my head still hurts! There is a distinct possibility that it's due to me burning the candle at both ends lately, mind. Too many late nights, early mornings and too much work! really hope I'm well enough for my 10K on Saturday. We'll see.

  • Hi guys,

    I've just read back but am so tired today I can barely remember what I've read!

    Ew to the tic TB!

    Novice - Sophie was sitting by about 7 months I think so if he's trying to then I reckon all's ok.  I know a little boy with mild cerebral palsy who wasn't sitting by 13 months, so I think he's got a while before anyone needs to start worrying.

    On a similar note my friend's little bum-shuffler (19 months) has just started walking!  He's been pulling himself up for a while but had only just started standing on his own and suddenly he's off walking all by himself!  Really funny to see when I'm so used to him shuffling around the place.

    Sophie's had nothing but strops and tantrums this morning, don't know what's wrong with her.  She keeps lying down on the floor on her back and wailing when nothing's even happened!  We were at the soft play centre this morning which she normally loves but I had to cuddle her a lot of the time while she howled (and boy did she howl!).  Could be teeth again...?

    CM (I think) - the above mentioned friend's little boy threw up 3 times the other night and was fine the next day, so could be a bug going round?

    I feel so knackered at the moment, lack of sleep caused by late nights is definitely not helping!  Anyway got to get on with some work...

  • CM - The boss staying over - a little bit to weird - but I bet he's feeling a bit freaked too!  and another one running in this awful weather - I'm feeling guilty now!

    JG - Cerebal palsy is what I thought it may be.  But, as always, feedback on here has been great and releived me for a while.

    Thanks for asking about my sister - she has gone back to work last week - she has had a very tough year, but has been immensley brave and positive throughout.  I am very proud and definietly have a new respect for her now.  SHe has had a masectomy and awaiting an operation to have the other breast removed.  My sisters are twins - they have had tests and they are identicle (we didn't know till now and they are looking at each other different - even though they look exactly the same!).  This means her twin has 90% of getting the same.  She's waiting results back from MRI.  I have had my results back from MRI (has anyone had one of those by the way - they are rubbish! so loud and claustrophobic!) - all clear!  Even though its what I expected its still a relief.  We wait to hear if the cancer is a known genetic kind.  If it is I can have a test to see if I'm carrying the gene, and then if I am even look into preventative surgery (masectomy and ovaries reomoved).  At first all this sounded like mutilation.  But, after seeing what my sister went through - knowing hers went the best possible route after diagnosis I would seriously consider the surgery.  Its one of those decisions you don't really know what to do for the best.  We'll see.

  • ((TB)) - not good. hope you feel better soon. perhaps you need to give ben the frontline?! we are very lax with our frontlining but we have only once seen a tick on one of our cats and we live in a very rural place with loads of cattle and sheep and loads of long grass.

    boss has just called to say meeting in camarthen has been cancelled and he is on his way now from swansea and is pleased cos it means he will find us in the daylight.  OMG - that means he will also see the house in the daylight. ARGH!!!

    JG - no wonder you are feeling knackered really.  get yourself to bed early, woman!

    still no call from nursery about E so am hoping all is well.  i do feel a smidge bad because we have talked on this thread about how inconsiderate it is of parents to send their kids to nursery when they are ill.  but really honestly and genuinely i didn't think she was ill.  ok, so she did a huge vomit yday evening, but she had eaten well all day and she was starving this morning and she was fine in herself.  i SHOULD have kept her off because they don't take them until 48 hrs after D+V, but ... i only feel bad because i know what you girls all think about mums like me!

  • novice - your sister has an identical twin and they didn't know they were identical?  is that right? didn't they look exactly the same then?

    anyway - i'm glad your results are good so far, but i'm really sorry to hear about your other sister's chances being so high.  and i'm thrilled your sister (who had the cancer) is back at work now.  blimey - that's a lot of sisters! don't you have another one also? the one with the baby? or is that the twin of the one who had cancer?

    no - apparently my boss doesn't think it's weird staying with me.  when i offered, i said 'you may think it's a bit too weird', and he said 'not at all. i'm really grateful'.  i think he's fed up with staying in hotels as doesn't sleep well.  but i am now really starting to panic.  all i am seeing is boxes of pantyliners on top of cupboards, packets of condoms open on bedside tables, poo stains in the toilets etc etc!

  • Ha, ha!  I thought you were posting to say your boss had cancelled his trip to stay but, oh no its cancelled so he can come earl - LOL!  You better move those condoms - he might think they are a hint!

    Yes - the sister that had a baby is a twin!   

    My mum was told at birth my sisters weren't identicle (ie not one egg that has split).  Whenever we're asked we always say "the officials say they're not ideticle but we think they are".  Apparently the egg split early on in the pregnancy - something they couldn't detect back in the 80s.  But the genetic test has shown them to be ideticle once and for all!  The geneticist said - ahh, you missed out on playing twin games pretending to be one another - but not knowing didnt mean they don't look exactly the same!  Seemed like a silly thing to say to me!

  • CM - think I would find it a bit odd to have a boss staying too - good luck!

    Lotte, we have a rowing machine as I bought one for my hubby last year (as we both used to row and he wanted to get a bit fitter), am going to try 30 mins maybe tomorrow, when we used to row we used to do anything up to an hour on it which is just mind numbing. I'm a bit sad and count the strokes to pass the time...

    JT - hope you feel a bit perkier soon. xx
  • Right can't answer everyone individually so going to put themes !!!!!

    Development- varies considerably, some babies are less physically developed now as Mums use bumbo's etc & also don't put babies to play on their fronts  or just have floor time as much as before.  Hopefully when he decides to 'try' it will come!

    Boss staying- arrgghhh I would hate it, couldn't imagine her seeing my cheapo brands & messy house. My niece once came screaming for me as she thought Tom had picked up a calpol sachet in eldests room- it was a condom (luckily we've had a major tidy so I think it's safe for visitors).

    Night wetting- it's a toughie as you don't always know when they are physically able to hold all night but generally children wet in their sleep so no amount of bribary will work. I think a reward for dry gives them an incentive but don't make it too good or he won't be able to sleep- like xmas eve!! 

    Busy day & went straight to running club so pooped as usual. image

  • Quiet on here today.  MM, was just wondering whether you knew of any Wilts races over xmas/boxing day?  The type that may not feature on RW, small villages runs, things like that.  My sis and bro in law will be over from america and we will be at my dads from about dec 23rd-30th, and they are keen to do a race at some point, but I can't find any.   Thanks.

  • Yes, where is everybody?!

    Just upped my exercise to 25 minutes of boredom in the garage on the rowing machine...

    We had Aidan's 6 week weigh in yesterday - he's now 13lb 3oz, and he also did some showing off for the HV, not only did he lie on his front and lift his head, but he then flipping well rolled over. Obviously the roll was a bit of a fluke but the HV looked impressed.

    Novice - hope your results come back okay - I suppose it is better to know your chances but its very brave to confront the possibility of major surgery.
  • Crumbs I was thinking the same!!! Usually come home & find pages to read!

    Had a lovely day with my boys- baked some little cakes using egg substitute- sunken charcoal more like. 

    Opened a joint of pork for tea & it stinks so had to find something else & have phoned my supermarket to complain. They suggested I take it back but agreed perhaps they didn't really need to see the offending stinking meat & just the wrapper would do! Get sooooo peed off when I have something planned & it's off when I go to use it.

    Well done Aidan - 6 wks is pretty impressive even for a flukey roll...image

  • Hi all!

    I see that just back from a run has got the nod for Runners World Super Six. She's aiming at a sub-3 so I voted for her as it's a much harder target than for a 28 year old male (our erstwhile friend runalot). Don't know if she's got kids though, so she won't threaten MM's thread record for the marathon.

    As for me, I'm just back from having the swine flu vaccine. Hopefully I won't start oinking tonight as Mrs B is out again and I'm in charge.

    Hope the boss visit went OK CM and he didn't find anything you didn't want him to. I visited my boss once and got quite a surprise to see her at the sewing machine making curtains! I'm used to seeing her being all smart and businesslike.

    Hope your "unwellness" stops soon JT. I've had a word with the higher powers and said you've had enough now - please can they restore you to full health and fitness. Same goes for Minks and Kit.

    Re lazy boys - I wouldn't say Little B is generally lazy - far from it, but he can't be bothered feeding himself beyond the first few mouthfuls unless:
    a) It's pasta pesto
    b) He is starving hungry
    Anybody else still spoon-feeding their little one at two years? Or am I being too optimistic?

    Kinsey Good luck with the rowing. Can't you get a TV or something for the garage to reduce the boredom?

    Camlo Eugh! I hate it when that happens. Hope you've got something else in your storecupboard.

  • R_B: i know a nearly 4 yr old who is still being spoon fed by his mum...  i don't remember at what age i stopped spoon feeding J.  think he was under 2, altho i know he still had moments where he wanted me to feed him.  clearly, little B can do it, so it's not a case of not being able (like the 4 yr old).  depends how bothered you are by it.  if it bothers you, then just stop doing it.  i'm sure he will soon feed himself if he's hungry enough.

    boss stayed and all was well. he was lovely and brought a bottle of wine and flowers. ahhh.. he even drove me up to hemel today and so we had 3 hrs in the car together, and now 3 hours back again tonight.  he's staying tonight as well.  good job we get on!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    CM, your boss probably won't notice any of the things you're afraid of - but I'd definitely find it kind of weird to let my boss have an insight into my personal life.  Best put away the condoms and pantyliners though image  Any decisions on what you're going to do about your work, by the way?  I know you were stressing recently about having to give it up because of overlapping working patterns with your hubby and lack of flexible childcare.

    Novice, what your sister has gone through really puts one's own worries into perspective.  She must be incredibly brave.  How strange to be an identical twin but to be old all your life that you're not!  And big hugs to you as well - what a difficult decision to have to make.

    Camlo - agree about getting irritated when I have something planned for dinner and can't do it for whatever reason.  I always plan the menus for the week in advance and then make my shopping list according to what we need - partly because I'm anal (!) and partly because we have so little storage space in our kitchen I have to buy and use rather than buy and store.  If the supermarket is out of a key ingredient I get really annoyed at having to come up with a Plan B mid-shop!

    Kit still really poorly.  This morning he was completely floppy and listless and had no interest in anything.  I think it was probably as much to do with the fact he didn't eat a thing yesterday as anything else - he may also have been a bit dehydrated.  I managed to get him to eat some yoghurt, pureed apple and some Rice Krispies for breakfast by sitting him on my lap and spoon-feeding him, as he just didn't seem to have the energy or interest in doing it himself.  He was no better after breakfast and looked really peaky.  I almost didn't come to work but hubby is at home today so I did, although it was heartbreaking leaving Kit this morning.  But hubby texted me on my way to work saying he'd perked up a bit with some food inside him and was happily watching Thomas.  Hubby managed to feed Kit some sandwiches at lunchtime and a fromage frais and when I phoned Kit was playing with his wooden track so that was reassuring - especially as there are no doctor's appointments available at our surgery until Saturday morning (unless a matter of life and death).  How rubbish (but sadly typical) is that?

    CC, got my run in last night!  7miles planned tonight but not only is it still windy, it's now quite cold too so not desperately looking forward to it, especially in my current sleep-deprived state.  And I am definitely on the brink of getting whatever Kit's got - throat feels scratchy and I've sneezed a bit this afternoon.  Still on the echinacea so hopefully that will lessen the severity!

    TattyB, hope you feel better soon and it's just overwork rather than something which will interfere with your 10K plans.

    Caro - Berkhamstead half is meant to be really hilly.  We went there recently to check it out as a potential area to move to, and it IS pretty hilly.  Definitely not a PB course I'd say but not a problem unless that's what you're after.

  • Caro, no suggestions for holiday races I'm afraid. Think most are advertised so have a peek.

    Had swine flu jab this afternoon. After much discussion with various medically minded friends, some of whom also pregnant and had jab themselves I decided to go for it. Boys have also had it too, and hubbie gets it tomorrow cos of his asthma. So all done by the end of the week. Although boys have to go back in 3 weeks for a booster, as they only have a half jab. No side effects yet and arm feels OK, but plenty of time to feel rough I guess.

    Boys were so brave, no tears, and it was quite a painful jab I must admit. Then we went to get their haircut and again they were both very good, so choccie buttons came out for a treat, bless them.

    Went for a run on Monday 5.5 miles in 43 mins, so not very fast, but it's only going to get worse! So I won't be competing for a sub 3 hour marathon until at least April 2011 RB and that might be a tough call tbh. Then 30 mins on cross-trainer last night. Boys were brilliant and they danced and played to abba while I did it. 'You playing on your new toy Mummy?' Joshie asked!!

    Hubbie home soon then off out to pilates. From next week I can go in the day which will be great, as boys at pre-school on weds from next week.

    I am not very good at planning mealtimes, and hubbie likes to have a choice when he gets in. So tonight it's a choice between smoked mackerel fillets or salmon fishcakes. Both with bean salad and coleslaw, and mash with mackerel. Will let him decide as he'll have to cook it. We have tonnes of storage space and two fridges and freezers, so that helps me be rather blaze about choices. Doesn't help that I'm pregnant, I'm usually much more decisive about these things image. That's my excuse anyway!

  • MM - be interested to know how you get on after your swine flu jab - I have mine tomorrow! And R_B and Vixo - I seem to remember that you guys have had it too. I've heard that people often have mild flu symptoms for a couple of days afterwards and I really dont want to as that means i'll spend all my days off feeling dodgy.

    Novice - good to hear from you and so glad your sister is doing well. You sound so brave in the way you are thinking about everything!

    Minks - hope KIt is doing better now. We are having a bit of a nightmare with Keana at the moment too. She's had a cold for the past week but was sent home from nursery with a temp of 39.5 on Monday. Hubbie took her to the GP yesterday and she was sent straight to A&E. She just has a chest infection but it led to asthmatic symptoms so we are having to use an inhaler mask on her every 4 hours including through the night. Plus she has been waking up every 1-2 hours for the past few nights so i am well and truly shattered. It's so hard going to work when you haven't slept, isn't it? And it's hard seeing them when they're so poorly too. 

    Camlo - this is ages ago now but am glad you heard from your son and lol that he already wanted more money! It's hard not to worry but I bet he's having a fab time. And I'd be annoyed about the meat too - even if you get a refund it does'nt compensate you for all the inconvenience of not being able to cook what you wanted to and having to go back to the supermarket....very annoying.

    CM - can't imagine my boss staying with me either but your boss does sound really sweet. And nice that you got a lift to Hemel too.  hope you managed to come to some solution wih the child care arrangements for when your hubbie is away.

    Vixo - this is way back too but i liked the curtains you chose - I think i had something  similar when i was little and liked it then too!

    ((JT)) - sorry to hear you're still not back to feeling normal....hope it doesnt take too much longer.

    Right, sorry to all those I've missed (and I know there will be lots as it's a while since I last wrote) - have just been presented with a lovely Thai green curry and am going to veg out and watch True Blood (anyone else been watching that?....I am quite addicted to it). 

    Right, sorry to everyone i've

    CC - hope you manage to fend off the lurgies. Typical that it happens so close to your big day. 

  • Oops....not sure what happened to my post....the bit to CC was supposed to be earlier and i don't know why it repeated like that!
  • (((JT))) Glad you've been signed off for a while longer. I know it must really frustrating to not be at work, but you need to get yourself right before going back to a class of little ones. A demanding job at the best of times, as I know only too well! Sorry your head made you feel like that - completely insensitive, in my book x

    Yve - poor K, hope she's better soon. Must be very frightening to see her rushed to hospital like that.

    CM - glad you survived your boss coming to stay. It's really good that you get on so well. How is his daughter now?

    Minks - hope Kit continues to pick up. Carp about not being able to get a doc's appt though.image

    MM - hope your arm isn't too sore now.

    camlo - yuck to the ruined dinner! Hope you had something nice instead. I'd have treated myself to takeaway! image

    Feeling (almost) normal today, so think it was just sheer exhaustion. Actually, I do wonder whether it might've been a migraine. Not suffered with them before, but I have never had a headache like that before, and it was all I could do to sit in a darkened room! Hope it doesn't happen again soon. Feeling pretty pleased with myself now, as I've finished my editing today, one day ahead of schedule. That means I can have a free morning tomorrow. image Going to Mum's tomorrow evening so Ben can sort out her internet for her - her router has died and she is well and truly lost without the web. So we have taken pity on her and jigged our diaries around a bit so we can fix it.

    Haha, am going to do the ultimate taper for my 10K. I don't want to risk running tomorrow, with still being a bit wiped out, and I never run the day before a race. So that means I won't have run since Sunday! Well, I don't think I will lose any fitness at all in that short space of time, tbh, and the rest will probably do me good. Hope I am proved right and run a good time... Not expecting anything fast, mind! PB is 56.42, so I am sort of hoping to beat that, but would be happy with anything under the hour, as it's a hilly one.

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